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F4 is not HoH, it is Allison and Ryan. NT - cat8mysn
10:54AM 16/02/2008
Order of the sleepers on feeds - - MrGameShow
11:03AM 16/02/2008
Thank you :) NT - cat8mysn
11:13AM 16/02/2008

Sharon is up. NT - KaySeeDubya
11:06AM 16/02/2008

Sharon back in bed already. Sheila is still the only one up. NT - KaySeeDubya
11:08AM 16/02/2008
Sharon sleeping is now on F1- No more Parker and Jen NT - cat8mysn
11:14AM 16/02/2008

F2 has also switched to Alli and Ryan instead of James and Chelsia - cat8mysn
11:24AM 16/02/2008

Feed 4 person is up and in the bathroom and it it is official...F4 is HoH NT - cat8mysn
11:24AM 16/02/2008

Alex is up for a while...he is putting on mic, peeked outside and is now in the kitchen milling around NT - cat8mysn
11:28AM 16/02/2008

Alex grabbed another striped towl and is laying out about 6 feet from Sheila...Matt is now up NT - cat8mysn
11:29AM 16/02/2008

F1 Matt putting on mic and heading out, F2 Alli and Ryan sleeping, F3 and F4Alex and Sheila laying out NT - cat8mysn
11:30AM 16/02/2008

Matt now out of the bathroom, grabs something out of the cabinet and is now brushing his teeth. (No hand wash first) NT - cat8mysn
11:33AM 16/02/2008

F1 and F2 is Matt in the Bathroom...he seems very concerned with something on his forehead - cat8mysn
11:37AM 16/02/2008

FLAMES! Must be wakey wakey time BB style NT - cat8mysn
11:37AM 16/02/2008

Correction...yellow shirt man was Josh, not Adam NT - cat8mysn
11:40AM 16/02/2008

Matt,Alex and Sheila all out sunning...Sheila said they don't know what time it is in the house... - cat8mysn
11:48AM 16/02/2008

BB gave them a bacon/casserole pan and their is a brief suggestion that BB may have messed with the clocks.... - cat8mysn
11:50AM 16/02/2008

General chit chat on F1 and F2 between Sheila, Josh and Ryan..small strategy talk between Matt and Alex... - cat8mysn
11:55AM 16/02/2008

Matt and Alex talking strategy in F3 Alex seems irritated with Amanda...Alex says he is going to let the whole world know about Amanda ... - cat8mysn
12:07PM 16/02/2008

Good point made by Matt...he thinks once they get put out that door they are singles again, that vote out is the "death" part of the twist NT - cat8mysn
12:10PM 16/02/2008

Parker is up and in the back yard and greets the boys with a loud "MORNIN"...twice NT - cat8mysn
12:12PM 16/02/2008

Some small fun poked at Sheila... - cat8mysn
12:19PM 16/02/2008

Parker's roommate is in a Best Buy commercial and Parken mentions who is agent is NT - cat8mysn
12:20PM 16/02/2008

Filed under LMAO...Parker isn't interested in being on TV and Matt wants to be on a soap opera NT - cat8mysn
12:21PM 16/02/2008

Amanda perkily skips into the backyard wearing black pumps with her Jessica voice saying "Bueno!" .... - cat8mysn
12:24PM 16/02/2008

Jen and Amanda exchange notes on their night, Amanda still griping.. - cat8mysn
12:28PM 16/02/2008

Parker says that Big Brother is racist and Alex agrees NT - cat8mysn
12:28PM 16/02/2008
he thinks that because he has not received anything he has requested ... - cat8mysn
12:32PM 16/02/2008

Jen re-tells the comment that Amanda made... - cat8mysn
12:37PM 16/02/2008

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