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Topic #7882180
scandalous - Park just went and woke Mattie up & is telling him the deal NT 0 Replies #7882180 3:10AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882203
scandalous - Matt told Park that Alex said he's going to go after Chelsia, then Park says no Chels likes you (Matt)... 0 Replies #7882203 3:13AM 16/02/2008
Matt says I'm gonna hit all of 'em.

Matt now says he needs to talk to Alex.

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Topic #7882210
scandalous - Matt just said that Nat tried to touch him tonight & said (condescendingly) "not tonight, you don't get it every night"- something to that effect NT 0 Replies #7882210 3:14AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882223
scandalous - Amanda & Chels were just crawling on the floor, looking under the LR couch for something, then joined the boys in the SR NT 1 Replies #7882223 3:17AM 16/02/2008
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JessicaJules - They were looking for Adam's boogers. LOL. NT #7882232 3:18AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882256
scandalous - Amanda telling him things Nat said about how she gets butterflies around Matt & how when they're in bed... 0 Replies #7882256 3:22AM 16/02/2008
their cheeks are touching and she feels him get hard and he has to turn over.

Matt said he turns over b/c he doesn't want to touch her.

Matt also said, "she'd be so much better if she didn't talk"

Matt & Park are now saying that Nat's the nicest, most genuine person in the house.

Matt keeps going on about Nat and how she's pining for him.
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Topic #7882263
scandalous - Chels can't sleep, so Park & Amanda just said Matt & Chels should go have sex, Chels said she wouldn't have... 0 Replies #7882263 3:24AM 16/02/2008
sex on the show. They then asked if Chels would have sex in the sequester house. Chels asked if there were cams in the sequester house, but never really answered whether she would or not.
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Topic #7882285
scandalous - Matt & Park are saying that he can't believe Alex went for "the gold" and hadn't even tried to kiss her first.... 0 Replies #7882285 3:28AM 16/02/2008
she's denying even kissing Alex to them. Amanda said Alex tried to kiss her in the storage room but she giggled and denied him. (ed. I'm pretty sure they've kissed up in the HOH)
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Topic #7882293
scandalous - Matt questions whether Sheila crying today was an act, but he's afraid to use the veto and make a target of himself NT 0 Replies #7882293 3:29AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882307
scandalous - Matt just said he'd bet his life that Parker is not going home NT 0 Replies #7882307 3:31AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882313
scandalous - Matt then said he wanted to have sex and told Chels that she looks like she'd be good. Chels said mayyy-be!... 0 Replies #7882313 3:33AM 16/02/2008
Then asked what Nat would do. They are convinced that Natalie would be oblivious and wouldn't know.
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Topic #7882322
scandalous - The storage room crew are convinced that Alex is up watching them, but he looks to have been asleep for some time now... 0 Replies #7882322 3:34AM 16/02/2008
Now they're saying that Alex still has the "fat-boy mentality." That if he didn't, he wouldn't be insecure about Amanda.
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Topic #7882351
scandalous - Everyone's back to bed, including Amanda who, despite saying she's concerned about Alex' advances, gets into bed in just her bra & panties. NT 0 Replies #7882351 3:42AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882380
scandalous - Parker is breaking down the situation to Jen, primarily concerned about what that means for his position in the game... 0 Replies #7882380 3:54AM 16/02/2008
secondly about Alex trying to touch Amanda. He repeats about Alex going for her crotch without even having kissed her before.

Jen wants to talk to Matt, but he's already gone to bed. Jen's stomach has also been growling abnormally loud throughout this convo.

(Ed. Amanda seems to not be honest about what has actually transpired w/ her and Alex before tonight...kissing, teasing, etc. None of which excuses his actions if it's true. I was not watching that cam prior to the incident, so if anyone actually has footage, please share.)
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Topic #7882390
scandalous - Hamsters all asleep; Amanda has fallen asleep on her back, clutching a pillow that covers her from head to waist. Finally...g'night. NT 0 Replies #7882390 3:59AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882438
KaySeeDubya - Parker is up and rolling around. He whispered something to Jen. He appears to still be awake and trying to go back to sleep. James tossing around. NT 0 Replies #7882438 5:21AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882783
pooh5983 - It looks like everyone is still sleeping NT 0 Replies #7882783 8:34AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7882978
SoftTail - Sheila is up and heads to the storage room NT 0 Replies #7882978 9:14AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883036
kjchardonnay - Sheila makes coffee, brushes her teeth, taking a shower NT 0 Replies #7883036 9:28AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883189
Snarf123 - Sheila tanning in the BY NT 0 Replies #7883189 10:01AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883274
cat8mysn - F1 couple i cant make out, the male is where bandana ala "mandana" style... 1 Replies #7883274 10:19AM 16/02/2008
F2 is James and Chelsia, F3 is a very restless Sheila tanning only about 80%in the sun and topless.(She is laying stomach side down..I don't think she has been still for more than 20 seconds at a time!) F4 is Sharon sleeping alone in the bed she had with Jacob.

ED: as i posted this Sheila is putting her top back on and getting up
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Snarf123 - F1's Parker (with bandana) and Jen. NT #7883291 10:22AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883280
cat8mysn - Sheila moved into the pool to swim a lap...microphone pack, securely fastened and fully emerged! NT 0 Replies #7883280 10:21AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883303
cat8mysn - Sheila is back to the lounger, on her back this time and still restless, planes very loud overhead NT 0 Replies #7883303 10:24AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883380
cat8mysn - James sits up slightly, looks around the room...Chelsia does the same and they are....nope....back to sleep NT 0 Replies #7883380 10:35AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883394
cat8mysn - All of our feed sleepers (F4 has changed to HoH I believe...not sure) are very restless...lots of twisting an turning NT 0 Replies #7883394 10:38AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7883446
cat8mysn - Sheila has switched to sunning mode to outright thinking mode... 0 Replies #7883446 10:47AM 16/02/2008
she put her sunglasses on, her left arm is propping up her head and she is frequently sipping out of her cup. Her left leg is propped up..foot flat on the lounger and she is moving her left leg left and right in almost frequent motion. Her straight leg also is moving quite a bit as she is moving the top part of her foot up and down quite a bit.

Parker sneezes on Feed 1...hubby yells in from the other room "Bless You!"...then offers to make me some soup. (lol...I said yes, that would be nice, thank you...hehe)
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