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Topic #7893049
cdnhockeygoddess - Looks like Alex rubbing his left foot against side of Amanda's lower leg but he is sleeping . NT 0 Replies #7893049 9:12AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7893181
oh_boy - Amanda diddling herself in her sleep once again. NT 0 Replies #7893181 9:47AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7893329
caren - FLAMES on all four feeds NT 0 Replies #7893329 10:15AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7893354
Reality_Chicks - HGs up and getting new battery packs. The day begins... NT 0 Replies #7893354 10:22AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7893366
EvelDickthebest - Joshua said that the pov cremeony is at 12 bbt NT 0 Replies #7893366 10:25AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7893406
Melonie - Parker and Matt discussing Chelsia and Jame's vote. Matt tells Parker he needs to go talk to James. 0 Replies #7893406 10:37AM 17/02/2008
Parker says he doesn't want to kiss anybodys a**. Matt told Parker James is on the fence, but Chelsia wants Ryan and Allison out. Matt says he doesn't even know how to campaign. Parker says I don't either. Parker is concerned about campaigning because he got onto Allison for it. Matt told him just an inside trader tip buddy.
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Topic #7893425
Melonie - Parker asks James and Chelsia where they stand in the boat room 0 Replies #7893425 10:41AM 17/02/2008
James says he would like to vote Parker out due to personal reasons. They tell Parker one wants one one wants the other. Jen now in the conversation. Parker tells them he doesn't campaign cause it makes him feel as if he is talking Sh** about people. He told them to do what they feel and hopefully they make the right desicion whatever that maybe. Chelsia said that the first few days the drama was created everything that happened.

James and Jen told to put on their microphone

James had asked that if they didn't vote for the other would Parker and Jen be after them. No reply.

Jen and Chelsia discussing Sheila and Adam keeping their word.
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Topic #7893432
Melonie - Chelsia says in front of Jen after Ryan and Allison gets evicted she wants their bed. NT 0 Replies #7893432 10:44AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7893440
Melonie - Around the feeds... House guests showering, primping, eating getting ready for the POV ceremony. NT 0 Replies #7893440 10:46AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7893449
SouthernBelladonna - HGs showering and getting ready for something. The girls are putting on make-up. Parker explains his ratings of the girls last night... 0 Replies #7893449 10:47AM 17/02/2008
He says he rates white girls on a different scale...they have to be *really* hot to rate high...he's sorry he offended them by giving them all 6s last night.
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Topic #7893457
Melonie - Chelsia tells James when she gets married she wants to be married on the beach she does not want a wedding dress she wants her husband to be in white 0 Replies #7893457 10:51AM 17/02/2008
pants and flip flops. James wants something simple, only a few friends. Wants a sunflower in the brides hair. (edit* awwww)Then James says who knows maybe just take a flight to Iceland and get married. Chelsia says she has been to Iceland.

Parker enters talking about Allison and how she is hurt she is a 6. He tells Chel again she is a 7. Parker pacing in the boat room.
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Topic #7893464
Melonie - Parker tells Matt in the kitchen about his discussion with James. 0 Replies #7893464 10:52AM 17/02/2008
He tells Matt what James said about personal reasons. And that Chelsia said. "We never agreed on that."
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Topic #7893468
SouthernBelladonna - BB announces there are fresh batteries. The girls are still primping in the bathroom. Parker is talking about James' vote in the kitchen. 0 Replies #7893468 10:53AM 17/02/2008
Matt assures Park that Chel wants him to stay.
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Topic #7893495
Melonie - Parker and Amanda in the HOH room 0 Replies #7893495 10:58AM 17/02/2008
She tells him how she pretending she was sleeping up on the edge last night. That she heard everything they said last night that she heard the part he said when a woman makes up her mind she makes up her mind.

She said she heard him be honest about trying to do something with her and got denied. She wanted to know how Allison and Sheila knew. They said probably Natalie. And Amanda said I don't think it was maliciously. Amanda said she thinks Alex is finnaly like seriously starting to get it.

Parker says James and Chel def have got to go. She tells Amanda that James said he was on the fence because he has never had a verbal argument with Ryan or Allison. Amanda bringing up the bcbg shoes and how Chel doesnt like girls like that. Parker says James has to go he is disgusting.
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Topic #7893520
Melonie - Parker and Amanda in the hoh room 0 Replies #7893520 11:00AM 17/02/2008
Parker says James is taking this personal so he is going to show him how personal it can be. Talking about James and his dick thing and it was just nasty.

Parker says he doesnt know what he is blaming him when James it the one that attacked him verbaly. Amanda said she is the one that said something not him. Amanda asked what Josh and Sharon said. Parker said oh they are with us. Amanda is not sure about Sheila. She says she doubts James will vote against them for fear of going on the block. Flames
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Topic #7893555
Melonie - Amanda said is pissed her off that they never came across the speaker and told her to get to her bed 0 Replies #7893555 11:04AM 17/02/2008
She tells parker she is seriously so tired. Parker says they have got to go. Amanda: Yeah they really need to go hes wierd.
Parker: Matt said you really need to talk to James. He said he told Matt he hasnt campaigned.

He tells people if he starts to talk to people and starts doing that it leads to drama. He confronted Allison on that so he says he cant do that. He says she told then whatever thier vote is he hopes they make right desicion.

Amanda thinks eviction is today Parker doesn't because no one had been told to pack

Amanda said she is 180 percent on sharon.

Parker said if he does get evcited he hopes he can come back.

Parker says hes not so sure about Sharon she is awful quiet. He doesn't think Sharon likes Jen.
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Topic #7893575
Melonie - Amanda and Parker discuss the votes 0 Replies #7893575 11:06AM 17/02/2008
Parker says we have to get hoh next week. Amanda says then we will be good till the end. Parker says Mr. James is the only one that worries him. He would put James up in a heartbeat. Says he would tell them nothing personal yall made it personal. He doesn't think matty is gonna use the veto. Flames
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Topic #7893722
Melonie - Flames on the feeds. NT 0 Replies #7893722 11:21AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7893773
Melonie - Back from flames. Houseguest waiting, getting ready for pov ceremony. NT 0 Replies #7893773 11:28AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7893823
Melonie - Adam, James, and Ryan in backyard 0 Replies #7893823 11:36AM 17/02/2008
Adam discussing someone rolling their eyes all the time. (Hard to understand Adam alot of the time to really catch what he is saying)

Adam says he will have the last laugh on someone. Adam says Parker is a sucker if he doesn't think hes going home. Adam says so I guess hes not going to use it. Josh says hes not hes keeping it as is. Adam says that will be a min of him going off man. Ryan asks James what hes doing with his leg. Adam tells James hes double jointed. (James is twisting his legs.)
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Topic #7893857
Melonie - Parker asks Sharon if she would put him up she says no. 0 Replies #7893857 11:41AM 17/02/2008
Parker cant believe Sharon is like that. She said lifes to short to hold grudges. Parker tells Sharon her points go up when she dresses up.

Sharon telling Parker how she does her hair.

Sharon said shes not here to be all impression and stuff. No one is gonna get famous. Sharon said she tried out as a joke. And somehow she wound up there. It was supposed to be a joke. Parker said he saw it on craigs list. Parker says the people in line with him said he was going to get on flames.
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Topic #7893861
kjchardonnay - Flames on all four cameras NT 0 Replies #7893861 11:41AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7893867
Melonie - Parker and Sharon talking about the casting process....flames. NT 0 Replies #7893867 11:42AM 17/02/2008
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Topic #7893917
Melonie - Amanda, Parker, Sharon discussing what happened last night 0 Replies #7893917 11:48AM 17/02/2008
Amanda tells sharon about going in natalie was in bed talking in bed with Alex and that Alex came running down the stairs saying nothing was going on. She tells sharon about Alex calling her names. She said he is mad about whats going on with Parker. Discussing how she was being told what she can and can't wear. Sharon says what does it matter. Amanda rubbing Parkers face. Sharon says she is just sitting back and watching stuff she is not gonna have any drama. Amanda rubbing up against parker flicking lint off him being touchy feely. Rubbing his chin.

Sharon speculates that everyone may be sequestered.
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Topic #7893920
Melonie - Flames NT 0 Replies #7893920 11:48AM 17/02/2008
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