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Allison interupts Alex and Matt in the SR - Roxystar
11:52AM 22/02/2008

James walks into the SR - Roxystar
11:57AM 22/02/2008

Alli, Amanda and Sheila one F1 and F2 talking about food, F3 and 4 guys # Nat in kitchen general chit chat NT - cat8mysn
12:25PM 22/02/2008

Matt, James,Chelsia Alex and Alex talking about limewire and - cat8mysn
12:28PM 22/02/2008

F4 shows Ryan, Nat, Alex, Matt, Chelsia and James in the flames NT - cat8mysn
12:30PM 22/02/2008

Now on F2...bedroom with Amanda, Sheila, Ali and Sharon...getting the impression that Josh is in the DR NT - cat8mysn
12:32PM 22/02/2008

Ali talking about boyfriend/exboyfriend....Ali is channeling her inner season 8 Jen - cat8mysn
12:39PM 22/02/2008

Adam is in with the kitchen crew, and I it is for SURE not Alex in bedroom with girls - cat8mysn
12:46PM 22/02/2008

Amanda in Kitchen with Josh saying that she would take a bite of poo if she could eat.... NT - Gibbled1
1:02PM 22/02/2008
She said she would do it to win POV. NT - Lindseeey
1:09PM 22/02/2008
in this instance, the original post was correct ... she'd do it to be able to eat NT - AmberS
1:58PM 22/02/2008

Sheila is turning on Allison, telling Matt and Nat Alllison's plans to get rid of Natt and Mat - KingMac
1:08PM 22/02/2008

Adam called to DR. - WieKacie
1:28PM 22/02/2008

Allison and Ryan looking at the guinea pigs. - WieKacie
1:28PM 22/02/2008

Adam back out of DR. Feeds switched to James and Chelsia upstairs.. - WieKacie
1:30PM 22/02/2008

James and Chelsia look like they are going to take a nap. NT - WieKacie
1:32PM 22/02/2008

Nat and Matt in BR getting pumped up for POV comp. Nat talking about perserverance with Sharon NT - MtDewAddict
1:34PM 22/02/2008

Ryan asking Alex and Josh what else has carbs...talking about Josh's no-carb diet...Alex explaining how the diet works NT - MtDewAddict
1:35PM 22/02/2008

Nat complaining to Sharon that J/C said that M/N wouldn't go up...went out of their way to say it...and then put them up anyway NT - MtDewAddict
1:39PM 22/02/2008

TRIVIA begins. NT - KennyN
1:41PM 22/02/2008

FLAMES NT - MtDewAddict
1:41PM 22/02/2008

feeds finally back NT - SoftTail
3:24PM 22/02/2008

Feeds back. It looks like Josh and Sharon are wearing the PoV medals. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:24PM 22/02/2008

Confirmed. Josh: "At least we finaly won something." J/S won veto. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:25PM 22/02/2008

josh/sharon win pov NT - DeviousDerek
3:25PM 22/02/2008

J/S hang their veto medals on the memory wall. HGs are congradulating them. - SouthernBelladonna
3:28PM 22/02/2008

Josh and Sharon in HOH room talking with Chel and James - Broodmore
3:30PM 22/02/2008

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