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Guess it's all okay because Ryan's in the sauna. NT - MrsKristaBoogie
7:50PM 22/02/2008

Josh- I'd rather keep alex and amanda in the game than matty and "whats her name" NT - iamkontroll
7:50PM 22/02/2008

In the background someone said "Joshy hit the button" (sing-songy) NT - MrsKristaBoogie
7:50PM 22/02/2008

J/S discussing veto outside HOH, C/J watching on HOH screen NT - alabbfan
7:51PM 22/02/2008

Sharon: Alex promised me if we save them they will never vote us out... - sunny217
7:52PM 22/02/2008

Josh and Sharon - Adam and Matt have some deal, that's what makes me nervous NT - iamkontroll
7:52PM 22/02/2008

Sharon says she told M/N they were the pawn and staying earlier. NT - alabbfan
7:53PM 22/02/2008

Josh - No one will let Ryan/Allison win, everyone hates Jen and if Ryan wins then Jen wins... NT - iamkontroll
7:53PM 22/02/2008

The Paramedics asked Sheila... - teamdonatolove
7:54PM 22/02/2008

Sharon: I don't think we should win HOH next week.. - sunny217
7:55PM 22/02/2008

Sharon - I just don't want the blood of M/N on our hands NT - alabbfan
7:56PM 22/02/2008
josh is trying to convince her it won't be if it's 3-0. Sharon - what if it's 2-1 Josh - you saw how that went down for Matt NT - WVpdles
7:57PM 22/02/2008

Adam - If I were playing single in this game, it would be different. Matt agrees NT - alabbfan
8:00PM 22/02/2008

Sharon says she feels bad because she told Nat she was fine,now everyone's changing their minds. - WVpdles
8:00PM 22/02/2008

Adam asked where his lady is. A - my f hag? my ball and chain? NT - alabbfan
8:01PM 22/02/2008

Trivia NT - alabbfan
8:02PM 22/02/2008

J/S in HOH with C/J, M/R/A playing pool NT - alabbfan
8:05PM 22/02/2008

James sleeping NT - alabbfan
8:06PM 22/02/2008

Josh Sharon in kitchen still discussing how this should play out NT - WVpdles
8:08PM 22/02/2008

J/S in kitchen discussing HOH next week and whether or not to throw it. NT - alabbfan
8:09PM 22/02/2008

Sharon to Chelsia - We're just trying to figure the best scenario to make F2 NT - alabbfan
8:09PM 22/02/2008

J/S/C at stove boiling water to wash clothing, not cooking NT - alabbfan
8:10PM 22/02/2008

Sharon - trying to think of who wouldn't come after us (later) C - M/N NT - alabbfan
8:12PM 22/02/2008

Chel and Sharon are cooking supper for their men NT - WVpdles
8:13PM 22/02/2008
Josh in kitchen, James in HoH, rest of the guys are outside playing pool. Nat's in bed with a migraine NT - WVpdles
8:14PM 22/02/2008
Natalie is sleeping, and Alex is laying down/sleeping (ed. for all of you that have been asking ;)) NT - L34F
8:15PM 22/02/2008

Matt - Chelsia you cook? C - F off, I love to cook NT - alabbfan
8:19PM 22/02/2008

Someone (S or A?) asleep outside on couch. Nat sleep in her bed NT - alabbfan
8:22PM 22/02/2008
Alex laying inside on bed NT - xXkrypticXx
8:23PM 22/02/2008

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