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Cameraman takes a shot of the words 'one always begins by deceiving others' then pans to Amanda in bed crying NT - WVpdles
12:19AM 22/02/2008
Something is up w/ the producers and Amanda... NT - NEWORDER720
12:58AM 22/02/2008

Amanda's praying to God to win PoV NT - WVpdles
12:21AM 22/02/2008

nat about to give matt/alex and adam a private strip tease...but not getting naked - beckstar
12:22AM 22/02/2008

Amanda and Chel are gonna watch NT - WVpdles
12:26AM 22/02/2008

Because she was trying to hide her face, Alex asked Amanda 'what are you a virgin?' she got up and ran out of the room NT - WVpdles
12:33AM 22/02/2008

apparently amanda is a virgin NT - beckstar
12:33AM 22/02/2008

Alex said we found the other thing. Amanda's a virgin NT - WVpdles
12:33AM 22/02/2008

When Alex comes in the room Amanda says 'can you believe that Natalie'(referring to her strip) NT - WVpdles
12:48AM 22/02/2008

James carried Chel from the massage room up the stairs to the HoH door NT - WVpdles
12:49AM 22/02/2008

Alex told Amanda from the way she jumps around if she is a virgin she'll go down as the biggest CT NT - WVpdles
12:50AM 22/02/2008

Amanda just said that she would eat ***** to win the POV comp. NT - coz
12:53AM 22/02/2008

Matt,Nat,Adam,Sheila having a pow-wow in the bedroom, this is all about Amanda(meaning the noms) NT - WVpdles
12:54AM 22/02/2008

Alex is rubbing himself in the dark through the sheet as he's asking Amanda if she is REALLY a virgin - MtDewAddict
1:00AM 22/02/2008

"Go to bed, shut up. SHUT UP" --Alex. Amanda is talking. - MtDewAddict
1:06AM 22/02/2008

James and Chel making out in HOH bedroom then giggling, play fighting. - MtDewAddict
1:09AM 22/02/2008

They are under the covers until Chel says that it's too hot under there NT - MtDewAddict
1:11AM 22/02/2008

Chel asked James if him hooking up with her was a task from BB NT - WVpdles
1:13AM 22/02/2008

updates - Oyabungaijin
1:38AM 22/02/2008

Alex wakes up and says "Something's up"...(Paranoia?) - nyxxie
1:47AM 22/02/2008
He wakes up and says "Something's up." - IggysPINKTights
1:50AM 22/02/2008

J/C chatting about Chel's roommate NT - Photobug
2:01AM 22/02/2008

All feeds switch to downstairs...everyone sleeping NT - Photobug
2:03AM 22/02/2008

Adam up...goes to W/C doesn't wash hands and grabs something to snack on - Photobug
2:16AM 22/02/2008

chelsia/james WANT to win PoV so they can make an EPIC, RUTHLESS move... - caith
2:18AM 22/02/2008
basically they want to win pov take off alex/amanda and ensure that matt/natalie are voted out NT - sunflower05
2:20AM 22/02/2008

all asleep...ryan awfully close to ali...both on backs facing each other...almost looks like ryan has his arm lying under sheets on ali's leg. NT - caith
2:37AM 22/02/2008

James get up goes to sauna and starts chewing on his **FEET** the picking at his body NT - Taelyn
2:58AM 22/02/2008
chewing toenails on clean left foot --- no clippers(?) NT - caith
4:36AM 22/02/2008

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