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Amandas up and ryan ripped her bandaid on her arm off for her NT - Nicole89
10:53AM 23/02/2008

amanda talking about this mornings doctor visit - Nicole89
10:57AM 23/02/2008

Alex and Ryan washing the towels by hand NT - Nicole89
10:59AM 23/02/2008

Everyone except Nat, James and Chels are up. Amanda talking about how her sugar levels changed yesturday NT - Nicole89
11:04AM 23/02/2008

Shelias already starting to whine this morning, Can someone take over?I need to go out for a bit NT - Nicole89
11:05AM 23/02/2008

Amanda and Josh eating breakfast. Ryan and Sheila up and making breakfast NT - BB7Addict
11:10AM 23/02/2008

Feeds 1, 2 of kitchen crew, Feeds 3,4 of sleepers - BB7Addict
11:13AM 23/02/2008

Natalie wakes up and feels better since last night.. - BB7Addict
11:18AM 23/02/2008

Sharon goes outside to lay in the sun, others still eating/sleeping NT - BB7Addict
11:21AM 23/02/2008

Natalie, Alex, Ryan and Matty talk about their margarita party they are going to have tonight - BB7Addict
11:22AM 23/02/2008

Josh and Sharon talking about POV outside - BB7Addict
11:28AM 23/02/2008

Josh leaves Sharon and Amanda goes to try and sway Sharon to use veto on them - BB7Addict
11:36AM 23/02/2008
Amanda - if you take one of us down, you can't go up so we have the votes to stay, then it's us 3 to compete for HoH - WVpdles
11:37AM 23/02/2008

Josh in bed talking to Ali, about the veto and Ryan telling her he can forgive Sheila but she has to go next week NT - WVpdles
11:40AM 23/02/2008

Josh goes and talks to Alllison - BB7Addict
11:44AM 23/02/2008
Josh goes back outside and is now in HT NT - WVpdles
11:57AM 23/02/2008

BB: DR is temporarily unavailable NT - WVpdles
11:50AM 23/02/2008

Ali showed Chel and Sheila where she's keeping her epipen, in case this ever happens again NT - WVpdles
11:51AM 23/02/2008

Sheila crying to Chel that if they use the veto she doesn't want to go up... - WVpdles
11:54AM 23/02/2008
Chel goes back up to HoH and tell James(who's still in bed) NT - WVpdles
11:55AM 23/02/2008
James - everyone's laying out? Chel - yes. James - well i'm laying in. NT - WVpdles
11:57AM 23/02/2008

Chel joined Josh in the HT. He shared with her what Sheila said last night about Adam and wanting to leave. Chel told him that Sheila was - WVpdles
12:14PM 23/02/2008
Sharon is sitting with her feet in the HT. NT - WVpdles
12:15PM 23/02/2008

In the bathroom, Sheila is telling her story about Adam and wanting to leave to Ali NT - WVpdles
12:16PM 23/02/2008

Chel told the ppl in HT that she missed her dad's BD, but then found out from them today is the 23rd - WVpdles
12:20PM 23/02/2008

Adam, Matt, Alex are playing pool NT - WVpdles
12:30PM 23/02/2008

Sheila and Ali have been talking in the bathroom for quite some time. - SouthernBelladonna
12:55PM 23/02/2008

Josh and Sharon are in the BY talking about votes. - SouthernBelladonna
12:59PM 23/02/2008

Alli and Amanda are in the sauna NT - WVpdles
1:01PM 23/02/2008

Josh says he doesn't trust Sheila. - SouthernBelladonna
1:01PM 23/02/2008

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