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The feeds switched to a whispering Sharon and Josh. Josh isn't liking the indoor lockdown..he - Disneyisme
4:47PM 23/02/2008

Feeds are scanning the house, an over view, no one specific. A few milling around in the kitchen, everyone getting ready for the big party. NT - Disneyisme
4:49PM 23/02/2008

Alli is telling Sharon that the best team to have at the end would be herself and Ryan. She says - Disneyisme
4:56PM 23/02/2008

Alli is telling Sharon not to use the veto. They have to get rid of one of the strong teams. Sharon agrees. - Disneyisme
4:59PM 23/02/2008

Alli and Sharon have been interrupted by flames. NT - Disneyisme
5:06PM 23/02/2008

All 4 back on Alli and Sharon. Alli said too bad that Parker acted the way he did, flipping off - Disneyisme
5:15PM 23/02/2008

Ali telling sharon about her mom in her 50s and grandmom 75 that look great - Brendabythebay
5:21PM 23/02/2008

All 4 feeds on Ali talking to Sharon with someone snoring loudly in the background. - Brendabythebay
5:24PM 23/02/2008

Sheila & Adam in backyard - Brendabythebay
5:29PM 23/02/2008

Shelia and Adam in BY talking game - bcbmom
5:30PM 23/02/2008

Shelia & Adam backyard con't - Brendabythebay
5:31PM 23/02/2008

Sheila: I'm willing to change who I am here... be nice to you and you be nice to me. Thats pretty much it. NT - Brendabythebay
5:32PM 23/02/2008

Shelia telling Adam she acting the way she has been due to lack of sleep - bcbmom
5:33PM 23/02/2008

Sheila & Adam in BY - Brendabythebay
5:36PM 23/02/2008

All 4 Feeds switched to Sharon reading bible on couch and Matty chatting smalltalk and then he left the room. Feeds - Brendabythebay
5:45PM 23/02/2008

James, Josh, Amanda, Chels speculate on Ali's allergy & think BB will make her eat something. (instead of slop) NT - Brendabythebay
5:46PM 23/02/2008

Dinner time in BB house! Chicken fajitas! NT - MtDewAddict
5:48PM 23/02/2008

everybody sitting around table eating tacos/fajitas...alli in DR NT - MtDewAddict
5:56PM 23/02/2008

They are all talking about marriage/kids...Nat wants 3 to 7 kids NT - MtDewAddict
5:59PM 23/02/2008

Alex is on the Tsunami eater's wall at Surf Taco in New Jersey for eating a 3 foot long taco in under 15 minutes NT - MtDewAddict
6:03PM 23/02/2008

HGs getting ready to be locked out of the house for a bit. Alli is showing everybody how to use her epi pen if she has an attack again NT - MtDewAddict
6:04PM 23/02/2008

Matt is going to "do his hair" so Alex says he has to do it now too. They are getting ready for margarita party! NT - MtDewAddict
6:07PM 23/02/2008

Alex says Alli's dress looks hot...he's gonna get into bed with her...then decides to get in w/Josh and Sharon for a "double whammy" NT - MtDewAddict
6:10PM 23/02/2008

Alex is making cartoon voices then Amanda says that she was asked to do a voiceover for a cartoon. Alex does "BUENO" in a chipmunk voice NT - MtDewAddict
6:11PM 23/02/2008

LOCKDOWN out side just called. People scrambling trying to finish their various things to go outside NT - MtDewAddict
6:12PM 23/02/2008

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