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Topic #7966970
Nicole89 - Amandas up and ryan ripped her bandaid on her arm off for her NT 0 Replies #7966970 10:53AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7966987
Nicole89 - amanda talking about this mornings doctor visit 0 Replies #7966987 10:57AM 23/02/2008
The doctor gave her drugs. Said that her cuvusions were bad, so she'll have pain and a headache.

Then they were talking about how much it will cost for the medics, and how her insurance sucks. They only cover $600 then nothing till $3000. Then they only pay 85%
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Topic #7966995
Nicole89 - Alex and Ryan washing the towels by hand NT 0 Replies #7966995 10:59AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967025
Nicole89 - Everyone except Nat, James and Chels are up. Amanda talking about how her sugar levels changed yesturday NT 0 Replies #7967025 11:04AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967033
Nicole89 - Shelias already starting to whine this morning, Can someone take over?I need to go out for a bit NT 0 Replies #7967033 11:05AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967062
BB7Addict - Amanda and Josh eating breakfast. Ryan and Sheila up and making breakfast NT 0 Replies #7967062 11:10AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967084
BB7Addict - Feeds 1, 2 of kitchen crew, Feeds 3,4 of sleepers 0 Replies #7967084 11:13AM 23/02/2008
Amanda and Josh eating breakfast. Every once and a while Amanda rests her head on her hands. She said that they won't give her medicine to keep, but she has to go to DR to get it. Alex, Matt, and Ryan getting their breakfasts together and Sheila getting ready to wash dishes.
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Topic #7967122
BB7Addict - Natalie wakes up and feels better since last night.. 0 Replies #7967122 11:18AM 23/02/2008
Sheila asks if they get their water back tomorrow and everyone answers that they get it tonight. Natalie wakes up and heads to the shower. She says she feels 100% better and apologizes to Amanda for not talking to her last night. Sharon changes into bikini in shower. Amanda puts peanut butter on a banana after eating her fruit loops. Amanda says her head is killing her and Natalie said that she hit it on the carpet hard. Natalie is walking around with a towel wrapped around her.
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Topic #7967134
BB7Addict - Sharon goes outside to lay in the sun, others still eating/sleeping NT 0 Replies #7967134 11:21AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967149
BB7Addict - Natalie, Alex, Ryan and Matty talk about their margarita party they are going to have tonight 0 Replies #7967149 11:22AM 23/02/2008
They don't think BB is going to give them bottles of liquor to mix their own.
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Topic #7967192
BB7Addict - Josh and Sharon talking about POV outside 0 Replies #7967192 11:28AM 23/02/2008
They say that Matty is really nervous. They talk about how stupid the boys that are on the no-carb diet.

Josh: if we went that route and took matty off and automatically james and chelisa will be pissed, allison and ryan will immediately gang up with them and they'll pull sheila and adam that's those 3 right there.

they want to bring allison and ryan along because they know they'll win. Sharon feels bad because she told matty that he was just a pawn. Overall, they are planning to keep the nominations the same.
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Topic #7967231
BB7Addict - Josh leaves Sharon and Amanda goes to try and sway Sharon to use veto on them 1 Replies #7967231 11:36AM 23/02/2008
amanda- eat 5-6 times today and let that carry you til wednesday. And eat sop 3 times a day. I'll get to eat wednesday after HOH, if i'm here. Josh keeps telling me not to worry.

SHe's now trying to get Sharon to use veto on her.
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WVpdles - Amanda - if you take one of us down, you can't go up so we have the votes to stay, then it's us 3 to compete for HoH #7967241 11:37AM 23/02/2008
Sharon said she didn't realize they couldn't be put up if they used the veto, then said that would happen if they didn't agree.
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Topic #7967260
WVpdles - Josh in bed talking to Ali, about the veto and Ryan telling her he can forgive Sheila but she has to go next week NT 0 Replies #7967260 11:40AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967283
BB7Addict - Josh goes and talks to Alllison 1 Replies #7967283 11:44AM 23/02/2008
They are talking about how to be nice to Sheila but not to trust her. Allison says that the only person that she has talked personal about it Jen. Josh says that they need to clean house and get rid of Sheila next week. Allison said she was pumped with steroids and was rushed to the hospital and when she got back Sheila wanted to talk game and complain about Adam. 911 was already called when Amanda went down because Allisons throat was closed to within a centimeter.
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WVpdles - Josh goes back outside and is now in HT NT #7967370 11:57AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967309
WVpdles - BB: DR is temporarily unavailable NT 0 Replies #7967309 11:50AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967315
WVpdles - Ali showed Chel and Sheila where she's keeping her epipen, in case this ever happens again NT 0 Replies #7967315 11:51AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967342
WVpdles - Sheila crying to Chel that if they use the veto she doesn't want to go up... 2 Replies #7967342 11:54AM 23/02/2008
She feels she was part of what happened to the girls last night because they were fighting. She's so happy that Chel didn't put them up on the block, because they didn't do anything but fight and aren't flip flopping to any side. Whatever Chel wants that's how they'll vote.
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WVpdles - Chel goes back up to HoH and tell James(who's still in bed) NT #7967351 11:55AM 23/02/2008
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WVpdles - James - everyone's laying out? Chel - yes. James - well i'm laying in. NT #7967366 11:57AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967472
WVpdles - Chel joined Josh in the HT. He shared with her what Sheila said last night about Adam and wanting to leave. Chel told him that Sheila was 1 Replies #7967472 12:14PM 23/02/2008
just crying begging not to be put up. Nat joined them.
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WVpdles - Sharon is sitting with her feet in the HT. NT #7967477 12:15PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967491
WVpdles - In the bathroom, Sheila is telling her story about Adam and wanting to leave to Ali NT 0 Replies #7967491 12:16PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967532
WVpdles - Chel told the ppl in HT that she missed her dad's BD, but then found out from them today is the 23rd 0 Replies #7967532 12:20PM 23/02/2008
tomorrow is his birthday. They're now discussing the party tonight.
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Topic #7967603
WVpdles - Adam, Matt, Alex are playing pool NT 0 Replies #7967603 12:30PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967848
SouthernBelladonna - Sheila and Ali have been talking in the bathroom for quite some time. 0 Replies #7967848 12:55PM 23/02/2008
Sheila is repeating most of the things she's been saying since yesterday - acting, she's 45...yeast infection...single mom...

Now she's talking about everyone wanting the money...she needs it, but can only deal with so much.

Says if Adam is abusive to her again, she will go in the DR and remove herself from the game and make him have to play by himself.

Now she's quoting Dr. Phil. "You teach people how to treat you."

Ali agreeing it's a good quote.
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Topic #7967886
SouthernBelladonna - Josh and Sharon are in the BY talking about votes. 0 Replies #7967886 12:59PM 23/02/2008
It's noisy and they are talking low...really hard to hear...

Sharon thinks she heard someone say Matt and Adam have a deal.

They're working out who will vote for who and how they can blame their vote on someone else.
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Topic #7967901
WVpdles - Alli and Amanda are in the sauna NT 0 Replies #7967901 1:01PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7967902
SouthernBelladonna - Josh says he doesn't trust Sheila. 0 Replies #7967902 1:01PM 23/02/2008
"Don't talk to Sheila. Sheila is f'n crazy."
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