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Topic #7970104
Disneyisme - The feeds switched to a whispering Sharon and Josh. Josh isn't liking the indoor lockdown..he 0 Replies #7970104 4:47PM 23/02/2008
feels like a prisoner. Sharon asks him what time the party is and he says he doesn't know, then leaves.
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Topic #7970121
Disneyisme - Feeds are scanning the house, an over view, no one specific. A few milling around in the kitchen, everyone getting ready for the big party. NT 0 Replies #7970121 4:49PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7970153
Disneyisme - Alli is telling Sharon that the best team to have at the end would be herself and Ryan. She says 0 Replies #7970153 4:56PM 23/02/2008
"No ones going to vote for us...." Sharon laughs. Alli says if Jen ever comes back "I will get her right back out." Allis says that Amanda is a completely different person with Jen and P gone.
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Topic #7970170
Disneyisme - Alli is telling Sharon not to use the veto. They have to get rid of one of the strong teams. Sharon agrees. 0 Replies #7970170 4:59PM 23/02/2008
Alli said a minute ago that Amanda and Alex have won EVERYTHING! They are so strong! Them winning everything right off the bat isn't going to help. She thinks they should have at least shown 'some' weakness.
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Topic #7970240
Disneyisme - Alli and Sharon have been interrupted by flames. NT 0 Replies #7970240 5:06PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7970352
Disneyisme - All 4 back on Alli and Sharon. Alli said too bad that Parker acted the way he did, flipping off 0 Replies #7970352 5:15PM 23/02/2008
cameras and stuff like that. Maybe he would have stayed had he not gotten that attitude. Alli says Parker was spreading rumors that Alli was scheming with Sharon..Alli says "oh well, wait until he sees the footage...I think I talked to you for like 5 minutes."

Alli then moves on to how Amanda treated her the first week in the house. She says "I can forgive but I can not forget, you know?" Alli tells says "You would have died, Jen and Amanda were screaming at me, pointing their fingers in my face."
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Topic #7970452
Brendabythebay - Ali telling sharon about her mom in her 50s and grandmom 75 that look great 0 Replies #7970452 5:21PM 23/02/2008
they use products and whatnot. (Ed: yawn)
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Topic #7970495
Brendabythebay - All 4 feeds on Ali talking to Sharon with someone snoring loudly in the background. 0 Replies #7970495 5:24PM 23/02/2008
Ali: We all having enemies, there's something about all of us that people can't stand.

Missed what sharon whispered.

Ali: She looks works in a bar with 21 yo girls and they idolize her. I'm like Ryan think about it, think when you were 21 you would idolize them. I want him to see the light. (Something about he should throw her under the bus.)

Sharon laughs.

Feeds switch to backyard with sheila.
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Topic #7970546
Brendabythebay - Sheila & Adam in backyard 0 Replies #7970546 5:29PM 23/02/2008
Sheila asks who he wants to go and Adam says Alex and Amanda.

Sheila says thats what I need to hear from you. Between you and I, don't start the fight again.

A: Allright, whatever, you don't know.

Sheila: don't you agree we should shoot for hoh.

Adam agrees.

They are rehashing the rocker/nurse/whatever comp. She picked what she thought he would pick.

S: If we don't get hoh, we're going up. I'm not stupid ok?

A: Ali says they love me.

S: I hope thats true. ALlright thats all we ehave to do is stay off the block.

A: All we have to do is relax.

S: Can you just give me some credit?

A: I've been on slop.

S: You're been on slop for 3 days you make it sound like... (some bickering about that) and then I need Tylenol PM. You don't understand, you age as a female, I have hormones, you have difficulty sleeping, I'm not getting enuf excercise, I'm not making excuses, I'm just telling you, its not a sleeping disorder, nothing to do with the house...

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Topic #7970556
bcbmom - Shelia and Adam in BY talking game 0 Replies #7970556 5:30PM 23/02/2008
Shelia asking Adam if they (J/S) are going to use the veto.
Adam: they aren't.
Shelia: you sure
Adam: pretty sure

Shelia asks if things stay the same who are they (J/C) wanting out.
Shelia says she keeps hearing different things. One minute A/A and the next N/M.

Adam tells her they still want A/A out. tells her to relax not to worry.

Shelia says if they don't get HOH next week they will go on block. Adam says if A/R get it they probably will as a pawn.
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Topic #7970572
Brendabythebay - Shelia & Adam backyard con't 0 Replies #7970572 5:31PM 23/02/2008
S: Alison is not going to be my buddy anymore, she's gonna play the game with Ryan, she should thats her partner. You need to understand how it is for me to play the game with people in their 20s.

A: Thats an excuse.

S: Its not an excuse. Its basically a huge generational gap please try to understand. Why do you think I hooked up with Ali she's smart a woman, she traveled all over the world, thats why we relate on a different leve.

Ryan comes out to smoke cig but not joining in conv (he's off camera)
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Topic #7970584
Brendabythebay - Sheila: I'm willing to change who I am here... be nice to you and you be nice to me. Thats pretty much it. NT 0 Replies #7970584 5:32PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7970600
bcbmom - Shelia telling Adam she acting the way she has been due to lack of sleep 0 Replies #7970600 5:33PM 23/02/2008
Also says that the generation gap has her out of the loop and making the game harder for her.

Apologizes for being bi*tchy. Tells him with no sleep and being on slop making it harder

Shelia says if she feels offended instead of saying something she will walk away.

Shelia also says they (she & Adam) need to quit fighting all the time and start getting along. Says they need to start kicking a**.
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Topic #7970663
Brendabythebay - Sheila & Adam in BY 0 Replies #7970663 5:36PM 23/02/2008
Adam says noone wants to see drama.

S: You say whatever what you want to say, but I"m not stupid, but people do want to see drama. This is real whats going on between you and me. Don't kid yoruself. IF people don't want drama, then they wont turn on tv.

Adam says something and then S says why do you always have to disagree with me. We're not the only ones in drama in this house, you and I ... if we werent' here, this house would be boring, we are the entertainment. You are... the guys love you.

A: The girls love you?

S: You dont understand what my life was like in highschool. I never had friends. Girls beat me up, I never had girlfriends, its hard to have girlfriends. My sis was educated one I was the one who dated football players and parties. You know what I mean?

A: I know what you mean ::;and he yawns:::

S: I thought Ali liked me, she might not like me now I cant change that. I truly think Amanda likes me. You can't make everyone like you and thats another thing you are missing in this game. I did that coming in here and eventually someone kicks you in the ass and pushes you out the door.
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Topic #7970790
Brendabythebay - All 4 Feeds switched to Sharon reading bible on couch and Matty chatting smalltalk and then he left the room. Feeds 0 Replies #7970790 5:45PM 23/02/2008
switch to James, Amanda, Josh in kitchen.

Amanda: They asked what I wanted to say to america

More rehash of the seizure incident, James talking about how scary it was. Amanda says her shirt was drenched. James said she was throwing up.

Amanda: my exbf had a cold really long time, he had a seizure. The injection went to his brain and he got epilepsy, they wouldnt let him drive for 9 months, now he's epileptic.

Amanda says they were in like :::snaps fingers::: had catscan.

They ask if her insurance covers and Chels says yea, first thing they asked for was her insurance card.

They're gonna eat.
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Topic #7970797
Brendabythebay - James, Josh, Amanda, Chels speculate on Ali's allergy & think BB will make her eat something. (instead of slop) NT 0 Replies #7970797 5:46PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7970832
MtDewAddict - Dinner time in BB house! Chicken fajitas! NT 0 Replies #7970832 5:48PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7970918
MtDewAddict - everybody sitting around table eating tacos/fajitas...alli in DR NT 0 Replies #7970918 5:56PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7970940
MtDewAddict - They are all talking about marriage/kids...Nat wants 3 to 7 kids NT 0 Replies #7970940 5:59PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7970979
MtDewAddict - Alex is on the Tsunami eater's wall at Surf Taco in New Jersey for eating a 3 foot long taco in under 15 minutes NT 0 Replies #7970979 6:03PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7970986
MtDewAddict - HGs getting ready to be locked out of the house for a bit. Alli is showing everybody how to use her epi pen if she has an attack again NT 0 Replies #7970986 6:04PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7971009
MtDewAddict - Matt is going to "do his hair" so Alex says he has to do it now too. They are getting ready for margarita party! NT 0 Replies #7971009 6:07PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7971028
MtDewAddict - Alex says Alli's dress looks hot...he's gonna get into bed with her...then decides to get in w/Josh and Sharon for a "double whammy" NT 0 Replies #7971028 6:10PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7971041
MtDewAddict - Alex is making cartoon voices then Amanda says that she was asked to do a voiceover for a cartoon. Alex does "BUENO" in a chipmunk voice NT 0 Replies #7971041 6:11PM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7971056
MtDewAddict - LOCKDOWN out side just called. People scrambling trying to finish their various things to go outside NT 0 Replies #7971056 6:12PM 23/02/2008
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