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Topic #7975500
bbshannon - James told Ryan not to tell ANYONE where the votes are going 0 Replies #7975500 12:04AM 24/02/2008
Adam Natalie and Matt are sitting at kitchen counter.
Ryan heads to bed

Natalie thinks the margaritas were all sugar..she got a buzz.
Matt thinks that one shot of tequila was in the whole thing.
Chelsia and James in bed watching spyscreen with lights off.
Amanda has one minute before she has to stop eating, she chugs milk really fast out of the jug
She walks on her hands. Matt does it too.
Amanda thinks hers looks better though.
Natalie reads his shirt "Easy" it says and he says "dont get any ideas"

Adam complains about slop. He doesnt wish it on anybody.
Natalie and Matt aren't tired apparently.
Amanda is still eating and its past midnight.
Adam goes to bathroom: Amanda Matt and Natalie whisper.
BB lady comes on : Amanda can you please put on your microphone?
Amanda: Im sorry!
Nat thinks Ryan is peeing all over the bathroom.
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Topic #7975505
Broodmore - Matt and Nat in the Kitchen talking about why they were put up 0 Replies #7975505 12:05AM 24/02/2008
Adam told Nat is was because they voted for Jen to stay
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Topic #7975523
bbshannon - Adam pissed off that Amanda and Chelsia hid under the table to see if he washed his hands 0 Replies #7975523 12:06AM 24/02/2008
Adam cant stand anyone
Natalie: except for us right? Going over the 2 different types of crazy. Shes the fun crazy.
Adam thinks hes out of the loop now cuz of what Sheila did last night.

He wants HOH next week.
Matt wants to stay this week.
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Topic #7975530
bbshannon - Amanda and Alex asleep on F1 and 2 0 Replies #7975530 12:07AM 24/02/2008
He is cuddled up completely turned away from her and shes laying on her back with her arms above her head with a stuffed animal on her chest
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Topic #7975568
bbshannon - Natalie thinks they have the most fans in the house 0 Replies #7975568 12:10AM 24/02/2008
Nat has the whole state of Oregon.
Matt tells Natalie to go to bed and hes gonna talk to Adam outside.
Its raining outside still.
Matt wants a cig but Adam wont give him one.

Adam will try to help him out with Ali and Ryan.
Matt doesnt think they will save them with the POV but will try to get votes.
Adam: Talk about how the original plan was to get Alex out. Without Nat/Matt he is f*cked. James is up in the air always.
Matt says you know I got you.
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Topic #7975603
bbshannon - Chelsia randomly says "Sheila like wears lingerie" 0 Replies #7975603 12:14AM 24/02/2008
James and her are chatting..he has her hand on her stomach and shes laying on her back.

Matt and Adam talking about Operation Condor (getting A/A out) and Matt is trying to push them leaving.
Chelsia talking about Matt breaking..just talk about his ex and hell break. She can come up with some *****.
James: do u wanna keep them here?
Chelsia: no...I could make him break
James: but can he make u break?
Chelsia: no...if I needed to..
James: youre a bitch
Chelsia: ur a difficult one (to break)
James: how would u break Adam?
C: hes hard...
James: Alex
Chelsia: his dad
James: phew...
Chelsia: that hes trying to use that to help him
James: ur really ***** up dude
James: Josh
Chelsia: his weight
C: shes tough too
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Topic #7975658
rplenty - Adam calls Josh "the faggat" to Matt. Matt does not react. NT 0 Replies #7975658 12:19AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975670
bbshannon - Amanda and Sheila talking in bathroom about Allison 0 Replies #7975670 12:20AM 24/02/2008
How Sheila flipped out on her.
Amanda thinks she (Ali) forgives so easily though.
Sheila thinks people just say scary Amanda's seizure was. She's glad she made up with Ali before she went to the hospital. But she doesnt think Ali will confide in her and be her friend anymore.
Amanda is surprised
Sheila: that hurts me...we were friends..not a game..
Amanda: everyday something different happens..who wouldve thought nat and matt would've fought..every couple has fought in the house.
Sheila: its about my friendship with her..maybe I shouldnt have gotten as close to her..thinks her partner situation is the worst in the house.
Amanda: Adam is a lot to deal with..thats Adam. Who he is.
Talk about how what he says offends the women in the house.
Sheila thinks things are good..she ignores him now. But she did get mad that Adam pulled out his penis earlier..what part of that is good. Thats disgusting..please dont say anything to him..Im trying...I hope u see that Im trying.
Sheila: The boys love him...they get a kick out of him..but she has to talk to him/be around matter what she does..its not good enough.
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Topic #7975710
bbshannon - Adam and Matt hug and decide to work people tomorrow to save Matt/Natalie 0 Replies #7975710 12:25AM 24/02/2008
Adam says something about Josh..go back to the gay bar..they are laughing.
They come inside.
Matt and Adam come into the bathroom..Amanda tells them they are talking about forgiveness.
Natalie loves Sheila..Sheila loves Natalie etc
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Topic #7975715
bbshannon - Chelsia recounting Matt's stories to James 1 Replies #7975715 12:25AM 24/02/2008
That Matt will make him girlfriend stay home and wait for him to come home from the bar.
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LunaC - She's not quite right though. He said he was like that with his first GF, then realised he needed more of a challenge from women NT #7975725 12:27AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975719
bbshannon - 2 feeds on KFed and Britney (the guines pigs) Bathroom crew talks about POV ceremony NT 1 Replies #7975719 12:26AM 24/02/2008
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bbshannon - Matt says there is a better chance of the Easter Bunny floating around then Josh/Sharon using the veto NT #7975723 12:26AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975757
bbshannon - Amanda and Matt talk about how nervous they are...Sheila is worried for them 1 Replies #7975757 12:31AM 24/02/2008
Anything can happen...
Matt is confidant they wont change it.
No benefit to them changing it.

Amanda talking again about how everything changes.

They all got info in the DR
They all got asked: How do you feel about the Hudson River virus affecting those isolated from the outside world?
Sheila doesnt get it...they all had to say something.
Sheila: isnt that in New York? Is that it made up?

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bbshannon - Apparently this is tied into the veto comp they participated in NT #7975871 12:41AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975763
bbshannon - Chelsia and James kissing again..He wants to do something that would look bad on tv NT 1 Replies #7975763 12:31AM 24/02/2008
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bbshannon - She's laughing and saying "get off me" NT #7975789 12:34AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975767
bbshannon - Amanda: America! I want kids! I want a husband! NT 0 Replies #7975767 12:32AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975773
bbshannon - Sheila wants Tylenol PM (again) but they won't give it to her. NT 0 Replies #7975773 12:32AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975777
bbshannon - Matt and Natalie in bed..Adam comes in and says about Asians/Geesh/Hookers etc NT 1 Replies #7975777 12:33AM 24/02/2008
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bbshannon - Plasma tvs/scratching their balls...real classy stuff NT #7975813 12:35AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975800
bbshannon - Ali comes into the bathroom and they stop talking. NT 2 Replies #7975800 12:35AM 24/02/2008
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bbshannon - Amanda tells Ali that Sheila is doing better with Adam, didnt get mad at him. Ali doesnt seem to care NT #7975828 12:37AM 24/02/2008
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sunflower05 - she said she was getting sleepy with her because of what she is taking, so i think her medication made her out of it NT #7975844 12:38AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975846
bbshannon - Amanda/Sheila talk about ratings 0 Replies #7975846 12:38AM 24/02/2008
They think they are a more interesting cast than other seasons
Amanda is a fan..but she doesnt know what they air/what they edit

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Topic #7975875
bbshannon - Amanda: Can I shower in your HOH room? Sheila says the door will be open NT 0 Replies #7975875 12:41AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975886
bbshannon - James and Chelsia wrestling/goofing around on their HOH bed. NT 0 Replies #7975886 12:42AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975895
bbshannon - Sheila complimenting Amanda...she's impressed 0 Replies #7975895 12:43AM 24/02/2008
Saying shes a good person..she wants everyone to like her.A
Amanda says people judge her..think shes not smart.
One big love session

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Topic #7975901
Sue - James: I don't like dick "talk" NT 0 Replies #7975901 12:44AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975922
Sue - Chel " I've always been very sensitive about my friend Ashley" NT 0 Replies #7975922 12:46AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975945
Sue - Chel wondering if James thinks anyone thinks "badly" about her in the house NT 0 Replies #7975945 12:48AM 24/02/2008
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Topic #7975957
bbshannon - James wants to know what breaks Chelsia..and what breaks him 0 Replies #7975957 12:50AM 24/02/2008
James hates d*ck talk..when people talk about his d*ck..anything associated with it.
Chelsia: why? why do you prance around? She does she is shocked
James: just one of my pet peeves.
Chelsia: that's weird..what else?
James: makes him shut up..hes gotten it for so many years..hes been very shy about it..
Chelsia doesnt know what could be said to break her.
James: does it bother you that pimple in the middle of your forehead?
Chelsia: no...
She's sensitive about her friend Ashley. She was into drugs..certain things about it. She doesnt know what else..
The fat thing..but she just takes her shirt off and goes along with it. You wanna play with it..touch it. I wouldnt let it get to me.
James thinks Alex has a really small penis..his demeanor. How he acts gives it away.
Chelsia doesnt know what people are thinking of her..asking James what people say about her.
James: nothing really..that youre a bitch. I know youre a bitch.
Chelsia: people have said that?
James: like being the bitch? Are you a bitch outside of the house?
Chelsia: no..I got voted at work biggest sweetheart. most caring person.

They see Sheila and Amanda on the spyscreen.
James: She wears straightup lingerie! I cant strip cuz my son's watching..but Ill walk around in that sh*t. Straightup classy.
Chelsia: who's called me a bitch?
He wont tell her.

James thinks Adam is gonna go with whoever gets off...If Matty or Alex stays, Adam is tied to either one of them.
Chelsia: next week..they go up.
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