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Topic #7987291
susooz - Chelsia & Alli talking about game - thinks Nat & Matt will be out 0 Replies #7987291 12:00AM 25/02/2008
says Nat was throwing herself at Matt & he kept pushing her away saying NO! said it will be really crazy between those two next few days NT
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Topic #7987342
lalali - Chelsia and Alli talking about James 0 Replies #7987342 12:03AM 25/02/2008
Chelsia is worried that James thinks she's into Matty, but also, worried about the whole "showmance" thing. Thinks he's amazing, that they talk so late every night.....worried that maybe he's brought here to make a move on her. Just confused about everything
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Topic #7988096
Gorf - Matt, Amanda, Nat, Ryan, Allison. Josh and Sharon in the bed room talking about random topics for the last hour NT 0 Replies #7988096 1:05AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7988255
folieadeux8381 - James and Adam are smoking and talking in the BY 1 Replies #7988255 1:33AM 25/02/2008
mostly about the night they had.
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WVpdles - Matt's joined them, and they're discussing what happened tonight NT #7988313 1:44AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7988352
KactusKathy - Matt-James go on and on and on about Matt rejecting Nat's advances. 0 Replies #7988352 1:50AM 25/02/2008
Matt thinks he's being tackful....not huring Nat. James opposite & wants Chelz. Matt says he'd love to "bang" Sharon.
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Topic #7988357
IggysPINKTights - At one point James mentioned how he had to go talk to Che 0 Replies #7988357 1:51AM 25/02/2008
when they were in HOH and told her that things couldn't go any further b/c it would hurt their gameplay
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Topic #7988414
KactusKathy - James, Adam, Matt continue talking strategy sh*t....Matty not going to talk sh*t about Alex. 0 Replies #7988414 2:00AM 25/02/2008
Guys rating the girls. Chelz legs looked great tonite to Matty. They say Alli makes decisions for Ryan/herself.
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Topic #7988423
KactusKathy - Guys sayiing all HGs doing the show for the $'s. If they were rich, they wouldn't be doing it. NT 0 Replies #7988423 2:03AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7988463
KactusKathy - Adam/James thinks Matt should have Nat work at getting votes for them to stay becuz she's nice. 0 Replies #7988463 2:10AM 25/02/2008
Talking about campaigning. Matt/Alex both said they wouldn't campaign--but the guys think Amanda is. Matt hopes the Condor isn't aimed at him.
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Topic #7988465
IggysPINKTights - Matt is going to talk to Allison remind her of stuff Manda has done to her 0 Replies #7988465 2:11AM 25/02/2008
trying to get votes
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Topic #7988477
KactusKathy - Matt says he needs to remind Alli of all the sh*t Amanda said about her the first week. 0 Replies #7988477 2:16AM 25/02/2008
James warns them how hard it is to be HoH. Matty says he didn't want it this wk. - didn't think he'd be on the block either. Matt doesn't understand how Josh and Amanda are buddy-buddy.

James wonders if he & Chelz will go up since they can't play for HoH. Matt thinks he's got his work cut out for him. Matt still wondering if he should talk game with Ryan.

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Topic #7988504
KactusKathy - Adam/M/James still talking around fire in BY. Guys talking about how stupid Parker played. Talkin' s*it about CBS, not wanting to be there anymore. 0 Replies #7988504 2:22AM 25/02/2008
Adam does most of the listening/smoking while M/James talk. Matt still thinks best secret is A/S's lesbian lie. Matt says he'd doubt it becuz he saw Alli in Boston. Guys still don't know what to believe!
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Topic #7988514
KactusKathy - Guys each think they'll go up next week if they don't win HoH. Closeness to each other doesn't mean anything....James even thinks he could be 0 Replies #7988514 2:27AM 25/02/2008
backdoored. James getting paranoid about being vulnerable next week - esp. staying in the HoH room ...not being down with everyone makin' deals. Matty wants a clean sweep to stay in game w/ Mat. He can't see Allison or Josh wanting to keep Amanda.

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Topic #7988536
KactusKathy - Matty can't ever tell whether Sheila lies.....shouldn't have told ppl she's an actress - don't know what to ever believe. 0 Replies #7988536 2:32AM 25/02/2008
James says everything you do/say in house can be used against you. James says he'd break his hand if he had to...just to stay in the house. Thinks no one would vote out someone injured - thinking they'd be no threat. Matt says that's "sick".....but James will do ANYTHING to stay in the house.
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Topic #7988555
KactusKathy - Matt says he needs to come up with a plan tonite....worries about the players acting 0 Replies #7988555 2:40AM 25/02/2008
irrational while on slop. They think Amanda's offered to take EVERYONE in the house to the F4. Adam says he has Matty's back, and that he's the "man" of the S/A couple.

Matty says Amanda/Alex would put Josh/Sharon on the block if they won HoH. James thinks Matty needs to be pretty pushy about getting his votes nailed down - using Amanda's actions toward Allison.

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Topic #7988581
KactusKathy - Matty thinks HoH will be physical comp. this week. They wonder how they're editing all that's gone down this week. :D 0 Replies #7988581 2:48AM 25/02/2008
Guys laugh at how the "book" Alex is. Doesn't do anything wrong - still lives w/his mother....grandmother downstairs. Matt says he KNOWS Alex is owner of his deejay company. Matt knows for fact his father left him $'s, and he said Alex said he'd give Matt a job if he comes out. James shocked/Adam didn't think he owned his business, but Matt insists he KNOWS it's Alex's own businesss. Discuss why he still stays at home still.

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Topic #7988593
KactusKathy - Matt wants to instill into Nat's head what she needs to say/do to lock up the votes for them. James boasts he'll do 0 Replies #7988593 2:54AM 25/02/2008
whatever is "legal" to stay in the house if / when he goes on the block.

Matty thinks it's funny now that Jen's gone, Amanda is trying to be buddy-buddy with the other girls to try to save herself.

Guys finally come inside. Telling Matty what Operation Condor was as they look at the top shelf. All laugh. Decide it's time to eat. James makes pnut butter....Matt wants bagel...Adam has protein shake.
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Topic #7988606
LadyMadonna - James telling Matt and Adam that he's done messing around with Chelsia 0 Replies #7988606 2:58AM 25/02/2008
Saying that people have been coming up to Chelsia and talking about the status of their relationship. James says that a relationship is the last thing he wants to be dealing with right now while in the house and there won't be anymore "mucking around."
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Topic #7988650
Taelyn - Matt telling a story, about some woman he thought was a hooker, and how he was freaking out taking tons of "E's"(ecstasy?)and coke. NT 0 Replies #7988650 3:17AM 25/02/2008
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Topic #7988794
CruiseCritic - Adam, James and Matt at counter in kitchen and James talking how he 0 Replies #7988794 3:45AM 25/02/2008
is always up aroudn this time looking at guinea pigs and eating cookies.

They would rather sleep during the day

Talking how some of the girls voices are really getting to them

Adam talking about sleeping next to Grandma and Matty asks if they want to switch
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Topic #7988802
CruiseCritic - James talking about going to bank to cash the check for quarter million 0 Replies #7988802 3:47AM 25/02/2008
dollars and Matt says he would ask for all in ones and throw it up in the air. Then says, he would do it with like $500 but not 1/4 million.

Talking about guy who went in ghetto and was making it rain money and caused a scene and it was brawling and how it is on youtube
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Topic #7988811
CruiseCritic - Matt says it is bedtime and he is at least going to go lay there - James says he is wired 0 Replies #7988811 3:49AM 25/02/2008
and cant go to sleep now. Matt says he wants to stay and at least wants HOH once.

James talking about all the ppl coming in HOH room and talking, congregations. Talking about Parker.

Matt says parker woke him up one morning at 5 am and told Matt he really wanted to stay because of Amanda
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Topic #7988824
CruiseCritic - Talking about Amanda and Adam says she can go hang with Parker in sequester... 0 Replies #7988824 3:52AM 25/02/2008
Matt says he really wants HOH so he can see pictures and get a basket.

Talking about Alli cleaning up "boogers' in WC and how she had a belt on, gloves and 409. Tell Adam everyone saud they were his boogers and he says they were not.

Adam is sitting on the counter...James saying he picked a booger and wiped it on the couch.

Matt says he prob put it on his jeans (Adam) and now all the girls think it is him leaving them in WC.

they are laughing.

Adam gets down off counter and says he is dying to eat something and tells the guys they dont know the pain he is going thru.

Matt tells him he could imagine and doesnt want to go thru that pain. Adam says he wants HOH and regular food for 2 weeks. Talking bad about Sheila and how they only lasted less than 2 minutes in the hanging competition.

Talk how Parker has $ now bc he lasted in the comp.
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Topic #7988827
CruiseCritic - James talking about how it is usually only 7 people and how now you have to put 2 0 Replies #7988827 3:53AM 25/02/2008
people up. Matt says it is prob going to be a shorter season due to couples and

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Topic #7988839
CruiseCritic - Back from Flames and Adam is not near the counter any longer - 0 Replies #7988839 3:57AM 25/02/2008
Matt and James talking and can hardly hear them.

Matt says he cant believe he was put on the block, thought for usre he would win POV - James says he thought Matt would win it too.

Adam now back at the counter on opposite side.

Matt saying Chels need to talk to Alli so Matt/Nat can stay. Matt says they need to offer her a deal that if they win HOH they wont put her and Ryan up but she CAN put Matt/Nat up if they win HOH

Matt says they would put up Sharon/Josh and Matt/Nat (if Alli/Ry win HOH)

James saying after this week it is going to suck, things are going to go down.

Someone will be backdoored

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