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Alex to DR. NT - ttowttow
9:48PM 25/02/2008

Joshuah and Sharon are going to have a water baloon fight with condoms. NT - ttowttow
9:50PM 25/02/2008

BB: Josh/Sharon knock it off NT - WVpdles
9:55PM 25/02/2008

Sharon and Joshuah are filling lots of condoms up with water. They put the filled condoms in a bucket. Then Chelsia said that she tried to do that... - ttowttow
9:55PM 25/02/2008

Josh and Sharon are really bored so they are trying to make up games. They are going to make some kind of bowling game. NT - ttowttow
9:59PM 25/02/2008

Josh is setting up pins for bowling in the hall between the kitchen and the bathroom. - ttowttow
10:05PM 25/02/2008

Sharon, Josh, and Alex are bowling. Ali is playing Ryan in chess and Matt is watching. NT - ttowttow
10:22PM 25/02/2008
Adam is laying on the couch watching chess too NT - WVpdles
10:27PM 25/02/2008

Adam thinks he got some bad slop, Ali says he feels warm, might have a fever NT - WVpdles
10:32PM 25/02/2008

Amanda is showing the camera how nasty slop is both in her mouth and the bowl NT - WVpdles
11:05PM 25/02/2008

James and Chel are in HoH (but we're not allowed to see that for some reason) NT - WVpdles
11:05PM 25/02/2008

Josh and Nat are in the massage room decorating the 'bowling pins' with nail polish NT - WVpdles
11:07PM 25/02/2008

Sharon is massaging Matt's 'sore' arm/shoulder NT - WVpdles
11:19PM 25/02/2008

natalie says she paints wearing nothing but a wifebeater and booty shorts NT - BellaEllaElla
11:20PM 25/02/2008

amanda covers a nail polish stain on her pants with...more nail polish. NT - BellaEllaElla
11:21PM 25/02/2008

nat and josh make fun of amanda's artwork NT - BellaEllaElla
11:22PM 25/02/2008

josh says his phone number on camera...inaudible NT - BellaEllaElla
11:26PM 25/02/2008

Nat said she can't remember what her phone # is, but she just chnaged it. - WVpdles
11:27PM 25/02/2008

Nat says she worked at Hooters for 4 years NT - BellaEllaElla
11:29PM 25/02/2008

Natalie makes fun of Amanda's artwork again NT - BellaEllaElla
11:40PM 25/02/2008

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