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Lockdown! HGs all need to go outside. Sheila finishes up doing her hair. Wants coffee first. All others in BY. NT - KactusKathy
1:01PM 25/02/2008

Nat laid down on the bench and was taking directions from Alex on how to lift. Mind you she is in her bikini... - Disneyisme
1:06PM 25/02/2008

Nat/Amanda watches guys press. Amanda wants to lift. Nat says she'll do 95. Tries, but can't. - KactusKathy
1:11PM 25/02/2008

Sharon/Josh/James/Chelz talkin' about wanting a grill. Nat glad it's finally nice out. Talkin' about BB letting HGs trash the house. Speculate - KactusKathy
1:24PM 25/02/2008

Nat/Ry talking about how BB can't show much of what all happened last night. Too much boobies! Sho2 should have luv'd it. - KactusKathy
1:34PM 25/02/2008

Alex/Adam/James playing pool. Amanda, Matt, Alli doing towel-exercises. NT - KactusKathy
1:38PM 25/02/2008

Ry talks about how Jen snacks all healthy - carrots, fruit. He eats chips & snack foods. Alli only does yoga, but not pilates. Alli does yoga moves. - KactusKathy
1:44PM 25/02/2008

Matt teaches Alli how to use a weight to twist & work out her core-muscles. - KactusKathy
1:51PM 25/02/2008

Alex/Adam/Amanda playing pool together. NT - WieKacie
1:54PM 25/02/2008

Alli talking to Matt - NYTC7
2:14PM 25/02/2008

Lock down is over. HGs inside eating. Alex is washing dishes. Alli and Matt still outside. NT - WieKacie
2:19PM 25/02/2008

Matt/Adam/Alli backyard convo - NYTC7
2:20PM 25/02/2008

Matt saying he was in the finals for Tila Tequila but he decided to go to BB finals instead NT - NYTC7
2:30PM 25/02/2008

Alli says she knew that they were casting 2 people from boston & as soon as she saw matt she knew that was where he was from NT - NYTC7
2:33PM 25/02/2008

flames keep coming on b/c they are talking about casting NT - NYTC7
2:35PM 25/02/2008
sharon's whispering so softly i can barely hear NT - itsobvious
2:48PM 25/02/2008

alex is annoying us complaining about being put up NT - itsobvious
2:51PM 25/02/2008

James/Sharon are talking about what Matt said last night about how Matt would put up Josh/Sharon up if he gets hoh, and how they don't completely - sunflower05
2:51PM 25/02/2008

Josh says he thinks its retrated that alex carries the cros around.... - KingMac
3:14PM 25/02/2008

James is talking about purposely losing food comp, so A/A and A/S are on slop and hiding the pickles, salsa & coffee so they have to eat plan slop NT - WVpdles
3:20PM 25/02/2008
Sheila has been counting the days left on slop and she can't function without coffee NT - WVpdles
3:22PM 25/02/2008

James, Ryan and Alex are playing pool. Ali, Matt, Chel, Nat, Josh, and Sheila are in the bathroom. - SouthernBelladonna
3:40PM 25/02/2008

Ali pulls Chel and Josh into the SR. Ali saying they don't know Amanda. NT - SouthernBelladonna
3:41PM 25/02/2008

Ali, Josh and Chel in storage room, saying she's concerned they've only known Amanda for 2 weeks - WVpdles
3:42PM 25/02/2008

They've now gone up to HoH. Ali - she hasn't forgotten one thing amanda has done. NT - WVpdles
3:43PM 25/02/2008

Ali has to talk to Ryan about voting. Chel thinks the HoH is physcial like last year when they had to hang upside down. - WVpdles
3:46PM 25/02/2008

Ali now in HOH with Josh and Chel. - SouthernBelladonna
3:48PM 25/02/2008

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