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Ryan/Ali outside talking... - WVpdles
6:08PM 25/02/2008

Ali/Matt in storage room. Ali tells Matt about Amanda's deal. And tell Matt he has to win HoH NT - WVpdles
6:16PM 25/02/2008
She said "we will just play the game.... for now"" And as she was leaving, Matt said "I love you". NT - Kottin
6:30PM 25/02/2008

LOL! Amanda just rubbed Alex's lips and said she was checking for - Amandafan
6:22PM 25/02/2008

Ryan's in HoH with Chel/James - WVpdles
6:22PM 25/02/2008

Ryan's not a good liar, stuttering around trying to answer Sharon and Chel's questions. NT - WVpdles
6:24PM 25/02/2008
Ryan leaves HoH, Sharon tells that Amanda's gonna try to out someone who's lying, but won't say who NT - WVpdles
6:29PM 25/02/2008

Josh, Sharon and James come downstairs, James goes out with Adam to smoke. NT - WVpdles
6:33PM 25/02/2008

everyone downstairs, waiting to eat soon, no game talk, just random topics NT - WVpdles
6:50PM 25/02/2008

Josh - how funny is it that everyone's reading the Bible. Sharon said she started that. NT - WVpdles
7:00PM 25/02/2008

James/Adam outside smoking. James says operation condor needs to be completed this week. NT - WVpdles
7:01PM 25/02/2008

"It tickles my balls to see people struggling." - James NT - Melisah
7:08PM 25/02/2008
Referring to food comp and Sheila/Alex being on slop NT - WVpdles
7:09PM 25/02/2008

HGs(not on slop) are standing around counter eating pizza. NT - WVpdles
7:10PM 25/02/2008

Sharon and Ali are talking on the bathroom couch. Both BSing each other, no new info being revealed. NT - WVpdles
7:20PM 25/02/2008

Josh/Sharon in bathroom, Josh hates Ali more than Amanda, can't wait til after they win HoH and can go off on Ali NT - WVpdles
7:35PM 25/02/2008

Sheila telling Matt that she can't sleep at night because she is constantly thinking about the game. NT - ttowttow
7:37PM 25/02/2008

Sheila and Matt are Talking about what "to death do you part" means. - ttowttow
7:41PM 25/02/2008

Sharon tells Josh only way they can win in the end is against C/J, because they've backstabbed their alliances. - WVpdles
7:45PM 25/02/2008

In massage room, Sharon is on Alex's back giving him a massage, Josh is filing his nails NT - WVpdles
8:12PM 25/02/2008

Matt telling James who's in HT. Matt told James he's not his #1 target. NT - WVpdles
8:15PM 25/02/2008

James/Matt exchange notes by hottub. - Tikkanen
8:15PM 25/02/2008

James/Matt continue by hottub. - Tikkanen
8:21PM 25/02/2008

Matt/Natalie/Amanda in bathroom. - Tikkanen
8:25PM 25/02/2008

Ali plays chess against Ryan/Adam with Sheila/Matt watching. Ali was in highschool chess and Latin clubs. NT - Tikkanen
8:28PM 25/02/2008

Josh telling J/C in HoH that he's waiting to hear back if they can throw food away. He was told food has to be stored in the kitchen or storage room, - WVpdles
8:30PM 25/02/2008

Matt/Natalie in bedroom - Tikkanen
8:37PM 25/02/2008

Matt/Adam/Ryan in backyard smoking rehashing Natalie talk. James/Josh/Chelsia bash Sheila and Amanda. NT - Tikkanen
8:40PM 25/02/2008

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