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Flames - no idea why NT - WVpdles
12:03AM 27/02/2008

Alex was laying on his stomach on the couch watching A/R playing chess. Amanda is now laying on top of him NT - WVpdles
12:10AM 27/02/2008
They all wanted her to nibble his earlobe or give him a hickey - bbshannon
12:19AM 27/02/2008

Alex tossed her off and she spilt something all over her mic - bbshannon
12:17AM 27/02/2008

Both Alex and Matt staying with Alli and Ryan..both probably wanting extra time to campaign NT - bbshannon
12:20AM 27/02/2008

Josh is going to bed. NT - WVpdles
12:22AM 27/02/2008
Josh called Allison wallpaper and forgettable NT - bbshannon
12:25AM 27/02/2008

Alex finally gets up and leaves, its just Matt Ryan and Alli left in the LR NT - bbshannon
12:24AM 27/02/2008
Matt also leaves NT - bbshannon
12:27AM 27/02/2008

Amanda in boat room on floor crying NT - WVpdles
12:25AM 27/02/2008

Sharon is giving Alex a massage NT - WVpdles
12:32AM 27/02/2008

Sharon is giving Alex a massage..Amanda, crying, comes out and hugs Mattie - bbshannon
12:35AM 27/02/2008

Everyone back to living room..watching chess game NT - bbshannon
12:36AM 27/02/2008
Everyone = Adam, Matt, Nat, Amanda and Ryan Alli playing NT - WVpdles
12:38AM 27/02/2008

Alex started to get in bed but he has a bloody nose NT - WVpdles
1:04AM 27/02/2008

Natalie whispered to Allison at the sink by the WC, that Josh told her to tell Him Everything Allison said. Allison then said she wants josh out of - sunflower05
1:09AM 27/02/2008

Chel down to kitchen, Adam, Ryan, Nat and Matt are there NT - WVpdles
1:11AM 27/02/2008

Ryan,Ali, Adam,Matt,Nat have gone to bed NT - WVpdles
1:15AM 27/02/2008

All still sleeping... NT - Zorastro
6:09AM 27/02/2008

Still snoozing. Only 2 views..... NT - Chilltown327
7:59AM 27/02/2008

James gets up, downstairs to pee, doesn't wash his hands. then looks out the back door. NT - VanWinkle
8:09AM 27/02/2008

James goes back upstairs and to bed with Chelsia NT - VanWinkle
8:10AM 27/02/2008

All 4 feeds on the sleeping pair in the HOH room NT - VanWinkle
8:16AM 27/02/2008

Flames - bcbmom
9:09AM 27/02/2008

All 4 feeds back on sleeping HOH room NT - bcbmom
9:12AM 27/02/2008

All 4 feeds on WC - bcbmom
9:15AM 27/02/2008

Matt leaves Alex comes in - bcbmom
9:17AM 27/02/2008

Matt back - bcbmom
9:18AM 27/02/2008

Alex shaving - bcbmom
9:20AM 27/02/2008
Amanda was in shower also NT - bcbmom
9:22AM 27/02/2008

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