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Josh is talking trash but is more funny venting than mean - raindrop110475
10:52PM 27/02/2008

josh has been secretly hidign peoples things everyday NT - raindrop110475
10:53PM 27/02/2008

josh and sharon saying how they run this house now they are in charge of everything NT - raindrop110475
10:58PM 27/02/2008

josh says ryan is afraid of him that ryan asked what happened with alli and josh said she provoked me NT - raindrop110475
11:00PM 27/02/2008

Sharon and Josh are talking about how they won the HOH competition. NT - ttowttow
11:01PM 27/02/2008

josh saying he's not even done with alli yet NT - leleana
11:05PM 27/02/2008

F3&4 -- Alli, James, Chels, Sheila, Adam, Matty in BR discussing possible future twists. NT - Snarf123
11:24PM 27/02/2008

More on possible twists. - Snarf123
11:28PM 27/02/2008

in HT with sharon and nat, josh just denied that he threatened to slash Ali's throat NT - WVpdles
11:28PM 27/02/2008

Sheila wonders if Evel Dick would get under her skin. - Snarf123
11:33PM 27/02/2008

James thinks the house is going to flood because of the Hudson River Virus. NT - Snarf123
11:35PM 27/02/2008

Ali telling Adam that J/S are going to backdoor her so she doesn't have a chance at PoV NT - WVpdles
11:40PM 27/02/2008

BY: Josh, Sharon, Nat and Ryan at HT. Josh explaining why he got so upset with Alli. NT - Snarf123
11:44PM 27/02/2008

Sharon telling Ryan that Alli confronted her about something that was never said. - Snarf123
11:48PM 27/02/2008

Josh says "I hate to say it, but I really just took a page from Dick's book, and it worked." - Snarf123
11:50PM 27/02/2008

Josh says he took a "page out of (Evel) Dick's book" by trying to intimidate people before comps and "it works rather well" NT - MtDewAddict
11:51PM 27/02/2008

Ryan telling Ali what josh/sharon said and she said she doesn't care what a gay guy that's retarded says NT - WVpdles
11:57PM 27/02/2008

Ryan seems to believe Sharon so ali is going to confront Sharon NT - WVpdles
11:58PM 27/02/2008
Ali told Ryan that when she confronted Sharon about calling her a bitch or saying she - zuzu
12:26AM 28/02/2008

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