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Trivia NT - WVpdles
3:10PM 27/02/2008

Still trivia. NT - KennyN
3:34PM 27/02/2008

Feeds are back.. NT - tammy420
6:08PM 27/02/2008

Ali doesn't look happy NT - tammy420
6:09PM 27/02/2008

Ali told Matt they're here because of her if they win PoV they have to take her off the block NT - WVpdles
6:14PM 27/02/2008

"Almost." Still going to watch the feeds. - Melisah
6:14PM 27/02/2008

Matt asks Josh to be civil to allison for holuse sake josh says shes done so Im cool now NT - raindrop110475
6:17PM 27/02/2008

Adam asking josh to keep him in loop and that operation condor is done now onto next he says he is gunning for allison adam says u know allison will - raindrop110475
6:20PM 27/02/2008

Josh chels and james all hug excitely NT - raindrop110475
6:20PM 27/02/2008

Ali keeps repeating 'nothing anyone says will hurt her feelings' and going on about sheila turning on her NT - WVpdles
6:21PM 27/02/2008

Ali complaining to Matt that keeping them here has F***ed her in the game NT - WVpdles
6:21PM 27/02/2008

Ali repeating she buzzed in 2 secs after Sharon and knew the answer, but Sharon knocked her out NT - WVpdles
6:22PM 27/02/2008

Ali said Josh got into her face, Ryan said to keep egging him on to touch her NT - WVpdles
6:23PM 27/02/2008

Allison telling matt that her protecting him has screwed up her game and put her in this place saying is all matts fault cause - raindrop110475
6:23PM 27/02/2008

Josh and sharon are still jumping around excited NT - raindrop110475
6:26PM 27/02/2008

Sharon and Josh are jumping up and down laughing. Chel and James are taking over their bed/couch NT - WVpdles
6:26PM 27/02/2008

chel agrees with josh and sharon that they had to vote out A/A so no one was left out with a 2-1 vote NT - raindrop110475
6:27PM 27/02/2008

Allison gpoes in bedroom and asks sheila to watch her stuff so josh and sharon dont mess with it NT - raindrop110475
6:28PM 27/02/2008

Nat chel and sharon and Josh all say A/A left their area a mess apparently the cursed bed - raindrop110475
6:31PM 27/02/2008

josh talking to sheila telling her the plan to get out allison says he is just hyper he shows emotion and likes to have fun - raindrop110475
6:32PM 27/02/2008

Matt says they are gonna be partners whole way james agree so all thinlk game ends in 3 weeks NT - raindrop110475
6:34PM 27/02/2008

Sharon and josh taking up their clothes to HOH area sharon says she missed amanda - raindrop110475
6:35PM 27/02/2008

alex told sheila on way out that he still wants to help her son with dj thing - raindrop110475
6:38PM 27/02/2008

all boys( except josh) and allison are in Living room talking about writers strike and internet stuff NT - raindrop110475
6:41PM 27/02/2008

Ali just told Sharon she does not understand why Josh is so mad at hurt NT - cdnhockeygoddess
6:42PM 27/02/2008

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