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Topic #8029755
raindrop110475 - Josh is talking trash but is more funny venting than mean 0 Replies #8029755 10:52PM 27/02/2008
saying that alli saying she will be better looking at 50 than jen will he says no one care about u at 28 no one will care about u at 50 and she is arrogant that shes smarterthan everyone and shes been on block twice if she was so smart why cant she keep herself off block
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Topic #8029758
raindrop110475 - josh has been secretly hidign peoples things everyday NT 0 Replies #8029758 10:53PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8029817
raindrop110475 - josh and sharon saying how they run this house now they are in charge of everything NT 0 Replies #8029817 10:58PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8029846
raindrop110475 - josh says ryan is afraid of him that ryan asked what happened with alli and josh said she provoked me NT 0 Replies #8029846 11:00PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8029868
ttowttow - Sharon and Josh are talking about how they won the HOH competition. NT 0 Replies #8029868 11:01PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8029918
leleana - josh saying he's not even done with alli yet NT 0 Replies #8029918 11:05PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8030121
Snarf123 - F3&4 -- Alli, James, Chels, Sheila, Adam, Matty in BR discussing possible future twists. NT 0 Replies #8030121 11:24PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8030171
Snarf123 - More on possible twists. 0 Replies #8030171 11:28PM 27/02/2008
They think possibly a past ex will come in. Chels, James and Matt all say they would f them and then kick them out.

They worry about the Hudson River Virus and how that might have something to do with it. (Ha Ha)

Sheila suggests maybe Evel Dick is coming back!

Lots of speculation about twists that would suck.
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Topic #8030173
WVpdles - in HT with sharon and nat, josh just denied that he threatened to slash Ali's throat NT 0 Replies #8030173 11:28PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8030237
Snarf123 - Sheila wonders if Evel Dick would get under her skin. 0 Replies #8030237 11:33PM 27/02/2008
Adam laughs and says that HE got under her skin so of course DIck would.

Sheila says but what if we were attracted to each other?

James says no offense, but Dick is attracted to younger women.

Sheila says well he was in the house with younger women last season.

They wonder if he was mean to Jen because he was attracted to her.

More along this line of joking.
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Topic #8030260
Snarf123 - James thinks the house is going to flood because of the Hudson River Virus. NT 0 Replies #8030260 11:35PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8030336
WVpdles - Ali telling Adam that J/S are going to backdoor her so she doesn't have a chance at PoV NT 0 Replies #8030336 11:40PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8030373
Snarf123 - BY: Josh, Sharon, Nat and Ryan at HT. Josh explaining why he got so upset with Alli. NT 0 Replies #8030373 11:44PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8030425
Snarf123 - Sharon telling Ryan that Alli confronted her about something that was never said. 0 Replies #8030425 11:48PM 27/02/2008
They are all recounting incidences of Alli going off for no reason.

Ryan seems sympathetic. They are telling Ryan that they feel sorry for him.

Josh says that Alli was just crazy and all over the place today.

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Topic #8030454
Snarf123 - Josh says "I hate to say it, but I really just took a page from Dick's book, and it worked." 0 Replies #8030454 11:50PM 27/02/2008
Natalie says, "Dick has a book?" (LOL)
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Topic #8030464
MtDewAddict - Josh says he took a "page out of (Evel) Dick's book" by trying to intimidate people before comps and "it works rather well" NT 0 Replies #8030464 11:51PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8030531
WVpdles - Ryan telling Ali what josh/sharon said and she said she doesn't care what a gay guy that's retarded says NT 0 Replies #8030531 11:57PM 27/02/2008
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Topic #8030549
WVpdles - Ryan seems to believe Sharon so ali is going to confront Sharon NT 1 Replies #8030549 11:58PM 27/02/2008
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zuzu - Ali told Ryan that when she confronted Sharon about calling her a bitch or saying she #8031124 12:26AM 28/02/2008
was bitchy that Sharon admitted it. Ryan said she told me she didn't say that and Ali said fine I will go confront Sharon in the HT. When Ali went to the HT she didn't mention the bitchy comments, just asked Sharon if the two of them were okay.
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