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SouthernBelladonna James says the DR told he couldn't keep the unitard and he'll have to take it off. NT 0 7:39PM 28/02/2008
lester04 ryan called to DR NT 0 7:44PM 28/02/2008
MrsKristaBoogie Everyone eating meal Natalie cooked. Adam chewing with mouth open. NT 0 7:55PM 28/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna The HGs are eating asparagus and steak. They're chatting as they eat. NT 0 8:09PM 28/02/2008
MrsKristaBoogie Adam just referred to someone as a "*****" again NT 1 8:11PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles james and chel are in the sauna NT 1 8:12PM 28/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna James and Chel makeout in the sauna. NT 0 8:12PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Josh in HoH bathtub telling Sharon's, he's ready for the show to be over, he doesn't know how the people who do the summer do it. NT 1 8:20PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Sharon they set up with good food from the comp today, because tomorrow PoV will be physical NT 0 8:22PM 28/02/2008
Tikkanen Ryan/Adam/Matt/James out back bashing Natalie's personality, while Chelsia exercises. NT 1 8:22PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles sheila came up to check on josh NT 0 8:26PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles BB: Ali to DR NT 0 8:27PM 28/02/2008
Tikkanen Ryan/Adam/Matt/James/Chelsia bash Amanda's looks/personality. Parker woke Matt at 5am one night to ask him to use POV so they could be together. NT 0 8:28PM 28/02/2008
lester04 josh/sharon/ sheila talking in HOH bathroom NT 0 8:28PM 28/02/2008
Tikkanen All feeds on Sheila/Josh/Sharon in HoH, with Sheila distancing herself from Allison. Sheila promises to play strong game + not ride coattails. NT 0 8:31PM 28/02/2008
Tikkanen Sheila pledges to vote however Josh/Sharon want, and not to use POV if they win. Sharon worried about Allison/Matt working together. NT 0 8:34PM 28/02/2008
msbleuwiley Shelia ... we will keep votes the same if we win pov NT 0 8:34PM 28/02/2008
Tikkanen Josh/Sharon/Sheila continue bashing Allison in HoH. Sheila again promises to not use POV if won; she hints Adam has been tanking challenges. NT 0 8:40PM 28/02/2008
msbleuwiley All feeds still in HOH wc 0 8:41PM 28/02/2008
lester04 sheila, josh, sharon in hoh 0 8:43PM 28/02/2008
lester04 sheila says she is done with allison NT 0 8:48PM 28/02/2008
msbleuwiley josh , sheila, sharon in hoh still 0 8:51PM 28/02/2008
kandio Josh said if Alli goes he will put confetti in his pocket and throw it NT 0 8:56PM 28/02/2008
lester04 sheila saying she feels betrayed by allison 0 8:58PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Sharon, sheila and josh talking if there will be a twist, it will happen after this week, when 4 are left and 4 gone 0 8:58PM 28/02/2008
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