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WVpdles Ali's called Matt into boat room. Ali told him she's about to take ***** down. Called Ryan a F*in idot and retarded. NT 0 1:05AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ali said she's not gonna apologize to him, he has to apologize to her. 0 1:07AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ali - called ryan spineless for not standing up to them outside for her. Matt offered to be a mediator for ali and ryan. NT 0 1:09AM 28/02/2008
Bigjock4u9 Josh just took Allisons key off the wall dropped his shorts and rubbed it in his butt crack NT 0 1:11AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ryan's going to get Adam to confront Ali about what she did or didn't say at the HT NT 1 1:12AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles FLAMES NT 0 1:12AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ali now saying Josh called her a b!tch and sharon said something else, and they both admited it FLAMES NT 0 1:16AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ryan now bringing up about the lesbian story and all the details. Ali - it's all sheila. ryan - it's coming out tomrrow 0 1:19AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Nat and Matt outside at W&D fighting. NT 0 1:20AM 28/02/2008
Bigjock4u9 Nat and Matt going at it in BY over the way he treats her and blows her off NT 0 1:23AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ryan - no one believes you in this house, no one likes you, they like me. Ali - that just goes to show you what kind of person you are. Ryan - today 1 1:24AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Sheila in HoH with adam sharon NT 0 1:25AM 28/02/2008
lalali ryan says they are in this bad place with everyone because of the way she acts 0 1:26AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles matt, james, and ryan out in BY smoking NT 0 1:26AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles matt/nat's fight was because nat told him they were going up tomorrow. He wanted one night 0 1:31AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Chel said this is perfect let Ali/Nat leave and Ryan and Matt team up NT 0 1:32AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ali's crawled into bed with Nat NT 0 1:33AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles josh has painted a negative (-) 6 on Ali's drinking bowl. NT 0 1:34AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ali/ryan back in boat room. ali - you don't walk out on people like that. NT 0 1:35AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Sheila in HOH telling how ali is trying to take ryan from Jen. saying ryan tried to kiss ali NT 0 1:35AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Matt/Nat are in hammock NT 0 1:41AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ryan and Ali are going to sleep in boat room together NT 0 1:48AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ali - josh broke down the night after he yelled at amanda. if i can take it a week he will eventually break down NT 0 1:50AM 28/02/2008
WVpdles josh put the bowl in storage room and cleaned the key he wiped his butt on NT 0 1:53AM 28/02/2008
izabbfan Josh came down from HOH and put Allison's bowl in the storage room and then... 0 1:55AM 28/02/2008
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