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WVpdles Ali saying she will do whatever they want to happen from this point on NT 1 3:07PM 28/02/2008
bigjaniefan josh saying he is exhausted from this whole situation and he is done, he's not gonna fight with her anymore but didn't appreciate her starting all 0 3:08PM 28/02/2008
kandio S/J/Ali hoh 0 3:09PM 28/02/2008
my0wn more J/S & Ali in HOH.... 0 3:09PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles sharon calling her on saying ryan told her what to do last week regarding the votes and now she's saying she'll do what they want NT 0 3:10PM 28/02/2008
bigjaniefan sharon keeps defending amanda saying amanda realized she was compromising alex's game and wanted to change and she really was trying NT 0 3:13PM 28/02/2008
Suzan Allison, Josh, Sharon in the HOH room - Allision wanted Josh to talk to her and he told her he was done - he 0 3:16PM 28/02/2008
IggysPINKTights Says she will do whatever J/S want to do NT 0 3:17PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles She shouldn't have let Ryan take control last week, but she had been in hospital and pumped full of drugs NT 0 3:18PM 28/02/2008
IggysPINKTights She says she didn't know what went down she let Ryan take control he decided on M/N Staying NT 0 3:19PM 28/02/2008
IggysPINKTights Says she's on some medication 2 times a week and hasn't been in the game as much as she could be. NT 1 3:24PM 28/02/2008
Taffy Allison comes into HOH and asks Josh if it's okay with him if she 0 3:33PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Now Ali says she thought Josh was acting mad and she was just going along with it NT 0 3:33PM 28/02/2008
Taffy Allison says she was never mad at Josh, that she honestly thought it was an act... 0 3:41PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles ali's willing to play it off as if josh really is gunning for her, which would be a safe move for j/s NT 0 3:43PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles ali - nat is lying, ali never said she wanted to put up j/s, nat's just trying to save her ass this week. NT 0 3:46PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles BB: josh to dr, ali asks for a hug before he leaves NT 2 3:47PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ali - the lesbian story was suppose to be a joke on amanda, so she would flip out, but she was never told NT 0 3:53PM 28/02/2008
teamdonatolove Trivia comes on for a second when Allison discusses DR session. NT 0 3:55PM 28/02/2008
Taffy Allison says to Sharon that before she leaves she just needs to ask one thing 0 3:57PM 28/02/2008
WVpdles Ali left HoH, James came in and is flipping out that they're thinking of keeping Ali this week. he asked if they were smoking crack! NT 0 4:02PM 28/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Ali finally leaves HOH. Che and Sharon talk. 0 4:05PM 28/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Che confronts Ali about the F2 thing. 0 4:06PM 28/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Ali tells Che she will "push you to the very end". 0 4:09PM 28/02/2008
Taffy james says Allison needs to f*cking go! that he jsut saw her leave with a big smile out oh HOH. 0 4:10PM 28/02/2008
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