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Topic #8039074
SouthernBelladonna - Che now making an annoucement to the whole house that she never said anything about F2. 0 Replies #8039074 4:14PM 28/02/2008
Adam and James both say they heard Ali say something about it.
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Topic #8039082
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan is saying he believes it was misinterpreted. NT 0 Replies #8039082 4:14PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8039104
SouthernBelladonna - Che goes and gets in bed, says, "Ugh...stupid f**kers!" NT 0 Replies #8039104 4:16PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8039157
SouthernBelladonna - All feeds on Che lying in her bed. NT 0 Replies #8039157 4:18PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8039194
CandySays - flames NT 0 Replies #8039194 4:19PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8039224
SouthernBelladonna - LD is over. James is outside telling Adam and Matt that Ali is tryig to flip the script and get rid of M/N. 0 Replies #8039224 4:22PM 28/02/2008
Matt says it's the exact same thing Ali did last week.
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Topic #8039229
SouthernBelladonna - James says Che is pissed at him now. NT 0 Replies #8039229 4:22PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8039254
SouthernBelladonna - James and Matt compare notes about how Ali messes with people. 0 Replies #8039254 4:25PM 28/02/2008
James says she got him thinking about getting rid of Matt next she's trying to get to the girls.

Matt asks if he's going up still.

Adam says yeah...but M/N are safe...James says he has Matt's back...won''t use PoV, but will vote to keep him...mention Operation Gardner.

Matt calling Ali diabolical.

James says it's the whole house against Ali.

Matt asks if Josh will but it (Ali's attempt to get M/N out). James says he'll kick his butt if he does.
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Topic #8039298
SouthernBelladonna - Josh is back in HOH. He tells Shar that Ali was making him nauseous. 0 Replies #8039298 4:28PM 28/02/2008
Josh says they have to get ready for will be soon and they need to look nice.

Josh says his gut tells him that they can take M/N before A/R. He says that Ali scares him (in the game).

Shar is relating some of what Ali said...says she's not sure who to scared of M/N.

Josh says it's pissing him off that people talk about M/N so much...they won one comp and they (J/S) have won two.
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Topic #8039350
SouthernBelladonna - Josh talking about his speech. Saying he will tell M/B and A/R that they can fight it out during PoV and see who wants it more. 0 Replies #8039350 4:31PM 28/02/2008
Now he says he does not want to be in F2 with A/R...that it has to be J/C. Shar agrees.

They both agree they will do whatever to keep J/C and that they've been they'rer friends since the beginning.
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Topic #8039376
SouthernBelladonna - Shar and Josh continue to talk about Ali. Shar is in the shower and Josh is on the toliet. NT 0 Replies #8039376 4:32PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8039402
SouthernBelladonna - The guys are in the BY talking about the F2 situation with Che. 0 Replies #8039402 4:34PM 28/02/2008
Talking about it being a slip when Che was drunk...she didn't mean it like that...

Ryan saying he believes James/Che that it was misinterpreted.

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Topic #8039415
SouthernBelladonna - Josh says (about Ali) "that was a last ditch effort to save her soul...and I'm not falling for it." NT 0 Replies #8039415 4:35PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8039447
SouthernBelladonna - Josh says if M/N win PoV, he would put up A/S just to make them sweat. NT 0 Replies #8039447 4:38PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8039472
SouthernBelladonna - HOH doorbell rings. 0 Replies #8039472 4:39PM 28/02/2008
"Who's that?"

"Oh god, it's Natalie."

"Be careful what you say."

Now they're telling Nat how Ali came up and blamed everything on Nat.

(ed. gotta take a break...)
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Topic #8039667
Pinkymoon - shelia in hoh bathroom with josh and sharon telling them that ali was the one who created the lesbian story NT 1 Replies #8039667 4:53PM 28/02/2008
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WVpdles - and ali got pissed when sheila ended it because she didn't talk to ali first NT #8039733 4:57PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8039776
catgurl - Ali feeding Ryan words to talk to Josh. 0 Replies #8039776 5:00PM 28/02/2008
She wants him to play ‘buddy’ and deny that A/R were gunning for them.

Ryan fixing dinner.

Josh goes up to HOH, nomination ‘shortly’.

Nat telling Adam a bunch of stuff Ali said re not trusting J/S and blaming it on her.
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Topic #8039783
Camlawnman - Sharon in hoh shower removes tampon before shower ing between 430pm - 445 pm NT 0 Replies #8039783 5:00PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8039885
mks - F1 & 2 on Ryan in BY by self and F3 & 4 on M/N arguing about what J/S told Nat & about Nat's faults NT 0 Replies #8039885 5:08PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8039918
SouthernBelladonna - Nat asks Matt he's always right and she's always wrong. Why they should believe what people say to him and not her? 0 Replies #8039918 5:09PM 28/02/2008
Matt has been telling her she needs to just say "I don't know" to everything.
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Topic #8039940
SouthernBelladonna - Matt tells Nat that she F'd them. Nat says she can't lie and manipulate. 0 Replies #8039940 5:10PM 28/02/2008
Matt thinks they are going on the block because of Nat talking to J/S.

Nat says they would have gone up anyway.
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Topic #8040035
kandio - Matt told Ryan they are the minds NT 0 Replies #8040035 5:17PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8040106
mks - Matt tells Josh he doesn't tell Nat things and tries to keep her out of the drama because she is easily swayed NT 0 Replies #8040106 5:22PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8040228
mks - All the nailpolish is gone from the cups and bowls. Josh goes to find more and Flames NT 0 Replies #8040228 5:33PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8040378
shermeli - FOTH NT 0 Replies #8040378 5:43PM 28/02/2008
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