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Topic #8037868
WVpdles - Ali saying she will do whatever they want to happen from this point on NT 1 Replies #8037868 3:07PM 28/02/2008
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WVpdles - Ali - ryan and i won't win this whole thing. (trying to convince them to take her to F2!) NT #8037882 3:08PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8037890
bigjaniefan - josh saying he is exhausted from this whole situation and he is done, he's not gonna fight with her anymore but didn't appreciate her starting all 0 Replies #8037890 3:08PM 28/02/2008
that drama that he wanted to slit her throat. he said he went in DR and they played back the tapes and he NEVER said that. the producers said if he did, then he would go home.
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Topic #8037893
kandio - S/J/Ali hoh 0 Replies #8037893 3:09PM 28/02/2008
Alli still saying Ryan is the 1 wanting M/N..Se does not now why.? Alli dont put all on my shoulders. I G liked A/A...I G lied spending time w/?..Sharon sk Joh if hes awake..Sharon telling Alli that she really wante A/A o stay. Alli said i wish we would have talked about it. Alli said i really did not care who went home..{moi..doubletalk} she ask Joh look at me he said iam done. He said i dont know why you said i said that [throat}he said DR played it back and he never sad that or i would be gone..Alli said we hear differnt things..Josh said he made upthe 5ft rule. Now he is telling him how to play the game....?
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Topic #8037894
my0wn - more J/S & Ali in HOH.... 0 Replies #8037894 3:09PM 28/02/2008
Ali saying that she doesnít know why but Ryan really wanted to keep Matt/Nat. Sharon brings up the whole deal about Ali wanting to switch to Matt/Nat how she thought that was a good idea, and then boom it all changed again. Ali blames that on Ryan. Ali says she wanted to keep A/A because Amanda was so sweet and she loved spending time with her. Ali saying she wished she had listened to this before, but Ryan was like nope we are sticking with Matt/Nat. Ali says she wasnít even talking game eviction day she was talking about life stuff. Ali says that she wishes they would have talked about this because she would have changed her mind and kept A/A. Ali now saying that whatever happens she doesnít want to go and doesnít want to be back doored. Ali now asking Josh if they are cool, Josh says he is done. Josh now telling her he canít get past her running around telling everyone that he wanted to slit her throat. Josh said that he went into DR and it was played back and it was never said, also said that he came up with the 5 ft not the producers. Ali says that she heard different in the DR. Josh says he is done with it. Ali now says she will do whatever J/S want her to do if they keep her.
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Topic #8037927
WVpdles - sharon calling her on saying ryan told her what to do last week regarding the votes and now she's saying she'll do what they want NT 0 Replies #8037927 3:10PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8037993
bigjaniefan - sharon keeps defending amanda saying amanda realized she was compromising alex's game and wanted to change and she really was trying NT 0 Replies #8037993 3:13PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038022
Suzan - Allison, Josh, Sharon in the HOH room - Allision wanted Josh to talk to her and he told her he was done - he 0 Replies #8038022 3:16PM 28/02/2008
was done being angry that he was worn out from it all. That he did not appreciate her going around telling everyone that he said he'd strangle her and slit her throat. Josh told Allison that BB played the tape back and it's not on there. That if he had said that he would have had to go home. Allison said that's what she heard, Josh kept telling her it's not on tape how could you hear that. Then she said he heard him tell Sharon that he wanted to strangle her. She again insisted he said it and he insited it was not on the tapes. She commented that they are hearing two different things from the Diary Room.

Josh also told her that the 5ft rule was not BB's idea it was his. She didn't understand, he said BB told him to give her her personal space, he asked how much and then suggested 5 ft and they agreed.

Allison still insists he threatened her even though it wasn't on tape. Josh still insisting he didn't say it and he's done, he has nothing else to say to her.

That she needs to win things if she wants to win the game. That the people who win comps win the game and the ones who don't win get to go home.
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Topic #8038042
IggysPINKTights - Says she will do whatever J/S want to do NT 0 Replies #8038042 3:17PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038063
WVpdles - She shouldn't have let Ryan take control last week, but she had been in hospital and pumped full of drugs NT 0 Replies #8038063 3:18PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038077
IggysPINKTights - She says she didn't know what went down she let Ryan take control he decided on M/N Staying NT 0 Replies #8038077 3:19PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038180
IggysPINKTights - Says she's on some medication 2 times a week and hasn't been in the game as much as she could be. NT 1 Replies #8038180 3:24PM 28/02/2008
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SouthernBelladonna - Prednisone. She said she's been taking it and benadryl and pepsid. NT #8038279 3:29PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038340
Taffy - Allison comes into HOH and asks Josh if it's okay with him if she 0 Replies #8038340 3:33PM 28/02/2008
comes in and talks to Sharon, he says he doesn't care. Allison then tells Josh that she's sorry about last night, that she's only watched one season of BB and was not aware how people play mind games in the house, so she was not prepare for it and that's why she reacted the way she did. She says she's laying out her heart out for them (Sharon/Josh)now.

Allison tells them it was Sheila's idea to tell Josh/Chelsia that they were lesbians. She says she genuinely wanted to tell everybody the truth, because she felt really bad doing it and it was stupid. Allison says that she agrees with Josh that it was a stupid thing to do.

Allison says she understands that it was hurtful, hateful and that she was lying, but that wasn't her intention and she didn't really want to do it, and it's not that she's trying to put the blame on anyone, but it was Sheila who pushed for them to make up the lesbian story and Allison's life was made miserable by Amanda that week so she reluctnaly agreed to go along with Sheila's idea. Allison tells Josh "You remember? I came to you with that"

Sharon tells Allison that Nat told her (S) that Allison had said that Matt would have her back (A's). Allison says she would love to have that talk with Nat, because she(A)never said that. Sharon says Nat also said that Allison wanted to get Josh and Sharon out of the house. Sharon says
Nat told Josh and her that Allison had said that. Allison says she never said anything to Matt and Nat. Sharon says Matt hardly talks to her (Sharon) that it was Nat that came to her with that story.

Allison goes back to the lesbian story blaming Sheila. Sharon tells her she's heard the story from different people and it matches. Allison swears on her mother's life, that it was Sheila who started the lesbian story. Sharon reminds her that she has said before that it was her (A) who started it. Allison says no. Sheila made up the story, period and she would call her up there, but there's no need for drama.

Allison says she adores Sharon and Josh as people. She tells Josh that she (A) has talked to him on several occasions about how much it annoyed her when Sheila would talk bad about other people, because Allison is not like that. Allison Reminds Josh of times when Allison came to him because she didn't like the way Sheila treated Adam.

Allison tells (S/J) that from "the get go" there has been a huge disconect between her (A) and Ryan, that they have not operated as partners at all...

Allison tells them that it was Ryan who was trying to keep the Amanda/Alex thing underwraps so that A/A wouldn't dog them. J/S say he told them too. Allison "Oh, well, he told me not to tell anyone". Allison says she doesn't know why Ryan was so "gung ho" about keeping A/A, that she (A) just went with it. Allison says she doesn't know if Sharon and Josh know this, but voting A/A out was not her decision.

Sharon says she feels really bad for Alex because he didn't campaign thinking it would be Matt/Nat who'd go and he got screwed, that she doesn't understand why Allison came to them (J/S) so many times saying "We gotta get M/N out and then..."

Allison "I hear you, but don't, like, put that on my shoulders. "I actually liked Amanda, we had fun together and it wasn't my decision but if I hadn't voted with Ryan, we would have been the ones evicted" Allison says that she loves everyone in the house, but she had a lot of fun with Amanda. Sharon says she was bawling when A/A left because she felt they would have kept their word. Allison agrees, and repeats that it was not her was Ryan's

Allison asks Josh to look at her, then says "Josh, you know how much I love you"...Josh says he knows and he doesn't understand why she told everyone that he told her he would slit her throat...Josh says in the DR they played it back and it was never said, and that's why he's still there. Allison says that the producers then are telling them different things, because that's not what they told her. Josh says okay, that he's tired, he has a great team, and best of luck if she's put on the block.

Allison tells them to look at it from another perpective using this to their advantage. She tells them this is the conversation where they can f*ck the whole house. That she's just laying it out for him. Allison says whatever J/S tell her and Ryan to do they will do from now on (hmm, didn't she just said Ryan doesn't listen to her? ed.). Allison says her and Ryan are the perfect couple to take to the end because everybody else is a toss up, but nobody will vote for A/R to get the money.

Sharon says her and Josh have nobody. Allison says J/S are in a position where they have A/R by the balls. Allison says that last week she didn't care who left, then backpeddals and says well, by the end it really hurt her to see Amanda go. Allison tells them that they have to understand that she had just come off the block after 14 days so she said, "Ryan, whatever you want I'll do"

Sharon tells Allison that she felt betrayed after her and josh decided not to use POV counting on A/R vote to keep A/A...More rehashing and repeating from Sharon about feeling betrayed, more "I was exhausted, I really didn't care, so I went along with Ryan without asking any questions" from Allison. More Sharon saying she's heard that Allison was coming after her and Josh, more Allison saying she's never said she'd go after J/S because they are not the strongest couple.

Allison says that her and Ryan are partners and neither of them have told anyone that they would go after J/S. Allison says she literally has not been in this game as much as she should have been. That she's been exhausted and sick. Allison tells J/S that anyone talking M/N to the end will lose.

Allison says everybody is saying J/S wanted her and Ryan gone. Allison asks if that is a sound decision. Sharon says Allison had said yesterday that she would, Allison says it was because she was mad because of the HOH comp...Sharon says this happened before the HOH comp and that she (S) wondered why would Allison say that. Allison stumbles to find and answer and just manages to say "I don't know" "I honestly don't know"

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Topic #8038344
WVpdles - Now Ali says she thought Josh was acting mad and she was just going along with it NT 0 Replies #8038344 3:33PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038499
Taffy - Allison says she was never mad at Josh, that she honestly thought it was an act... 0 Replies #8038499 3:41PM 28/02/2008
Allison says she had even asked Sharon why Josh was mad at her and that sharon had told her not to mind him, that Josh had been snapping at her too, but then Josh went in the bathroom and heard Allison talking trash...Allison wakes Josh up and asks him what he heard, he mumbles that he doesn't know what she's talking about. Sharon says that she remembers now. Josh was mad because Allison had come to Sharon and asked her if she had called her (A) a bitch. Allison says that never happened, she never said anything to Sharon...Sharon remembers it very well, that Allison said to her "I heard you guys in bed talking sh*t about us" (R/A)...Allison says she does not remember that conversation at all, but she doesn't think she's ever said that (hmmm, she's telling this to Sharon, the person who is alleging to have had this conversation with her, ed.)
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Topic #8038530
WVpdles - ali's willing to play it off as if josh really is gunning for her, which would be a safe move for j/s NT 0 Replies #8038530 3:43PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038579
WVpdles - ali - nat is lying, ali never said she wanted to put up j/s, nat's just trying to save her ass this week. NT 0 Replies #8038579 3:46PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038596
WVpdles - BB: josh to dr, ali asks for a hug before he leaves NT 2 Replies #8038596 3:47PM 28/02/2008
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WVpdles - he didn't put his arms around her, and she asked for a real one. #8038615 3:48PM 28/02/2008
Ali - let's just play it off, i won't even tell ryan. pretend you're going after me and get n/m out
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bluegenjutsu - He did end up giving her a real one after she said for him to NT #8039185 4:19PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038699
WVpdles - Ali - the lesbian story was suppose to be a joke on amanda, so she would flip out, but she was never told NT 0 Replies #8038699 3:53PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038738
teamdonatolove - Trivia comes on for a second when Allison discusses DR session. NT 0 Replies #8038738 3:55PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038779
Taffy - Allison says to Sharon that before she leaves she just needs to ask one thing 0 Replies #8038779 3:57PM 28/02/2008
Was it really Nat who came to Sharon and told her that
Allison was coming after J/A, Sharon says "yes"...Allison: "I can't believe it, after it was me who..." Allison stops herself (woopsy!lol ed.) and then goes on about how she can't believe Nat would say that because it never happened. Sharon says please don't go out there and create more drama with Nat about this thing, I can't handle it. Allison says she'll only tell Ryan...if it's okay with Sharon.

Allison "I'm just going to tell you, straight up, whatever you want us to do, however you want us to vote, we'll do"

Back to Allison saying that Sheila forced her to join in with the Lesbian idea. Allison says that by day 2 of telling the story she wanted out because she felt bad...Allison says she can promise Sharon it was not her who started that was Sheila.

Allison says, again, that all she's trying to say is that together, they can be a "power house" J/S/A/R
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Topic #8038872
WVpdles - Ali left HoH, James came in and is flipping out that they're thinking of keeping Ali this week. he asked if they were smoking crack! NT 0 Replies #8038872 4:02PM 28/02/2008
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Topic #8038908
SouthernBelladonna - Ali finally leaves HOH. Che and Sharon talk. 0 Replies #8038908 4:05PM 28/02/2008
Che says it does make sense to get rid of M/N...that it makes her nervous. Shar says no.

Che says they should go with M/N and S/R and see what happens with PoV.

James comes in HOH...they tell him about a little about the talk.

James asks if they are still getting rid of Ali...they don't answer right away..

James tells them that they are on crack if they're thinking about keeping Ali.

Che and Shar now talking about M/N and how scary they are...

James says that Ali told everyone about Che saying J/C and J/S would be final 2.

James says everyone was doesn't stairs talking about it...

He says Ali just came out of HOH smiling...

James says it's crazy to keep Ali this week...

Che is very angry about James calling her out for spilling about F2 to Ali...she leaves HOH...

James says he's pissed at Ali and Che
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Topic #8038915
SouthernBelladonna - Che confronts Ali about the F2 thing. 0 Replies #8038915 4:06PM 28/02/2008
Ali is laughing and acting like it's ridiculous.
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Topic #8038974
SouthernBelladonna - Ali tells Che she will "push you to the very end". 0 Replies #8038974 4:09PM 28/02/2008
Che is upset about people thinking she said she wanted F2 with J/S. Ali is playing off like it's nothing.

Ali goes back to wanting to get M/N out again.

(ed. can't cap this right now)
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Topic #8038994
Taffy - james says Allison needs to f*cking go! that he jsut saw her leave with a big smile out oh HOH. 0 Replies #8038994 4:10PM 28/02/2008
He blames Chelsia for having a big mouth when she was drunk. Chelsia gets pissed off at James and says she wasn't drunk, that she's just being drunk once. Chelsia tells Sharon that she's f*cking pissed. out goes Chelsia looking for Allison...Chelsia telling Allison that she's pissed off at everybody in that house, that she doesn't trust anybody. Chelsia tells Allison that James yelled at her that she shouldn't have told Allison that she (Chelsia) was gunning for final two. Chelsia says she hates this people...Allison says (wait for it...wait for it...) She hates everyone there too (!!!) Allison tells Chelsia not to worry, that she (A) has her f*cking back (Ch).

Allison now telling Chelsia to push for N/M to go. now both trying to figure out "how this thing can play out"
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