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Topic #8054014
DanaRose - Nat says she saw Ballers privates by accident this morning NT 0 Replies #8054014 8:28PM 29/02/2008
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Topic #8054032
DanaRose - Feed 2 close up of Adams hand in his crotch at dinner table... 0 Replies #8054032 8:30PM 29/02/2008
Matt says Baller not at the dinner table theres people eating!!
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Topic #8054039
SouthernBelladonna - Matt keeps discouraging Nat's drinking. He says she starts "flowing with the secrets" 0 Replies #8054039 8:31PM 29/02/2008
She denies this.

Meanwhile, Adam keeps playing with himself and tries to show his peener to Nat after someone mentions seeing it earlier that day by accident.

More casual dinner talk...
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Topic #8054057
DanaRose - James gave Chels his share of the wine... 0 Replies #8054057 8:32PM 29/02/2008
He said 'Im setting something up BIG' (Wonder what!) Then James Matt and Baller go outside to BY
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Topic #8054070
SouthernBelladonna - James, Matt, and Adam in the BY. Matt brings 3 beers. Chatting while J and A smoke. M wants a smoke, but they won't give him one. 0 Replies #8054070 8:33PM 29/02/2008
They say they don't want to corrupt him...then say they have a limited amount.
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Topic #8054081
DanaRose - Nat comes out to give the guys a beer or some wine (I couldnt really see which) and Matt says 0 Replies #8054081 8:35PM 29/02/2008
Ok hunny now go inside and bug somebody else. When she goes in he says I could have sex w/ Nat any time I want but Im not attracted to her.
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Topic #8054090
SouthernBelladonna - James says once Che gets drunk, she'll be the 1st one to start a circle jerk. 0 Replies #8054090 8:35PM 29/02/2008
He then says he has a great partner.

Matt agreeing...saying James is lucky to have a partner he's attracted to...he's not attracted to Nat...could have her if he wanted, but she's a f'n lunatic
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Topic #8054113
SouthernBelladonna - The boys continue sex talk...Matt says the girls all wanna f**k James. 0 Replies #8054113 8:37PM 29/02/2008
He says he'd be OK just watching and jerking off. James says he's OK with that too.

Also talking about Shar being doable...

Matt says the best time to go after the girls is when they're on the block when they are vulnerable.
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Topic #8054116
DanaRose - Matt says he wants a (bleep) from Sharon, then he says Chels too 0 Replies #8054116 8:37PM 29/02/2008
Then he said Id even do Sheila, Id even watch and enjoy it!! The best time to get them is when theyre on the block theyre vulnerable, so someone should 'get' Allison this week, said Matt (pig!)
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Topic #8054130
SouthernBelladonna - Adam says he has given up Oxycontin since coming in the house. 0 Replies #8054130 8:40PM 29/02/2008
He says he had a 'script for it...had headaches...
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Topic #8054144
DanaRose - Ryan up, Nat saved him a plate and Sheila is cleaning table... 0 Replies #8054144 8:42PM 29/02/2008
Ryan didnt wanna eat yet went to BY for cigarette and is talking to the guys.
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Topic #8054161
DanaRose - Ryan just said Jen teaches LD students like himself??... 0 Replies #8054161 8:43PM 29/02/2008
(I didnt know Ryan was classified as Learning Disabled?)
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Topic #8054197
DanaRose - Ryan saying they never won anything to save themselves (ADULT) 1 Replies #8054197 8:47PM 29/02/2008
Adam says hes going up too now and it sucks. (Ryan looks pale to me) Adam said at least youll be fu#*ing your girl soon and Ryan laughed.
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raindrop110475 - Adam also said would be 2-0 in his favor cause amanda really screwed them before she left NT #8054218 8:49PM 29/02/2008
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Topic #8054227
DanaRose - Sharon doing dishes, Matt licked her ear and she said quit it NT 0 Replies #8054227 8:49PM 29/02/2008
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Topic #8054246
raindrop110475 - nat alli and ryan in bathroom discussing again how close to winning alli was and how much its driving her nuts NT 0 Replies #8054246 8:51PM 29/02/2008
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Topic #8054258
WVpdles - Sheila's cleaning the kitchen NT 0 Replies #8054258 8:52PM 29/02/2008
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Topic #8054270
WVpdles - Ali washing clothes in shower. Tells Ryan she has so much on Sheila but won't use it til the finale 2 days, will tell him tonight NT 0 Replies #8054270 8:54PM 29/02/2008
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Topic #8054278
raindrop110475 - alli says she has a bunch of stuff on sheila but she doesnt want to play that card 0 Replies #8054278 8:54PM 29/02/2008
ryan says no dont maybe if comes down to a day or two play it they agree to play chess and then she will tell him what she has on sheila
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Topic #8054288
DanaRose - Alli telling Ryan she has 'so much' on Sheila but she doesnt want to use it cuz she doesnt need it... 0 Replies #8054288 8:55PM 29/02/2008
(i think she meant the drama) Then she said she'd tell Ryan later what she knows about Sheila
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Topic #8054294
WVpdles - Matt just had Nat spirt milk on James' back. NT 0 Replies #8054294 8:55PM 29/02/2008
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Topic #8054298
raindrop110475 - Alli: I am so not a second place kindof girl NT 0 Replies #8054298 8:55PM 29/02/2008
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Topic #8054314
DanaRose - (LOL) Matty tried his own nipple and said 'i got nothing' NT 0 Replies #8054314 8:56PM 29/02/2008
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Topic #8054332
alabbfan - Nat (re James) I'm not going to let him suck on my t** NT 0 Replies #8054332 8:57PM 29/02/2008
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Topic #8054339
SouthernBelladonna - Nat squirted milk on James' back. Tried to do it again, but said she was dry and needs to drink some milk. NT 0 Replies #8054339 8:57PM 29/02/2008
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Topic #8054347
WVpdles - Ali said Chel told her, before dinner she wants Ali to stay. NT 0 Replies #8054347 8:58PM 29/02/2008
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