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Nat says she saw Ballers privates by accident this morning NT - DanaRose
8:28PM 29/02/2008

Feed 2 close up of Adams hand in his crotch at dinner table... - DanaRose
8:30PM 29/02/2008

Matt keeps discouraging Nat's drinking. He says she starts "flowing with the secrets" - SouthernBelladonna
8:31PM 29/02/2008

James gave Chels his share of the wine... - DanaRose
8:32PM 29/02/2008

James, Matt, and Adam in the BY. Matt brings 3 beers. Chatting while J and A smoke. M wants a smoke, but they won't give him one. - SouthernBelladonna
8:33PM 29/02/2008

Nat comes out to give the guys a beer or some wine (I couldnt really see which) and Matt says - DanaRose
8:35PM 29/02/2008

James says once Che gets drunk, she'll be the 1st one to start a circle jerk. - SouthernBelladonna
8:35PM 29/02/2008

The boys continue sex talk...Matt says the girls all wanna f**k James. - SouthernBelladonna
8:37PM 29/02/2008

Matt says he wants a (bleep) from Sharon, then he says Chels too - DanaRose
8:37PM 29/02/2008

Adam says he has given up Oxycontin since coming in the house. - SouthernBelladonna
8:40PM 29/02/2008

Ryan up, Nat saved him a plate and Sheila is cleaning table... - DanaRose
8:42PM 29/02/2008

Ryan just said Jen teaches LD students like himself??... - DanaRose
8:43PM 29/02/2008

Ryan saying they never won anything to save themselves (ADULT) - DanaRose
8:47PM 29/02/2008
Adam also said would be 2-0 in his favor cause amanda really screwed them before she left NT - raindrop110475
8:49PM 29/02/2008

Sharon doing dishes, Matt licked her ear and she said quit it NT - DanaRose
8:49PM 29/02/2008

nat alli and ryan in bathroom discussing again how close to winning alli was and how much its driving her nuts NT - raindrop110475
8:51PM 29/02/2008

Sheila's cleaning the kitchen NT - WVpdles
8:52PM 29/02/2008

Ali washing clothes in shower. Tells Ryan she has so much on Sheila but won't use it til the finale 2 days, will tell him tonight NT - WVpdles
8:54PM 29/02/2008

alli says she has a bunch of stuff on sheila but she doesnt want to play that card - raindrop110475
8:54PM 29/02/2008

Alli telling Ryan she has 'so much' on Sheila but she doesnt want to use it cuz she doesnt need it... - DanaRose
8:55PM 29/02/2008

Matt just had Nat spirt milk on James' back. NT - WVpdles
8:55PM 29/02/2008

Alli: I am so not a second place kindof girl NT - raindrop110475
8:55PM 29/02/2008

(LOL) Matty tried his own nipple and said 'i got nothing' NT - DanaRose
8:56PM 29/02/2008

Nat (re James) I'm not going to let him suck on my t** NT - alabbfan
8:57PM 29/02/2008

Nat squirted milk on James' back. Tried to do it again, but said she was dry and needs to drink some milk. NT - SouthernBelladonna
8:57PM 29/02/2008

Ali said Chel told her, before dinner she wants Ali to stay. NT - WVpdles
8:58PM 29/02/2008

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