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Topic #8063373
Shannon72 - Alli is saying that she doesn't talk like anyone else in the house because her mom is an English teacher 0 Replies #8063373 8:08PM 01/03/2008
and wouldn't let her use other types of verbs people in the house use. Sheila got defensive and said "It's not because of your education".
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Topic #8063390
JJDaisy - James laying it on thick telling Chel he would totally date her outside the house and calls her 0 Replies #8063390 8:09PM 01/03/2008
a "solid chick"

She says he's pretty descent, too.
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Topic #8063393
Shannon72 - James to Chelsia -- I really like you and I wish I had more to offer you outside of this house (awww) NT 0 Replies #8063393 8:09PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063399
WVpdles - james and chel alone in the boat room, they kiss. looks like she got to put makeup on him NT 0 Replies #8063399 8:10PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063416
Shannon72 - Chelsia thinks there are paddles missing in their bedroom. (ed. I wonder if the boat theme has to do with the Hudson River virus?) NT 0 Replies #8063416 8:11PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063426
WVpdles - James/chel go to kicthen and nat ryan tell him how pretty and innocent he looks with makeup on NT 0 Replies #8063426 8:12PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063460
WVpdles - Ryan told James he can moan now too for the guys. James says you know what you're saying is going out on national tv NT 0 Replies #8063460 8:15PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063466
cheyenne3 - ali/ryan go in kitchen NT 0 Replies #8063466 8:15PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063469
WVpdles - Chel tells James he looks hot, she kinda wants to F him NT 0 Replies #8063469 8:15PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063485
WVpdles - chel wants to do all the guys now. Matt said she'll make him look bad, James brings up that Matt already 0 Replies #8063485 8:16PM 01/03/2008
looks like Tom Selleck (James know Matt hates that)
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Topic #8063494
WVpdles - Chel putting makeup on Matt in the bathroom NT 0 Replies #8063494 8:17PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063570
WVpdles - Matt's makeup is done, and he said he's prettier than all the girls in the house NT 0 Replies #8063570 8:23PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063602
WVpdles - Matt goes up to HoH to show Josh/Sharon his makeup NT 0 Replies #8063602 8:25PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063614
Shannon72 - Josh and Sharon up in HOH all day and Josh is wondering if they should go down after watching spy cam. 0 Replies #8063614 8:26PM 01/03/2008
S/J talking about Alli's moo-moo dress and saying about Nat "Love me, love me" (because they see how she's acting in the kitchen).

Matt comes into HOH to show J/S his makeup makeover.

They all head downstairs now.
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Topic #8063662
WVpdles - Ryan/Ali to boat room to talk. Ryan - you need to lay low this week. 0 Replies #8063662 8:30PM 01/03/2008
You're saying different things to different peoples.
Ryan - i think we can get james' vote if we tell him we have matt's.
but you have to keep quiet.
Ali - but josh is starting it.
Ryan - but don't talk any game.
Ali - i want to talk to you about we are partners in this game. Ryan - i'm not going to take on the whole house.
ali - but you have tooooo.
ryan - stop stirring sh!t.
ali - you have to step it up then. you have to understand that everyone notices you don't stand up for me.
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Topic #8063678
JJDaisy - James and Sharon talking in HOH about Ali and Ryan sure that they are secure 1 Replies #8063678 8:31PM 01/03/2008
Makes Sharon swear she will keep it between them.
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zuzu - James tells Sharon that Ryan told him that they have Matts vote for sure and #8063872 8:47PM 01/03/2008
that they cut a deal w/them the week before. James says that the votes will probably be 1 to 1 this week and J/S will be the tie breaker. James says he is not going to tell Chels and asked Sharon to keep it between them.
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Topic #8063694
WVpdles - ryan - don't talk to josh anymore. watch what you say. i'll have your back if anything gets brought up that i know isn't true. 0 Replies #8063694 8:33PM 01/03/2008
ryan - lay low no drama.
ali - i did not realize how much sh!t talking would go on. i thought it was all about votes falling into place. so much sh!t gets talked and I take it personally.
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Topic #8063702
JJDaisy - Nat and Josh seem infatuated by James' make-up... they say 0 Replies #8063702 8:34PM 01/03/2008
he's a like a sexy girl
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Topic #8063706
Shannon72 - Allison and Ryan in boat room 0 Replies #8063706 8:34PM 01/03/2008
R - you really need to lay this week because there's a good chance J/C are going up and we have to see what happens tomorrow. Ryan saying he might be able to swing the votes in their favor.
A - Josh is starting it. Josh is starting it. (whining)
R - I'm just telling you what's going on.
A - I really need you to have my back.
R - I don't want to start arguments with anyone
A - I understand that. That's not what I'm asking.

(Ryan is whispering really low)
A - Two things, OK.
R - You always get mad at me
A - I totally respect everything you just said but what does bother me is that other people notice that the only time you had my back was with that thing with Sheila.
R - Just don't freakin talk to Josh anymore.
A - I'm not going to
R - Just watch what you say from here on out and I'll have your back. Just lay low. No drama. I'll have your back.
A - When I first came into this game I did not realize how much $hit talking went on. I genuinely thought this game was about winning stuff. So much stuff is talked about and I take it personally and you know that I am the one who gets attacked the most in this house.
R - You just have to watch what you say and dont' trust anyone. Stop taking $hit about everyone.
A - I'm not
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Topic #8063711
WVpdles - ryan - don't talk game to anybody. ali - tries to bring up matt and nat and ryan says he feels like 0 Replies #8063711 8:35PM 01/03/2008
he has to do the same for her that matt does for nat, going around cleaning up their sh!t.
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Topic #8063728
Samma - Camera goes from Allison to "When one is in love, one always begins by deceiving oneself' part of quote in boatroom, then back to Allison. NT 0 Replies #8063728 8:35PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063729
JJDaisy - Kitchen: while eatin... eww... popping eachother's back zits NT 0 Replies #8063729 8:35PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8063743
WVpdles - ryan - i believe you then i hear stuff from nat who never lies and i don't know what to believe. 0 Replies #8063743 8:37PM 01/03/2008
ryan - you always contradict yourself. don't be talking to nat about how she feels about matt then offering to hook matt up with someone in front of nat.
ali - people are intimidated by me. I know you don't believe that because you just rolled your eyes.
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Topic #8063759
Samma - Allison: All I'm going to say to you is that in this game, people are intimidated by me. 0 Replies #8063759 8:38PM 01/03/2008
Ryan rolls his eyes.

Allison: Just think of it from Josh's perspective, if we don't go home this week, he's *****.

Allison asks Ryan to promise to have her back if she doesn't talk ***** to anyone.
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Topic #8063766
WVpdles - ali - so from this point on you promise you're gonna have my back. ryan - yes, just no more talking 0 Replies #8063766 8:38PM 01/03/2008
sh!t behind people's back. ali - i never talked sh!t behind people's back. Ryan - just watch what you say. they leave room
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