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Topic #8059291
DanaRose - Chels and James exchange big smiles when Alli leaves room, then back to snuggling NT 0 Replies #8059291 12:32PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059309
DanaRose - Adam asks Chelsia if there are hot chicks in Iowa 0 Replies #8059309 12:36PM 01/03/2008
Chel said yes, all her friends are hot, and she has one friend thats drop dead gorgeous, Adam asks if she turns Chel on and FLAMES!
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Topic #8059317
DanaRose - All feeds FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8059317 12:38PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059333
DanaRose - Feeds back, J/C still in their bed, Adam on R/A's couch 0 Replies #8059333 12:42PM 01/03/2008
Theyre chatting about Chels brother, that hes scruffy cuz he wont shave his beard. Adam says his family is the best, theyre so fun and he cant wait to go see them. Ryan came in room, talking about ambien being a sleeping pill. Adam says this is gonna be a long f'ing day.
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Topic #8059369
DanaRose - Now matt is in room with J/C, Adam and Ryan 0 Replies #8059369 12:48PM 01/03/2008
Ryan asks them if they would do another BB like all-stars? Matt says maybe. They say evelDick and Eric would come back, Ryan says Eric f'ed alot of people in the house and blamed Nick. Ryan says Nick got screwed for dating Dani, Chel says now hes dating Jen (BB8) they all kinda say 'eewww' Matt says at least he banged both of them. (typical Matty!!)
Matt said Jen Johnson has a fat ass and shes just an idiot, she was nothing Matt would like.
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Topic #8059391
DanaRose - Ryan asks 'Chelsia when are we showering together' she laughed 0 Replies #8059391 12:51PM 01/03/2008
They all say the girls (Nat and Chel) were wasted last night. Ryan says someone stole his beer in fridge, Matt says it was Nat and Ryan says no i think it was Chels. Chelsia just laughed.
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Topic #8059478
DanaRose - They ask Matt where Natalie is, he says talking to Sheila and jokes that 0 Replies #8059478 1:03PM 01/03/2008
he set her up on a play date today. They all laugh. James and Adam tell Matt that Adam ripped on Natalie about Matt. Said he will not do anything with you cuz hes afraid you'll get attached. Adam said I cant take the "where's matty" anymore.
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Topic #8059503
DanaRose - James and Adam go to BY for a smoke, Adam says it smells good out here is that you Alli? 0 Replies #8059503 1:07PM 01/03/2008
Alli's on elliptical. Alli asks Adam why Sheila turned on her. Adam says he thinks it was Amanda. They quickly change subject and James and Adam go change into trunks, theyre going in HT
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Topic #8059534
DanaRose - James tells Adam what he has to cover up w/ bandaids on his tattoos... (ADULT) 0 Replies #8059534 1:12PM 01/03/2008
he said under the brawny tat it says c%nt, and on his arm is mother f'er.
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Topic #8059563
DanaRose - Adam and James in HT Adam says he ripped Sheila in 'doctors office' (diary rm) and he laughs the Baller laugh NT 0 Replies #8059563 1:16PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059606
DanaRose - Adam and James doing cannonballs in pool, Alli went into sauna room and is talking to Nat and Sheila 0 Replies #8059606 1:27PM 01/03/2008
just bs'ing. Alli didnt ask Sheila why she flip flopped yet. (I have to go, can someone PLEASE do some posting?)
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Topic #8059640
echo - allison asks sheila why shes distanced herself from her....sheila rehashing that when she got off the block allison was ignoring her NT 0 Replies #8059640 1:32PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059660
Tara555 - Flames! NT 0 Replies #8059660 1:35PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059668
echo - allison now crying as she talks...says she asked adam why sheila was distancing herself...allison is shocked by all of this NT 0 Replies #8059668 1:36PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059672
Tara555 - Allison is crying to Sheila saying it's more than just a game. NT 0 Replies #8059672 1:36PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059698
Tara555 - Sheila tells Allison how stressful it is being the oddman out NT 0 Replies #8059698 1:40PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059729
echo - Sheila is gettin loud...natalie asks if her ears are bleeding... 0 Replies #8059729 1:44PM 01/03/2008
sheila discussing her lack of education and begins to cry...the game is hard for her....doesnt want anyone to feel sorry for her...she has a gifted life...allison saying she loves that about sheila...sheila talks about when she lived in the mansion...creating her own family there ...foth
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Topic #8059756
WVpdles - Sharon is sitting on the stairs listening to the Sheila/Ali talk in the sauna NT 1 Replies #8059756 1:48PM 01/03/2008
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WVpdles - josh has joined her a few stairs up NT #8059763 1:48PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059770
WVpdles - Adam is now standing against the wall listening too NT 1 Replies #8059770 1:49PM 01/03/2008
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WVpdles - Nat gets up and leaves, Adam goes back outside. Josh upstairs. NT #8059778 1:50PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059802
leleana - Josh tells Nat that Alli is good at manipulating and believes her own lies 0 Replies #8059802 1:53PM 01/03/2008
Nat says she couldn't listen to Alli anymore, and that Operation Gardener is going down
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Topic #8059824
leleana - Nat says she caught one of Alli's lies 0 Replies #8059824 1:56PM 01/03/2008
Alli told Nat an hour ago that she couldn't trust Sheila, but then Alli told Sheila she's trusted her since day one - Nat telling Josh all of this
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Topic #8059843
leleana - Josh/Nat/Sharon/Adam/maybe James listening in on Alli/Sheila's convo in sauna NT 0 Replies #8059843 1:58PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059885
leleana - Alli claiming she feels Sheila deserves to be here more than she does NT 0 Replies #8059885 2:02PM 01/03/2008
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Topic #8059894
Taffy - Sheila: All I can do, Allison, is go with my gut, Allison, cuz that's how I've done all of my life" 0 Replies #8059894 2:03PM 01/03/2008
A: so you are saying that whenever you've done that in all of your life you've never been wrong? Sheila says her gut has never led her wrong. Allison says her intention was never to betray Sheila's trust. Allison says she wants to go back to the point when A/R got off the block...Allison says she was very grateful that Sheila voted to keep them, and she wants to make this "psychoticly" clear, at no time she tried to separate herself from Sheila, she (A) had just too much going on.

Allison goes on to apologize for what made it seem so. describes day by day how she (A) was feeling sick, (tearing up)her body falling apart and trying to get to know everybody as reasons why she may have seem to be ignoring Sheila...

Sheila asks Allison to be honest with her (S), Sheila asks Allison "Have you ever told anyone in the house that you and Ryan deserve to be in the house more than Adam and I?"

Allison says no, why would she say that?

Sheila: no one? Allison denies it again. Sheila; You just have to tell me if at any time you've said anything that may sound as if you deserve to be in the house more than Adam and I...

Allison tells Sheila that she's thinking then, denies it again (and far in the distance a rooster could be heard crying, faintly...Kakadoodledoo! ed.)
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Topic #8059935
leleana - Alli once again saying her parents and brother are gonna be waiting for Josh NT 0 Replies #8059935 2:07PM 01/03/2008
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