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DanaRose Matt just blew out his nose in the sink (eww) NT 0 10:22AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Matt put something on his lips. he's back in his bed now. NT 0 10:25AM 01/03/2008
Lisette21 Matt is in bed but not asleep. Staring at the ceiling. NT 0 10:29AM 01/03/2008
DanaRose trivia...must be waking hgs NT 0 10:29AM 01/03/2008
catgurl Trivia NT 0 10:29AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie FOTH. NT 0 10:31AM 01/03/2008
SoftTail And now we have flames NT 0 10:31AM 01/03/2008
kjchardonnay Matt and Ryan in BY; Josh and Sharon in HOH NT 0 10:38AM 01/03/2008
kjchardonnay Matt and Ryan discussing getting Josh and Sharon out next week NT 0 10:39AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Josh says he hopes it's sunny today. He wants to get more in his face. NT 0 10:39AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Shelia brushing her teeth. Natalie in bathroom NT 0 10:40AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Shelia is getting into the shower. Ryan and Matt changing their batteries. NT 0 10:43AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Matt mentioning the lie to Ryan about Shelia/Alli dating. 0 10:44AM 01/03/2008
kjchardonnay Sharon feels people are comfortable with her and Josh so they are going to be in final 3 NT 0 10:44AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Sharon says it's gonna suck when they don't have the (HOH) room anymore. NT 0 10:45AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Natalie, Josh and Sharon upset that they can't lay out today. Says it's too cold. NT 0 10:46AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Josh is changing his batteries. Chelsia is up. NT 0 10:47AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Matt is making scrambled eggs. Chelsia is helping him. NT 0 10:48AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Matt says he never buys eggs. 0 10:50AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Sharon is chopping up pepper for the guinea pigs. NT 0 10:51AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Natalie is in the shower. Shelia says she likes the show Hells Kitchen. NT 0 10:55AM 01/03/2008
WieKacie Everyone in kitchen except Allison and Natalie. 1 10:58AM 01/03/2008
MrsKristaBoogie Lovely view of Natalie's butt in thong while she's at the sink NT 0 11:00AM 01/03/2008
Bigjock4u9 Allison is telling Nat that she does not understand why Sheila flipped on her and is being so mean to her NT 0 11:09AM 01/03/2008
Bigjock4u9 Chels is cooking breakfast, Ryan pulls out dishes and they are all dirty so Sheila is rewashing them she says" the Guys must have washed them" NT 0 11:13AM 01/03/2008
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