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leleana Matt telling Sharon about Nat's life, says something about parents having schizophrenia or something 0 6:50PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Nat now alone in sauna NT 0 6:50PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles josh worrying he's lost his sex drive. If it doesn't come back after he leaves, he will sue BB, cuz that's just crazy. NT 0 6:52PM 01/03/2008
Shannon72 Sharon/Matt talking about Nat about how she just can't sit back and listen to 0 6:54PM 01/03/2008
leleana Matt keeps laying his head near Sharons - now asking if she's single outside the house NT 0 6:58PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Ali - I've had more air time in this house than anyone. I've been involved in every argument in this house. NT 0 6:58PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles James tried to go to DR and got the message the DR is currently unavailable, a message will beplayed when it is in service again NT 0 6:59PM 01/03/2008
Disneyisme James is sitting with Alli and Chels in the LR and he is begging BB to ask him to go to the DR. He says 1 6:59PM 01/03/2008
leleana Matt and Sharon talking about what they'll do with the money NT 0 7:01PM 01/03/2008
Shannon72 James/Alli/Chel in LR. Alli telling them that she has had more air time "hands down" than anyone else in the house. 0 7:01PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Ali - she knows Josh felt bad the day after he went off on her, he was crying. And repeating that he DID threaten her, she won't make that up. NT 0 7:03PM 01/03/2008
Disneyisme James is laying on Chels on the couch. Alli keeps talking about Josh. She said the night that Josh yelled 1 7:03PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Ryan comes to LR and Ali tells him they(J/C) think they're going up NT 0 7:04PM 01/03/2008
Shannon72 Allison talking again about how Josh DID threaten her and she didn't make any of that up. 0 7:05PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles James want Chel to sit in the middle of the floor and moan while the guys beat off NT 1 7:06PM 01/03/2008
Shannon72 James wants Chel and Alli to moan in front of the guys so they can sit around and get off together. 0 7:09PM 01/03/2008
Disneyisme Sharon and Matt still hiding out in HOH talking about how great it is not to be bothered by all the drama 0 7:10PM 01/03/2008
Disneyisme Sharon mentioned that she had gotten an e-mail that the contract would end at the end of April, then she got another 1 7:14PM 01/03/2008
Shannon72 Josh and Natt in HT talking about Alli and how she is full of doom and gloom and a negative Nancy. 0 7:17PM 01/03/2008
Disneyisme Sharon and Matt are talking about dreams they are having and Sharon says it's because "we are all f'ing paranoid in this house"... 0 7:18PM 01/03/2008
Disneyisme Josh is in HOH now with Sharon and Matt...Matt asks Josh where Nat is..Josh said that Nat is prowling 0 7:20PM 01/03/2008
Shannon72 Alli said she only has one thing in the house she cares about and that is her diamond earrings. 0 7:22PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Ali telling Sheila that Josh is putting words in her mouth that she never ever said. That Ryan agrees she never said that giving Sheila the money 0 7:25PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Ali again saying, J/C are going up because Josh can easily manipulate her (sheila) NT 0 7:27PM 01/03/2008
Shannon72 Alli and Sharon in BR 2 7:27PM 01/03/2008
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