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WVpdles james/chel/josh/sharon all agree this isn't gonna be good for them NT 0 3:17PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles James says he's done with Matt, Matt said you have it out for me don't you. NT 0 3:18PM 01/03/2008
zuzu James, Adam and Matt sitting outside talking. Matt says James you didn't act to happy 0 3:18PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Matt's smoking NT 0 3:19PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Sharon and Chel say Nat sounds like a ferret she even has the nose. NT 0 3:26PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Downstairs in the bathroom, Ali's telling Nat she doesn't think BB will LET her be evicted because of the drama she causes with Josh NT 0 3:27PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles James said Ali offered him a week salary and cigarettes if he voted for her. NT 0 3:27PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles josh said he's gonna keep clothes and shoes ready incase the alarm sounds while sleeping NT 0 3:30PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Sharon keeps saying someone is gonna come back, that's the worse case. josh said as long as Ali's gone cuz she's a virus herself. NT 0 3:32PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles James just told Ali she has her vote if she gets him a cartoon of cigarettes and $750. 1 3:33PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Sharon telling Chel that Matt was trying to make out with her and get her to put up J/C NT 0 3:41PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles At kitchen counter. Chel doesn't want a big wedding, sheila wants a huge one because she's never been married, Ali doesn't care. NT 0 3:58PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Ali wants to set Sheila up with her father NT 1 4:03PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Matt just asked James if eveyone hates nat or just them. James says it's everyone after 22days. Matt said he'll try to talk to her again but you know 0 4:16PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Ali - America has a LOT to do with this game this season. There's 3 lifelines that can be used throughout the game. Save a couple, bring a couple back 0 4:22PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Nat is in HoH talking to Josh and Sharon and Josh looks like he's about to explode. NT 0 4:23PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Ali - she only watched one season of BB NT 1 4:27PM 01/03/2008
Shannon72 Josh just told Nat and Sharon that the reason why he's putting S/A on the block is because he's afraid Sheila will change her vote to keep Alli in. 0 4:32PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Ali/Ryan are playing chess NT 0 4:34PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Ali telling Ryan her and James shook on james giving her his vote for $750 and cigarettes NT 0 4:35PM 01/03/2008
BelleAEngBull Nat in HOh 1 4:35PM 01/03/2008
WVpdles Ali telling Ryan it's better if they're up again J/C because Baller is easier to work, they can use the F3 thing. 1 4:36PM 01/03/2008
BelleAEngBull ali & ryan 0 4:39PM 01/03/2008
Shannon72 Nat telling Sheila that it bothered her that Alli told Matt there was a perfect girl for her in Boston that she wants to set Matt up with. 0 4:44PM 01/03/2008
Shannon72 Around the feeds -- Nat and Sheila still going on about Alli and how she says things that make other people feel self conscience about themselves. 0 5:03PM 01/03/2008
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