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Topic #8068465
Melisah - Allison calling Sheila pathetic and insulting her parenting. NT 0 Replies #8068465 10:18AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068486
Melisah - Allison saying she didn't want to kiss everyone in the pool and didn't 1 Replies #8068486 10:19AM 02/03/2008
kiss Ryan because she respects Jen. (WTF?)

Allison, "I haven't touched Ryan!"

Sheila, "Because Ryan wont touch you!"

Allison: "I respect Jen!"

(ed. where did all this respect for Jen come from?)
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Shannon72 - In this conversation Sheila was accusing Alli of making out with girls (ie; Chel) just to #8068553 10:24AM 02/03/2008
get votes. Sheila said she (Ali) would never behave that way outside of the house. Alli said she made out with girls before she even came into the house and then Alli said to Sheila, "And you never said you weren't a bisexual?".
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Topic #8068514
Melisah - Allison/Sheila calling each other pathetic. 0 Replies #8068514 10:21AM 02/03/2008
Allison leaving the fight and going into the BY to recap everything in her favor to the people in the BY.

Sharon reporting back to Josh what was said during the fight.

Sharon mocking Allison's respect for Jen.

Josh sending Sharon back out to spy some more!
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Topic #8068559
Melisah - Adam telling Sheila that they need to keep calm in the house. 1 Replies #8068559 10:24AM 02/03/2008
Natalie saying people will see right through Allison.

Adam back in the backyard saying that talking to Sheila is like talking to a little kid.

Ball game has resumed.
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SouthernBelladonna - During this convo Nat said not to worry about votes because "We did the holy matrimony all over the house last night" NT #8068681 10:35AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068564
Melisah - Sheila now in HoH recapping for Josh and Sharon NT 0 Replies #8068564 10:25AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068583
Melisah - Sheila just saying (again!) that Allison wants people to like her that's why she's (Allison) 0 Replies #8068583 10:26AM 02/03/2008
making out with James/Chelsia. Sheila thinks it's disgusting that someone would do that (make out/use sexuality) to get votes.

Josh agrees.
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Topic #8068604
Melisah - Sheila/Josh/Sharon on all four feeds. 0 Replies #8068604 10:28AM 02/03/2008
(I'm out)
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Topic #8068619
jaynixx - Sheila still bitchin about how she thinks alli is disgusting for making out with chel NT 0 Replies #8068619 10:29AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068688
lalali - ryan and alli still think j/c are going up 0 Replies #8068688 10:35AM 02/03/2008
now they thnk that s/a will be voting, and will vote against them....ryan "we're totally ***** now"
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Topic #8068707
Shannon72 - Ryan and Alli in BR - convo about fight with Sheila 0 Replies #8068707 10:37AM 02/03/2008
R - You shouldn't even have gotten into that arguement (w/Sheila)
A - Who me?
A - She (Sheila) did that on purpose.

A - The only option is to remind Matt to remind Adam about the F3
R - This shouldn't have gone on today. There should be no drama today. Now we are f'd. We are totally f'd.
A - She did it on purpose. Think about it.
R - You shouldn't have said anything.
A - You can't blame this on me again.
R - You should never.... We are totally f'ed now.
A - Oh well -- I don't know what to say. I just went in there to talk to her and she started screaming at me.

Alli now talking about how Sheila accused Alli of kissing everybody for votes. Alli said that had nothing to do with it. Ryan responded by saying "we are screwed now. It sucks".

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Topic #8068755
Shannon72 - Ryan left bedroom and Alli now changing into bathing suit. She just opened door to other BR to see if anyone was in there (listening?) NT 0 Replies #8068755 10:39AM 02/03/2008
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Topic #8068828
Shannon72 - Ryan confronts Alli again 0 Replies #8068828 10:44AM 02/03/2008
Ryan laying into Alli again about getting into fight with Sheila. Ryan told A that she needs to make things better with Sheila.

R - Do you realize that?
A - No.
R - You have to f'ing talk to her and be nice to her if you want to or not.

Ryan walked into BY as Alli walked away and Alli said in earshot of Ryan, "Un f'ing believable".

Alli now heading to HOH.
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Topic #8068842
SouthernBelladonna - Ali asks Ryan "what about your part in all this" And Ryan gets really angry. 0 Replies #8068842 10:45AM 02/03/2008
He asks her if she's "f'n kidding"

She says she was only doing what he said...Ryan says he wanted her to talkl toi Sheila, not fight...says she was going to have to set things right with's their only chance.

Ryan heads to the BY breathing heavy (sounds/looks mad).

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Topic #8068908
SouthernBelladonna - Ali in HOH. Ali denied using the word asinine. Sharon gets mad and calls her out on saying it. 0 Replies #8068908 10:49AM 02/03/2008
Shar saying for Ali not to call her a liar...she knows what was said and she doesn't feel comfortable with Ali going around saying she didn't say things.

Ali says if she did say it it was from anger...

Shar doesn't care why it was't make them look like liars.

Now Ali talking about how much she'd want Sheila to win... More backpedaling about calling Sheila asinine...

Chel comes in HOH...when Josh let her in, he said "I'm just listening"

Sheila again back to Ali saying she was disgusted by the pool thing...Ali denying saying things...More about her kissing Chel a lot...more arguing.
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Topic #8068909
Shannon72 - Alli in HOH w/Sheila Josh and Sharon 0 Replies #8068909 10:49AM 02/03/2008
A - Can we talk right now in private?
Sheila - I really don't want to right now

Alli apparently doesn't care what Sheila wants and starts spewing.

Sharon now laying into Ali. She's going a million miles a minute talking how she (Sharon) heard Ali say that keeping Sheila in house to win was asinine. Sharon said "just don't call me a liar. I know for a fact that you said it". Alli said, "then I must have said that out of anger". Sharon said, "Just don't call me a liar". Alli said, "I'm not.

Sheila and Josh keeping quiet.

Alli saying again that out of all the people in the house Sheila deserves it but if I did say it I said it out of anger. Alli is shocked that she said it if she did say it. "Must have been out of anger. It was completely misread."

Chel now entered HOH.
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Topic #8068939
SouthernBelladonna - Chel and Josh in the HOH bathroom. Chel reassures Josh that she and James are still with them. 0 Replies #8068939 10:51AM 02/03/2008
She wanted him to know that they would still vote Ali out.

You can hear very loud arguing from the HOh bedroom.

Josh relating what's been being said to Chel.

Chel explaining why she said something to Sheila earlier...that it bothered her that Sheila was talking sh*t, then pretending to be Ali's friend.

Chel again promising that things are good with them.
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Topic #8068960
SouthernBelladonna - Chel leaves HOH. Ali and Sheila still argue. 0 Replies #8068960 10:53AM 02/03/2008
Sharon is sitting on the bed watching them.
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Topic #8069035
Shannon72 - More Alli and Sheila in HOH with Josh and Sharon listening 0 Replies #8069035 10:58AM 02/03/2008
Sheila telling Alli that whenever Sheila tells her something Alli puts her down and treats her like dirt under her shoe. Sheila telling Ali that she (A) has been telling people not to trust Sheila and that Sheila's a liar. Alli said she is truly sorry if Sheila feels that way and that was not her intention. That this was a game. Alli said it is not logical to think that she would purposefully make her feel that way.

Sheila said Alli sends off mixed messages. How Alli said she didn't sign up for this and then Alli goes off and does something that people may be offended by too. Basically calling Alli a hypocrite. That Alli comes across as being prudish but doesn't act that way in house.

Alli said she is not a prude but it's not her to do it in front of other people (re: make out party in HT)
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Topic #8069078
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan enters HOH. Sheila gets up to leave and says she isn't going to be tag teamed. 0 Replies #8069078 11:02AM 02/03/2008
Ryan says he wasn't...he was just coming to talk...Sheila and Ryan say they're good.

Sheila leaves.

Ryan/Ali leave HOH.

Ali apologizes to Sheila, but wants to talk more. Sheila says she really doesn't want to talk about it any more.
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Topic #8069081
Shannon72 - More and More Sheila and Alli in HOH 0 Replies #8069081 11:02AM 02/03/2008
A - But you are attacking me
S - I'm not attacking you. You came up here.
A - You atttacked me downstairs.

Ryan comes in.

Sheila saw Ryan and she gets up to leave.

R - I'm not here to tag team you.
S - I know.
R - I swear, I didn't come up here to tag team you.

Ryan and Sheila hug and then Sheila, Alli and Ryan leave.

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Topic #8069091
SouthernBelladonna - Matt is telling the group in the kitchen that his girl is a good girl. "She's like a dog" 0 Replies #8069091 11:04AM 02/03/2008
He says she listens and does what she's told.

(this was after finding out that Nat was napping and was not a part of the drama)
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Topic #8069105
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan asks Sheila to please talk to Ali and work things out. Sheila says she wants to eat now. 0 Replies #8069105 11:05AM 02/03/2008
They talk about the fight...Shelia being disgusted by Ali's actions...more of the same stuff...
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Topic #8069134
Shannon72 - Ryan and Sheila in kitchen and Ryan is trying to smooth things over with Sheila 0 Replies #8069134 11:07AM 02/03/2008
Sheila just keeps saying that they (Sheila/Ryan) are cool.

S - I care about Allison but she does things that are out of her character. I got to know her and feel she is somewhat of a prude but then she goes around making out with Chel.

R - She's just coming out of her shell a little bit.

Sheila talking about she is scared about going up on block so she understands how stressful actually being on the block must be.

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Topic #8069206
Shannon72 - Alli comes out of BR and joins Ryan/Sheila in kitchen 0 Replies #8069206 11:16AM 02/03/2008
Sheila says, "I want to eat. If you want to talk to me then sit here with us".

S - You critized me on things that you are right about and I will respect that and take that critizism. I'm not one who isn't open to that even though I am 45.

A - But there are so many great qualities about you but sometimes it's hard because I'm trying to communicate.

(Convo is quite civil at this point)

A - This season is very different from other seasons. It's almost like a Real World scenario. (Alli is trying to defend her actions and how she wasn't prepared for this show).

Alli talking about how she isn't prude and have kissed other girls like Chelsia in the past.

Sheila said that that is fine and she must have read her wrong (ie doing it for votes). That Alli can do whatever she wants to do in this game and she took it wrong.

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Topic #8069225
Shannon72 - Josh just said that veto meeting is in 30 minutes NT 0 Replies #8069225 11:17AM 02/03/2008
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