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NYTC7 BB - HGs the lockdown is over, you are now free to move about the house NT 0 10:41AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Only James gets up, now Ryan goes inside, everyone is still silent, all you can hear is Ali jumping rope NT 0 10:42AM 03/03/2008
kitteebudd James goes inside 0 10:43AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Now Ali lifting weights and you can hear her counting NT 0 10:45AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Ali goes inside to KT getting something to eat 0 10:53AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Sheila goes in the pool and now back to lay down NT 0 10:54AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Close up of Sharon's butt, nice BB NT 0 10:54AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Josh gets up to go inside, Chelsia says nice a$$, he says thank you, i grew it myself NT 0 10:56AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Ali calls josh a control freak b/c he stuck his head inside and then left (he had said he was going to check the time) 0 10:57AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Alis talking to the camera and telling BB to make the siren go off, that would make things get really interesting in here NT 0 10:58AM 03/03/2008
kitteebudd Josh gets up and goes inside announcing he's going to find something to eat 1 10:59AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 BB - Ryan have you changed your batteries? 0 11:00AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Josh asking sheila how to make meatballs NT 0 11:01AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Alis saying that josh is coming to check on her, he's coming inside to make food i think, she's waiting for him in the KT 0 11:02AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Josh is going to get a towel and Ali says "that was a quick workout" 1 11:06AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Ali has a papertowel and nailpolish, is writing something on the paper towel, the letters on the blocks int he guinea pig cage maybe? NT 1 11:07AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Ali looking guinea pig cage again, really trying to see whats in there 0 11:14AM 03/03/2008
kitteebudd Laying Out Boring convo 0 11:19AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Ali asks Josh if he wants to talk or do they just want to hate each other forever 0 11:25AM 03/03/2008
kitteebudd Josh and Allison talk 0 11:27AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Ali gets Matt and wants to talk to him about whats going on 0 11:33AM 03/03/2008
kitteebudd Alli campaigns to Matt 0 11:34AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 She says josh stop it, enough is enough 0 11:34AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Sharon comes in and recounts the Ali conversation to her NT 1 11:36AM 03/03/2008
NYTC7 Ali/Ryan in boat room 0 11:40AM 03/03/2008
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