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Topic #8080637
NYTC7 - BB - HGs the lockdown is over, you are now free to move about the house NT 0 Replies #8080637 10:41AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8080643
NYTC7 - Only James gets up, now Ryan goes inside, everyone is still silent, all you can hear is Ali jumping rope NT 0 Replies #8080643 10:42AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8080649
kitteebudd - James goes inside 0 Replies #8080649 10:43AM 03/03/2008
Alison continues to jump rope. Josh turns over.
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Topic #8080658
NYTC7 - Now Ali lifting weights and you can hear her counting NT 0 Replies #8080658 10:45AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8080714
NYTC7 - Ali goes inside to KT getting something to eat 0 Replies #8080714 10:53AM 03/03/2008
goes to WC
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Topic #8080715
NYTC7 - Sheila goes in the pool and now back to lay down NT 0 Replies #8080715 10:54AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8080718
NYTC7 - Close up of Sharon's butt, nice BB NT 0 Replies #8080718 10:54AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8080728
NYTC7 - Josh gets up to go inside, Chelsia says nice a$$, he says thank you, i grew it myself NT 0 Replies #8080728 10:56AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8080734
NYTC7 - Ali calls josh a control freak b/c he stuck his head inside and then left (he had said he was going to check the time) 0 Replies #8080734 10:57AM 03/03/2008
(ed. self centered much?)
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Topic #8080744
NYTC7 - Alis talking to the camera and telling BB to make the siren go off, that would make things get really interesting in here NT 0 Replies #8080744 10:58AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8080752
kitteebudd - Josh gets up and goes inside announcing he's going to find something to eat 1 Replies #8080752 10:59AM 03/03/2008
Gets inside and finds Allison in the kitchen, and immediately walks back outside

Alli: "control freak. That's a control freak. Gotta see what Allison's doing"
She asks BB for the siren to go off.
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NYTC7 - He said he was going to check the time NT #8080757 11:00AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8080755
NYTC7 - BB - Ryan have you changed your batteries? 0 Replies #8080755 11:00AM 03/03/2008
Ali talking to camera again and saying "thank you for getting him up"
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Topic #8080760
NYTC7 - Josh asking sheila how to make meatballs NT 0 Replies #8080760 11:01AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8080775
NYTC7 - Alis saying that josh is coming to check on her, he's coming inside to make food i think, she's waiting for him in the KT 0 Replies #8080775 11:02AM 03/03/2008
Actually he is over by workout equipment, going to lift weights, she's watching him through the door intently
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Topic #8080803
NYTC7 - Josh is going to get a towel and Ali says "that was a quick workout" 1 Replies #8080803 11:06AM 03/03/2008
he puts the towel down on the weight bench, he's stretching now, Ali is still watching him and looking at the guinea pigs

Josh is back to lifting

Adam going inside and saying she's going to lay down in the back, talking to Adam about chess last night
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NYTC7 - She also said that Ryan had a good chess teacher (meaning her) NT #8080805 11:06AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8080812
NYTC7 - Ali has a papertowel and nailpolish, is writing something on the paper towel, the letters on the blocks int he guinea pig cage maybe? NT 1 Replies #8080812 11:07AM 03/03/2008
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NYTC7 - She stops and puts it in a drawer quickly when she sees josh coming NT #8080829 11:09AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8080860
NYTC7 - Ali looking guinea pig cage again, really trying to see whats in there 0 Replies #8080860 11:14AM 03/03/2008
Josh walks by and into KT to make his meatballs
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Topic #8080889
kitteebudd - Laying Out Boring convo 0 Replies #8080889 11:19AM 03/03/2008
Sheila says to never get a tatoo of a guys name.

Sharon says Jacob got the upper half of his arm has Sharon's initials on it.

Chelsea says she loves tatoos and want to eventually get sleeves on her arms.

Sharon and Sheila talk about tatoos. Sharon has one. Sheila talks about her son wanting a tatoo. Again.

Sharon's being a motormouth, actually giving sheila a run for her money.

Now sheila's talking about belly buttton rings. Sharon's still talking about Jacob's tatoos.

Long story about how Sharon got her tatoo. Then Jacob's reaction to her tatoo. Loud talking and screeching from Sharon.

Sharon and Nat are in the pool. Sharon talks about other exes.

Matt comes out and announces that Allison and Josh are going at it. They're "talking".
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Topic #8080944
NYTC7 - Ali asks Josh if he wants to talk or do they just want to hate each other forever 0 Replies #8080944 11:25AM 03/03/2008
Josh says he doesnt hate her, he just has nothing to say to her, as far as he's concerned she's already gone

She asks why he thinks that she was gunning for him

Josh says you talked sh!t on me, we've been over this 1000 times

Matt comes in, and he doesnt want to get involved, he leaves

Josh says you came up with the plan to get out M/N, and you told everyone that J/S were in an alliance w/ J/C

Then you (a) went on a power trip, that you were the deciding vote that kept m/n, you've continually told nat that you are the only reason they were still here

Ali accusing Josh of lying about wanting m/n out first

Josh says i've already heard that you have a deal w/ matt and that the vote will be 1-1 and that would be the best case scenario so i can evict you myself, you have done more manipulation than anyone in the house

ali says she doesnt understand how he can be so mean to her when she's done nothing to him

josh asks how come she's in the center of every conflict them?

he tells her that she throws herself on ryan, that she will be portrayed as the psycho-bitch this season, he's the funny crazy gay, thats his role

how embarrassing for your family to watch you be ripped on national tv all the time

josh says i know i'm here another week, so have fun in sequester, where everyone will be ripping on you daily

ali says that you're just scared josh, he says go outside and work your votes, and she says, i will

she goes outside

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Topic #8080964
kitteebudd - Josh and Allison talk 0 Replies #8080964 11:27AM 03/03/2008
Alli confronts Josh that he's lied 2.

J: You're going home. You always stir up shyt.

A: I have kept the vote from you...

J: That was last elimination. Now we're on to your elimination.

A: mean, creal...blahblah

J: You're always throwing yourself on ryan. You will be considered the psycho bytch.

Josh thinks he's cast as the funny crazy gay. She's been cast as the psycho.

Allison starts telling how Josh is manipulating.

J: have fun in sequester cuz everyone hates you.

Josh is winning the "chat" , keeps cutting down Alison. She can't get a word in edgewise. Finally Josh tells her to go outside and campagne for votes.

A: Fine, I will then. She walks out into the BY.

Josh keeps making his meatballs, throwing around spoons and stuff. He's mad.
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Topic #8081015
NYTC7 - Ali gets Matt and wants to talk to him about whats going on 0 Replies #8081015 11:33AM 03/03/2008
Matt says you're already good as far as i can see it will be 2-0

Ali - J/C think youa re voting for A/S, and they won't vote for me to stay if you don't

Ali - Josh is so mean to me, Josh comes out and says remember who you are talking to matt and who will promise you the world

Matt says james wouldn't talk to me yesterday, i dont know what he's playing, ryan says we have him, but james says another, you need to talk to james, james won't tell me how he's voting, he could make the votes go 1-1, and then i'm screwed.

Ali - i dont think j/c will keep us

Matt - the only reason he would is b/c of the cigarettes

Ali - i feel that everything i've said to you and nat just came out of josh's mouth

matt - we talk sh!t about you to josh b/c we dont want him to know we're w/ you, j/c think they already have hoh next week, talk james b/c he won't talk game w/ me, ryan already told me that you would go after james to get me out, and do that, do what you have to do to stay

ali - j/c are the type that make a decision right away and stick to it, i don't understand why you tell josh that you arent voting for me

matt - says b/c i don't want to hear it from them

ali - i want you to know that i was the one that changed everyones mind to keep you

matt - i know, sheila's trying to relate to me

ali - says that's it, josh is annoying

she goes back inside
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Topic #8081024
kitteebudd - Alli campaigns to Matt 0 Replies #8081024 11:34AM 03/03/2008
Quickly turns into a bitching session for Matt about James and Chelsea. James won't talk to Matt about the game.

A: they are the people they make a decision and stick to it. She asks why he told Josh they were voting her out. She plays the I Saved You Card.

Matt says he would of done the same thing.

Alli goes back inside.

A: Josh is just annoting.
M: You shouldn't put up with that.
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Topic #8081029
NYTC7 - She says josh stop it, enough is enough 0 Replies #8081029 11:34AM 03/03/2008
he says its never enough

back to ripping on her, i cant type it all fast enough, lol

ripping clothes, that her partner won't even stand up for her
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Topic #8081045
NYTC7 - Sharon comes in and recounts the Ali conversation to her NT 1 Replies #8081045 11:36AM 03/03/2008
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NYTC7 - Josh recounts it to her, sorry NT #8081053 11:37AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8081085
NYTC7 - Ali/Ryan in boat room 0 Replies #8081085 11:40AM 03/03/2008
she's recounting the convo to him, saying that Josh said that her partner doesnt stick up for her, he's going to start sh!t today, so i need you to be around me to prevent it, she's begging ryan to come outside, basically to protect her

ryan - omg are you scared?

ali - i'm not scared, he's going to start something i just know it

ryan - you're scared of him

ali - i'm not! i just dont want something to get started b/c then you get mad at me!

ryan and james say just keep walking!!
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