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Melisah Sheila's just yammering on and on about how her age gives her insight. 0 4:18PM 03/03/2008
Melisah Sheila says she has to pay her lawyer and ghost writer (who gets 50% of profits?!) and her agent gets 20%... NT 0 4:20PM 03/03/2008
Melisah Sheila talking about how the ghost writer she had wasn't able to pull a story out of her life... 0 4:22PM 03/03/2008
Melisah Now all 4 feeds are on Josh/Sharon in HoH. 0 4:23PM 03/03/2008
Melisah Sharon/Josh talking game now... 0 4:25PM 03/03/2008
Melisah Josh's cute little head is half hanging off the bed. Sharon's just reading and munching away on chips (?). NT 0 4:26PM 03/03/2008
Melisah All four cameras on Allison in the bathroom. "That's disgusting" Allison says about some feature of her's... NT 0 4:27PM 03/03/2008
Melisah All 4 cameras on Matt (?) lying down in his bed... doing nothing. NT 0 4:29PM 03/03/2008
Melisah All 4 cams on James/Chelsia in bathroom. 0 4:30PM 03/03/2008
Melisah James/Chelsia just piddling around the bathroom. 0 4:32PM 03/03/2008
Melisah All 4 cams on Chelsia in the bathroom picking up after herself. NT 0 4:32PM 03/03/2008
Melisah Back to Josh/Sharon in HoH talking about past competitions what they're like. NT 0 4:33PM 03/03/2008
Melisah "They share one brain cell between the two of them..." - Josh 0 4:35PM 03/03/2008
Melisah Josh talking about Allison. 0 4:37PM 03/03/2008
Melisah "The lesbians are on the block!" - Josh, in his singsong voice. NT 0 4:38PM 03/03/2008
Melisah Cams 3 & 4 on James/Chelsia talking game in bed. NT 0 4:38PM 03/03/2008
Melisah James and Chelsia making out... God they're adorable. 0 4:40PM 03/03/2008
Melisah "She is such a douche. If I look up douche in the dictionary, I would see her head... 0 4:41PM 03/03/2008
Melisah Josh saying he wants Allison and Sheila to make out since they're lesbians... 0 4:43PM 03/03/2008
raindrop110475 Josh on rant says ryans name is quick and nothing quick about him except putting a fork to his mouth and makkes an eating fast movement NT 0 4:43PM 03/03/2008
raindrop110475 Sheila says she left home at 14 and thinks kids should be trained to clean up after themselves NT 0 4:44PM 03/03/2008
Melisah Sharon is just so tickled with Josh's cattiness. 0 4:44PM 03/03/2008
raindrop110475 sheila complaining that everyoen in house feels they can do whatever they want they have no respect she knows they are young though NT 0 4:46PM 03/03/2008
kandio J/c talking in bed. Talking about HOH comp. J you need to chill out 0 4:46PM 03/03/2008
WVpdles Sheila on a rant to Ali/Ryan that no one in the house has any respsect for her, she's old enough to be their mother, they should respect her. 0 4:47PM 03/03/2008
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