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Topic #8083507
Melisah - Sheila's just yammering on and on about how her age gives her insight. 0 Replies #8083507 4:18PM 03/03/2008
Talking about making a difference in the world (along with Adam).
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Topic #8083539
Melisah - Sheila says she has to pay her lawyer and ghost writer (who gets 50% of profits?!) and her agent gets 20%... NT 0 Replies #8083539 4:20PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083565
Melisah - Sheila talking about how the ghost writer she had wasn't able to pull a story out of her life... 0 Replies #8083565 4:22PM 03/03/2008
.. but the ghost writer she has now is more her age and understands her and is able to write her story. Sheila saying how she ran into then famous people at Studio 54.
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Topic #8083579
Melisah - Now all 4 feeds are on Josh/Sharon in HoH. 0 Replies #8083579 4:23PM 03/03/2008
Cams switched in mid conversation... unsure of what they're talking about. Sharon's reading the Bible.
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Topic #8083607
Melisah - Sharon/Josh talking game now... 0 Replies #8083607 4:25PM 03/03/2008
Sharon's using too many pronouns and I can't tell who she's talking about.
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Topic #8083617
Melisah - Josh's cute little head is half hanging off the bed. Sharon's just reading and munching away on chips (?). NT 0 Replies #8083617 4:26PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083626
Melisah - All four cameras on Allison in the bathroom. "That's disgusting" Allison says about some feature of her's... NT 0 Replies #8083626 4:27PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083638
Melisah - All 4 cameras on Matt (?) lying down in his bed... doing nothing. NT 0 Replies #8083638 4:29PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083652
Melisah - All 4 cams on James/Chelsia in bathroom. 0 Replies #8083652 4:30PM 03/03/2008
Chelsia doing her make up.

Chelsia calls out to the kitchen: "Sheila! You snorted rails of coke?!"

James: "Shh.."

Chelsia ".. off the backs of toilets...haha."

James standing behind Chelsia watching her put on make-up.
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Topic #8083678
Melisah - James/Chelsia just piddling around the bathroom. 0 Replies #8083678 4:32PM 03/03/2008
James now going to lay down.
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Topic #8083682
Melisah - All 4 cams on Chelsia in the bathroom picking up after herself. NT 0 Replies #8083682 4:32PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083690
Melisah - Back to Josh/Sharon in HoH talking about past competitions what they're like. NT 0 Replies #8083690 4:33PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083704
Melisah - "They share one brain cell between the two of them..." - Josh 0 Replies #8083704 4:35PM 03/03/2008
"When I think of them, I think of a hamster running in a cage." - Josh, about Matt and Natalie.

"You're terrible!" - Sharon.

Sharon laughing at Josh's cattiness. He makes her laugh.

Josh asking Sharon's Bible reading goals. Sharon's doing well in her personal goals.
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Topic #8083723
Melisah - Josh talking about Allison. 0 Replies #8083723 4:37PM 03/03/2008
Josh: "Allison, I'm going to miss your lovely sense of fashion. I'm going to miss your wonderful aura. I'm going to miss your lies. I just don't know that the house will be the same without you." Josh practicing what he's going to say to Allison.

Josh: "Allison is... fill in the blank. That's what we should do. Allison is like.. a colonic flush, Allison is a bunch of *****."

Sharon: "Oh my gosh! You're so funny."
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Topic #8083728
Melisah - "The lesbians are on the block!" - Josh, in his singsong voice. NT 0 Replies #8083728 4:38PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083731
Melisah - Cams 3 & 4 on James/Chelsia talking game in bed. NT 0 Replies #8083731 4:38PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083743
Melisah - James and Chelsia making out... God they're adorable. 0 Replies #8083743 4:40PM 03/03/2008
Josh mocking Allison's archery skills (?).
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Topic #8083752
Melisah - "She is such a douche. If I look up douche in the dictionary, I would see her head... 0 Replies #8083752 4:41PM 03/03/2008
... with a [some douching product]." - Josh, about Allison.
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Topic #8083768
Melisah - Josh saying he wants Allison and Sheila to make out since they're lesbians... 0 Replies #8083768 4:43PM 03/03/2008
..."And they'll scissor later on in the hot tub." - Josh.

"And why is Ryan's nickname Quick? There is nothing quick about him. His hand is quick to his mouth." - Josh
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Topic #8083771
raindrop110475 - Josh on rant says ryans name is quick and nothing quick about him except putting a fork to his mouth and makkes an eating fast movement NT 0 Replies #8083771 4:43PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083784
raindrop110475 - Sheila says she left home at 14 and thinks kids should be trained to clean up after themselves NT 0 Replies #8083784 4:44PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083787
Melisah - Sharon is just so tickled with Josh's cattiness. 0 Replies #8083787 4:44PM 03/03/2008
She just loves listening to Josh rail against the rest of the house.
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Topic #8083801
raindrop110475 - sheila complaining that everyoen in house feels they can do whatever they want they have no respect she knows they are young though NT 0 Replies #8083801 4:46PM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8083808
kandio - J/c talking in bed. Talking about HOH comp. J you need to chill out 0 Replies #8083808 4:46PM 03/03/2008
Kissing. Feed changed to Alli/sheila. S seen more disrespect in this house..on and on. Switch to J/S talking about Alli being in a relationship w/S for 2 weeks they should make out.
Not sure think they are talking about R now. Sharon laughing saying we are going to hell. J talking about putting nail polish on Alli stuff to save America. J just wants to get hs check & go home.

Alli & S in the background talking about how bad other people are.

Sharon wonders here everyone is.
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Topic #8083820
WVpdles - Sheila on a rant to Ali/Ryan that no one in the house has any respsect for her, she's old enough to be their mother, they should respect her. 0 Replies #8083820 4:47PM 03/03/2008
They shouldn't leave cups around to leave a ring, not making the bed, cleaning up after themselves, washing their clothes.
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