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Topic #8089354
Bigjock4u9 - Nat slow roasting her self in the sauna, J/S in bed, /A,S,R,C,J in the kitchen talking about Reality tv shows NT 0 Replies #8089354 12:02AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089379
Bigjock4u9 - HG's getting ready for bed Matt and Ryan in BY NT 0 Replies #8089379 12:07AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089391
Bigjock4u9 - Adam called to the DR. Nat and Sheila going on about them calling people NOW NT 0 Replies #8089391 12:09AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089403
Bigjock4u9 - Matt and Ryan talking about their plans for next week when one of them is HoH NT 0 Replies #8089403 12:13AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089498
jblig - Natalie was counting things and relating them to the alphabet. When she showed Ryan why, 0 Replies #8089498 12:35AM 04/03/2008
she went throught the entire alphabet and counted 27 (...W, X, Y, &, Z). She was serious as a heart attack.
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Topic #8089522
kandio - Nat & Matt going to talk. Nat say's were all family its ok for her to have her butt out. 0 Replies #8089522 12:39AM 04/03/2008
Nat say's she figured out the colors & sticks in the GP cage. She says there are 27 letters in alphabet Ryan tells her there are 26 she thinks x,y And z. She counted And as a letter in the

they are counting things again.
She says there are 8 pictures, 8 radio's 8 somthing else?
Looking at all things in GP cage

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Topic #8089571
kandio - M/R talking...R ask about M GF's picture..then saying how dumb Nat is 0 Replies #8089571 12:49AM 04/03/2008
Nat wants...Nattie, Mattie time. Wondering how many logs on wall
Nat say's 300.
Ryan says are those real wood..cant be they would rot???
Ryan thinks tonight is the night for the siren.

Ryan says he is not going to count..will take Nat's word.
Mat got to 199 a gave up..
Now saying they could have known the quotes.
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Topic #8089619
kandio - M/R guessing at things, but not counting. Saying thats a lot of counting 0 Replies #8089619 1:05AM 04/03/2008
Nat telling Adam how many she counted for diffent things? Nat getting a hangnail on Ryan...but it hurts.
Matt & Nat time
Nat telling him again what she has counted, says there are 8 of everything she cant remember all of them. Says there are [2700?] books. Say Alli came up to her and save us. Says she cleared stuff up w/Alli then says i'am pretty good arnt i.
Then goes back to a bunch of stuff she counted. She said there could be groups of 6..Matt said 8..she goes could be.
She is telling Matt that J/S & J/C are still together.
but we are still putting both on the block. Telling Matt has to pray
so they will win.
saying C said something about praying and she thought...screw off C you have to blieve
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Topic #8089645
kandio - M/N...Nat saying you need to tell Adam not to give James cigs 0 Replies #8089645 1:16AM 04/03/2008
Matt said when we win i will make his life hell. Nat say i will jump all over and rub it in their face. Matt says calm down your annoying me..Matt goes outside and tells Adam that he has no idea what he has planned for next week.
Matt tells Ryan not to give James cigs he will go crazy.
Adam says not as bad as Ryan that James is a strong dude.
Adam says we can break Josh easier than James.
Matt says do you know how easy it is to break a gay only have to say 1 thing.?
Talking about sending James home
Talking about bringing somebody back. Nat came out to tell them there are 8 pillows...

[bad keyboard]
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Topic #8089673
WVpdles - All HGs sleeping NT 0 Replies #8089673 1:36AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089694
KennyN - James wakes up, gets out of bed and heads to the spa room. Now he's in the sauna. All other HG's sleeping. NT 0 Replies #8089694 1:57AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089698
WVpdles - James is out of sauna, and got a drink in the kitchen. 0 Replies #8089698 2:04AM 04/03/2008
James appears to be studying the house, he's not saying anything but looking around at different things.
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Topic #8089701
KennyN - James leaves the sauna, gets a drink of water, uses the bathroom then heads back into the sauna. NT 2 Replies #8089701 2:05AM 04/03/2008
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WVpdles - He was sitting with his head in his hands NT #8089703 2:06AM 04/03/2008
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KennyN - Now he's chewing his toenails. (YES, chewing his toenails.) NT #8089715 2:15AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089716
bbwtchninpr - James bites his toenail off says WoW . NT 0 Replies #8089716 2:16AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089723
KennyN - James out of the sauna, now in the bathroom wiping his chest down with something. NT 0 Replies #8089723 2:30AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089725
KennyN - James wanders through the kitchen, checks out the guinea pigs then plops down on the living room sofa. All in the dark. NT 0 Replies #8089725 2:34AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089727
KennyN - Now James is in the kitchen, munching on a snack of some sort. Obviously restless. NT 3 Replies #8089727 2:43AM 04/03/2008
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WVpdles - James is eating nuts out of little bags. He's throwing them in the air, catching them in his mouth NT #8089729 2:44AM 04/03/2008
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KennyN - Now he's arranging the nuts in pairs of two on the counter before popping them into his mouth. Metaphorical eating? LoL NT #8089732 2:52AM 04/03/2008
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KennyN - After six bags of nuts, James has finally finished eating and is brushing his teeth in the bathroom. NT #8089734 2:58AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089736
CruiseCritic - James in KT dancing around, looked at memory wall. He just came out of the sauna room NT 0 Replies #8089736 3:01AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089739
bcbmom - James in WC brushing teeth 0 Replies #8089739 3:02AM 04/03/2008
goes in cupboard to get a towel or washcloth wipes his mouth and puts cloth back in cupboard like it wasn't used (nasty)
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Topic #8089740
CruiseCritic - James looking around at everything in LR and KT areas and walks quietly into the BR 0 Replies #8089740 3:02AM 04/03/2008
He gets into bed with Chels and she does a little moan and now all is quiet in the BB house.....
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Topic #8089862
shermeli - all HGs sleeping NT 0 Replies #8089862 4:40AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8089932
DanaRose - Josh up to use bathroom and back to bed NT 0 Replies #8089932 5:33AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8090751
crazybiotch42069 - sheila restless in bed getting more comfortable all others sleeping soundly NT 0 Replies #8090751 8:22AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8090800
crazybiotch42069 - wake up music now flames time to get up for the day NT 1 Replies #8090800 8:32AM 04/03/2008
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Lessa - Music was the Lonly Goatherder from Sound of Music (Yodel lay HE!) NT #8090838 8:36AM 04/03/2008
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Topic #8090858
crazybiotch42069 - josh saying he loves that wake up saying fresh batteries in storage NT 0 Replies #8090858 8:39AM 04/03/2008
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