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Josh talking to sheila in boat room, talking about nat studying and her paper towel of clues - NYTC7
8:34PM 07/03/2008

Ryan asks Adam if they should run operation "Bummer" meaning James b/c he bums cigs NT - NYTC7
8:36PM 07/03/2008

Boys are done working out, going to smoke - NYTC7
8:40PM 07/03/2008

Chelsia is back on the elliptical - NYTC7
8:41PM 07/03/2008

Sheila telling nat that alison told her that the puzzle had something to do with sequester NT - NYTC7
8:42PM 07/03/2008

Natalie and Sheila in BR - Praz
8:54PM 07/03/2008

Ryan, Matt, and Adam in HoH and the plan has changed again now the target is james to go home this week. NT - KingMac
8:56PM 07/03/2008
They are calling it "Operation Tightie" for his tightie whiteies NT - TheMike
9:01PM 07/03/2008

Matt just apologised to Nat for being mean to her and calls himself an a**hole - TheMike
9:26PM 07/03/2008

Matt Adam and Ryan struck a deal for final three. Matt downstairs apoligized to Nat for being mean - maryjanegirl
9:27PM 07/03/2008

Adam in sauna room with Josh. Adam tells Josh he doesn't know who Ryan will put up. Josh says not worried and will not ask Ryan about again NT - maryjanegirl
9:41PM 07/03/2008

Adam in room with Sheilia in bed shows her his gold tooth she wants tylenol pm NT - maryjanegirl
9:43PM 07/03/2008

Adam telling Sheila about car accident where he almost died, went through windsheid , Sheila feeling glass in his cheek, had over 100 sticthes NT - maryjanegirl
9:46PM 07/03/2008
Adam is telling the story. Sheila is begging for Tylenol PM AGAIN NT - TheMike
9:48PM 07/03/2008

Ryan joins Shelia and Adam makes joke about Sheila going up-various talk of POV Sheila says she would have given up motorcycle for letter from home NT - maryjanegirl
10:02PM 07/03/2008

Ryan and Adam leave to play pool Sheila gets up to try and get Tylenol pm NT - maryjanegirl
10:07PM 07/03/2008

Adam telling ryan about Josh drilling him about noms,,, NT - alexarae71
10:08PM 07/03/2008

Sheila telling Josh that Ryan still says Matt is still going up - TheMike
10:10PM 07/03/2008

Shelia and Josh talking about veto NT - alexarae71
10:10PM 07/03/2008

Matt out of DR - he was in there for over 30 mins NT - TheMike
10:13PM 07/03/2008

Matt Ryan and Adam outside playing pool rehashing their plan from earlier NT - TheMike
10:19PM 07/03/2008

Josh, Shelia, Chels, talking about veto. unitard, and homemade spanks NT - alexarae71
10:22PM 07/03/2008

Matty, adam, ryan talking about how much natty loves him NT - alexarae71
10:24PM 07/03/2008

Matt Ryan and Adam going inside to play chess - TheMike
10:27PM 07/03/2008
Matt; Slopcakes "An edible late night desert" NT - TheMike
10:30PM 07/03/2008

The HGs get beer. They go to wake up James. They get 1 each. NT - TheMike
10:34PM 07/03/2008
Sheila finally got her Tylenol PM NT - TheMike
10:35PM 07/03/2008

Shelia says come on I can't even open a jar how can i win anything around here :) NT - alexarae71
10:41PM 07/03/2008

Josh Sheila and Sharon are in KT eating pickles salsa and BBQ sauce since they are on slop NT - TheMike
10:43PM 07/03/2008

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