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Nat/Sheila/Ryan talking about what the POV comp. might be like NT - NYTC7
9:30AM 07/03/2008

Nat told to change her batteries now, she says she's like a space cadet this morning NT - NYTC7
9:31AM 07/03/2008

Ryan asks where everyone is, did they go back to bed? Sheila says they're up but they are in the back - NYTC7
9:33AM 07/03/2008

Sheila and Ryan talking about rap NT - NYTC7
9:35AM 07/03/2008

Flames NT - NYTC7
9:41AM 07/03/2008

Feeds back, it doesnt' look like they've picked players for veto b/c everyone is still in the same spot - NYTC7
9:52AM 07/03/2008

Sheila says again that she misses amanda and alex, ryan says he misses alex, not amanda NT - NYTC7
9:52AM 07/03/2008

They are talking about how things would go if certain people were still there NT - NYTC7
9:53AM 07/03/2008

Josh is saying that he's in love w/ 2 guys in the DR NT - NYTC7
9:55AM 07/03/2008
Says I'm torn, maybe I can have a 3 way (joking) NT - NYTC7
9:56AM 07/03/2008

Sheila says she has a radar for "up there" i have no idea what she's talking about and then flames... NT - NYTC7
9:56AM 07/03/2008

Now Trivia NT - NYTC7
10:09AM 07/03/2008

confirmed, sheila playing in POV comp NT - weebles
10:21AM 07/03/2008

adam playing in POV NT - weebles
10:22AM 07/03/2008

Adam and Sheila are talking about the upcoming comp. - SouthernBelladonna
10:22AM 07/03/2008

Feeds back, Players for POV are: Ryan, Sharon, Chelsia, Sheila, Adam not sure of the last one - NYTC7
10:23AM 07/03/2008

Nat is not playing for POV. NT - SouthernBelladonna
10:25AM 07/03/2008

Nat is feeding Sheila a bunch of lines about how she stood up to Matt last night NT - NYTC7
10:26AM 07/03/2008

Sheila just told nat that Matt is playing everyone, you HAVE to see this, nat says "i know" NT - NYTC7
10:27AM 07/03/2008

Nat says I know I can play Matt because I can tell when he looks at me that he likes me - NYTC7
10:28AM 07/03/2008

Nat talling Sheila that she can tell that Matt likes her. - SouthernBelladonna
10:28AM 07/03/2008

Sounds like Josh is the other person playing in POV NT - DaisyDuck
10:31AM 07/03/2008

I think Josh might be playing in POV also, Chelsia asked him what he was going to wear, and he said khakis, for golfing NT - NYTC7
10:31AM 07/03/2008

Chelsia called to DR NT - NYTC7
10:32AM 07/03/2008

James just told Matt that he is a target and to watch himself, Matt seems to appreciate it. NT - DaisyDuck
10:36AM 07/03/2008

James telling Matt that he needs to be nicer to the girls in the house - Timot
10:36AM 07/03/2008

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