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Sheila in KT now NT - JimAndJanet
3:58PM 07/03/2008

Sheila says that she had to put the undies under the unitard cause she was having some rubbing and discomfort "down there" NT - JimAndJanet
4:03PM 07/03/2008

Sheila asks Adam if he knows what is going on ....she tells him that "they are gonna come after us" - JimAndJanet
4:04PM 07/03/2008

Sheila asking for adam to have her back NT - JimAndJanet
4:05PM 07/03/2008

Sheila trying to convince adam that they are the vicitms...or will be and Adam is somewhat blowing her off NT - JimAndJanet
4:06PM 07/03/2008

Sheila saying Ryan is a flip flopper....Sheila putting Adam in her "group" and saying that they (j/c s/r) is commin after all of them NT - JimAndJanet
4:07PM 07/03/2008

Sheila keeps telling adam to look in her eyes ....asking him ...don't you get it? You are the only one i have in this house (sheila to adam) NT - JimAndJanet
4:09PM 07/03/2008

Sheila crying...adam trying to get up NT - JimAndJanet
4:09PM 07/03/2008

Sheila still crying to adam...she is really scared...adam gave her the 10 grand and then ryan took it away from her...and then - JimAndJanet
4:12PM 07/03/2008
Sheila was in HOH ealier agreeing for Matt to be put up and she was given the mission to convince Adam NT - mistymn
4:15PM 07/03/2008

Sheila tells adam "you better wise up..none of these people in this house are your friends" Adam says - JimAndJanet
4:15PM 07/03/2008

Sharon outside in her bikini...goin in the hottub NT - JimAndJanet
4:16PM 07/03/2008

adam to dr NT - JimAndJanet
4:17PM 07/03/2008

Sheila telling sharon the same things to sharon....that she told to adam NT - JimAndJanet
4:19PM 07/03/2008

Chels joins sheila and sharon NT - JimAndJanet
4:21PM 07/03/2008

Sheila says to sharon "you arent goin anywhere" and Chels looks over to the hammock where matt is and motions to sheila to shhh and - JimAndJanet
4:25PM 07/03/2008

Chel/Shar/Adam outside on the couches.... - Brittney024
4:53PM 07/03/2008
I think he said Iowa Hustler NT - Tara555
4:55PM 07/03/2008

Adam says to Sharon that you know that I dont have any alliances in the house. - Brittney024
4:57PM 07/03/2008

Sharon asks adam what he would do if he was in Ryans position... - Brittney024
4:59PM 07/03/2008

Matt's awake, walks over to Sharon and Adam... - Brittney024
5:00PM 07/03/2008

Sharon asks Matt if he is mad he didnt play.. he said well ehh it would be nice - Brittney024
5:02PM 07/03/2008

The boys dont think that she can give away the slop pass Sharon recaping old seasons - Brittney024
5:06PM 07/03/2008

Nat/James/Josh/Ryan sleeping other HGs up, not a whole lot of talk. NT - Brittney024
5:11PM 07/03/2008
Adam talking to Matt in the back yard saying that Ryan needs to put Josh up and Adam will... - setsuna
5:18PM 07/03/2008

Ryan out of HOH, playing pool with Adan, he says that he cant wait until they cut him his - Brittney024
5:17PM 07/03/2008

Sharon and Chel talking in kitchen NT - Stella222
5:24PM 07/03/2008

Josh joining in the KT NT - Stella222
5:25PM 07/03/2008

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