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Topic #8159146
kimberlyk - Matt: "We picked the best 2 girls (Sheila/Natalie) to be on our side." NT 0 Replies #8159146 6:52PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159153
raindrop110475 - Matt says they picked right towo girls nat and sheila to be on their side 0 Replies #8159153 6:52PM 08/03/2008
They are excited that as soon as POV is over sheila and nat will run to sharon and point out that josh could have saved her with POV but was selfish and took letter
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Topic #8159224
kimberlyk - Chelia warning James not to put slop down the drain b/c it will clog the sink. 0 Replies #8159224 6:54PM 08/03/2008
James says there is nothing wrong with it and tells her to stop.
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Topic #8159260
raindrop110475 - James leaves chels to clean cause she keeps tellign him hes doign it wrong then she says she wont clean cause 0 Replies #8159260 6:56PM 08/03/2008
she didnt make mess and james comes back and says then leave kitchen so he can clean and she keeps asking why and he says cause you had a B*tch moment where u said not my fn mess why do I have to clean it up finally she leaves and james cleans.
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Topic #8159263
Timot - James and Chels argue 0 Replies #8159263 6:56PM 08/03/2008
over whether something can be put down the drain without a disposal.
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Topic #8159269
kimberlyk - James and Chelisa squabble in kitchen, He tells her to get out of the kitchen and quit telling him how to do things. 0 Replies #8159269 6:56PM 08/03/2008
He yells at her. She asks what she did to cause him to act this way. He said it is b/c she had her "little bitch moment."
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Topic #8159299
Timot - other HGs not impressed 0 Replies #8159299 6:58PM 08/03/2008
by the slop castle. ryan complains about them using all the cutting boards.
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Topic #8159320
raindrop110475 - Matt commends himself on not goign up to everyone and calling them out for wanting him out ryan says tomorrow dude NT 0 Replies #8159320 7:00PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159330
kimberlyk - Josh sweeps/james does dishes in silence NT 0 Replies #8159330 7:01PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159345
raindrop110475 - James keeps watchign "the 4 " in back yard (the 4 are adam matt ryan and nat) NT 0 Replies #8159345 7:02PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159362
kimberlyk - Matt, Ryan, Adam and Matt outside. Matt says it's time for the scumbags to get out of here. 0 Replies #8159362 7:03PM 08/03/2008
He says he will be "like white on rice" with Chelsia this week.
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Topic #8159381
raindrop110475 - Chelsea vacuuming with eher dyson vacuum seems bb wants us to notice NT 1 Replies #8159381 7:04PM 08/03/2008
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mrmac - ed. Yes, it is a Dyson. NT #8159394 7:05PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159409
raindrop110475 - camera man zooming in on james face then chels veto NT 0 Replies #8159409 7:06PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159415
raindrop110475 - James waves from kitchen to matty outside and matty says u will be waving bye in awhile NT 0 Replies #8159415 7:06PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159441
raindrop110475 - James says ur right on cusp of blowing up at em again to chels and she replies I was laughing seems all is forgiven NT 0 Replies #8159441 7:09PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159451
kimberlyk - James to Chelisa "you are just on the cusp of blowing up at me again." 0 Replies #8159451 7:09PM 08/03/2008
Chelsia said (I think) "i was just laughing at you. They leave the kitchen together.
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Topic #8159474
TheMike - Ryan says he will stare at Matt during the veto meeting until he squirms and then he'll put James up NT 0 Replies #8159474 7:12PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159491
kimberlyk - Chelsia and James in bathroom. She again says "Open your eyes." 0 Replies #8159491 7:14PM 08/03/2008
They are all hanging out together. Chelsia says maybe she is just paranoid. James says Chelsia "needs to relax, bro." Chelsia says Ryan never confirmed what he was doing, so it has her thinking. She says it hurts b/c she is trying to get their (James/Josh) input.
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Topic #8159493
raindrop110475 - Chelsto James: Why are you mad at me 0 Replies #8159493 7:14PM 08/03/2008
James: says you blew up and said are you an idiot
Chels says you looked at em like you dont trust me
James : Do you think we dont trust you it was immediate that our names came up why our names
Chels: You guys are looking at this like its a done deal all is happy go lucky and now u dotn trust me cause I thought of soemthing u didnt
James I shook his hand
Chels: but when u shook his hand did the words come out cause they didnt with me, Says arent u worried that they hang out all day
James: Who else is he gonna hang out with you
Chels: I am flabbergasted you didnt think of negatives I dotn know
James: You need to chill out Bro
Chels I am not a bro
James: ryan went to sharon and said everything is fine
Chels : says it hurts that she got no feedback
James: Says did you want us to give you positive feedback
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Topic #8159503
raindrop110475 - Chels says is wierd Mattie is being nice to mattie and that how can she trust ryan when they 1 Replies #8159503 7:15PM 08/03/2008
plan to screw them all over next week
James says he wont ffreak if he goes up hell leave and stay in villa so what tells chels to go talk to ryan not to loose any sleep over it
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Snarf123 - Matty is being nice to Natalie. NT #8161733 10:03PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159509
kimberlyk - James tells Chelsia she is being paranoid NT 0 Replies #8159509 7:15PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159513
raindrop110475 - Chels says when James and Josh were napping it hit her she hates everyoen else in house NT 0 Replies #8159513 7:16PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159515
kimberlyk - Josh wants to talk to Ryan before he goes to bed. Chelsia wants to do the same. NT 0 Replies #8159515 7:16PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159522
raindrop110475 - Chels tells josh she didnt turn on them she is just paranoid and josh asks chel to go confirm with ryan cause he already did 0 Replies #8159522 7:17PM 08/03/2008
Josh says Natty doesnt know about 2 week policy and neither does adam
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Topic #8159532
raindrop110475 - Josh telling chel what to say Josh says ryan wont mess with her cause she is staying in game says if Ryan wont put up Matt Chel wont use veto NT 0 Replies #8159532 7:18PM 08/03/2008
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