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Topic #8159541
raindrop110475 - Chels says they got too excited and didnt stop to think NT 0 Replies #8159541 7:19PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159544
kimberlyk - Josh to Chelsia - "Remind him (Ryan) that they have never won an HOH. 0 Replies #8159544 7:19PM 08/03/2008
Chelsia says if he does not do it (put Mattie up), she is not using the veto. They agree James being up would be the worst case scenario.
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Topic #8159562
Timot - Chelsia says that she knows she has the votes and that 0 Replies #8159562 7:19PM 08/03/2008
if he's not going to put up Matt then she's not going to use the veto.

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Topic #8159611
raindrop110475 - Matt saying he wont act sad and natty says Ill act sad for you 0 Replies #8159611 7:23PM 08/03/2008
Matt says he loves nat cause she is good at playign the idiot card like she doesnt knwo whats going on
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Topic #8159626
raindrop110475 - Nat goes in to make dinner and points out all areas the clean up crew m issed from food fight NT 0 Replies #8159626 7:23PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159648
raindrop110475 - josh workign on his foundation of slop while chels and james clean NT 0 Replies #8159648 7:25PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159650
kimberlyk - Matt, Ryan, and Adam talking outside. Talk about wanting to battle it out in the final 3 0 Replies #8159650 7:25PM 08/03/2008
Matt asked Ryan if they gave a convincing speech. He says yes. Ryan says they need to make another hit next week, and the alliance will "be done." They try to come up with an alliance name. They call themselves "The Bro Squad" and "The Bros and Hos" The three discussing how J/J/C had a plan and thought they were staying awhile.
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Topic #8159682
raindrop110475 - ryan adam and matt saying james tells lots of stories likeowned mortage company was power lifter only story they believe is bike story NT 0 Replies #8159682 7:27PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159690
kimberlyk - Matt/Ryan/Adam talk about how thy think some of James' stories are made up. James comes outside. 0 Replies #8159690 7:28PM 08/03/2008
He and Ryan go to play pool.
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Topic #8159701
raindrop110475 - James comes out to play pool and rest of boys are like passing buck on who should play him 0 Replies #8159701 7:28PM 08/03/2008
matt no im not feelignit
adam said nah he just worked out
Ryan said no first but decided to play 9 ball when noone else wanted to
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Topic #8159739
kimberlyk - Josh and Natalie in kitchen. Josh asks if Matt is being nice to her. 1 Replies #8159739 7:31PM 08/03/2008
She says "Oh yes..that he has apologized, that he is going to give her a massage, that he feels bad for being so mean to her" etc....Makes up an elaborate conversation that she and Matt had.
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_paradise_ - Actually they did have that convo. NT #8159745 7:32PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159762
kimberlyk - Minimal chitchat b/t Ryan and James as they play pool NT 0 Replies #8159762 7:33PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159803
kimberlyk - Sheila tells the boys she was once offered a million dollars for sex (she declined) NT 0 Replies #8159803 7:37PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159855
raindrop110475 - Sheila tellign matt ryan and adam shes not after money she just doesnt want anyone who brings her down liek they have to have car doesnt have to be 0 Replies #8159855 7:42PM 08/03/2008
nice one
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Topic #8159862
raindrop110475 - Matt says his apartment goes for 1300 but since is grandpa owns it he doesn pay that much NT 0 Replies #8159862 7:43PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159863
cjo - Natalie cooking. Josh still cleaning in the kitchen. Matt, Sheila, Ryan 0 Replies #8159863 7:43PM 08/03/2008
and Baller on outdoor couches, chit chatting.
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Topic #8159889
cjo - Matt said his Grandpa really wants him to finish college. Says his G-pa 0 Replies #8159889 7:45PM 08/03/2008
lives in his building on the first floor. Matt lives on the 3rd floor
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Topic #8159894
raindrop110475 - Josh told Ryan hehad 5 dollars in back account sheila and matt say he lives in great area is in higghrise 0 Replies #8159894 7:46PM 08/03/2008
Matt says maybe he lives paycheck to paycheck Matt says as long as he stays in school his grandpa lets him live there cheap says his grandpa is like his bestfriend he goes dowwn and has codfffee with him every sunday
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Topic #8159909
raindrop110475 - Matt and ryan say they will be those dads who are nuts NT 0 Replies #8159909 7:47PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159910
cjo - Natalie telling Chel the kitchen still needs cleaning. Chel starts vaacum 0 Replies #8159910 7:48PM 08/03/2008
again. Natalie tells Josh his slop house looks good.
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Topic #8159922
cjo - Natalie says slop house *tastes* good. yum! NT 0 Replies #8159922 7:48PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159932
cjo - Ryan comes into kitchen. Josh says he's feeling sick to his tummy NT 0 Replies #8159932 7:50PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159938
kimberlyk - Chelsia asks Natalie if the kitchen is cleaned up enough for her (she is cooking). 0 Replies #8159938 7:50PM 08/03/2008
Natalie says it's still pretty dirty. Chelisia starts vaccuming again. Josh mops the floor. Natalie points out all the dirty spots in the kitchen. Josh says he is feeling sick. Natalie is making franks and beans. Ryan enters the kitchen.
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Topic #8159955
cjo - Chel slipped on the floor ... laughing... she spilled her drink NT 0 Replies #8159955 7:51PM 08/03/2008
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Topic #8159969
cjo - Josh told her to just leave the water there, he's mopping anyway. boy, 0 Replies #8159969 7:52PM 08/03/2008
Chel & Natalie are really having a laugh over her slipping.
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