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ariel1981 sheila telling sharon not to talk to anyone 0 4:14PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou James trying to say what is best for you. Go with the flow. Matt says that doesn't all work. James reiterates he is leaving and is not going to get 0 4:14PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou Matt says I have a question for you. If I was in your position what would you be doing? James says the same thing. Trying to get deals. NT 0 4:15PM 11/03/2008
streetsense james to matt: you dont seem that smart of a guy sometimes--no offense NT 0 4:15PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou James says you seem like not that smart of a guy. Nothing personal. James says I have had a hard time catching Sharon at things. NT 0 4:15PM 11/03/2008
CruiseCritic Sheila says that Mattie will talk to her and he will tell her the truth and when 0 4:16PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou James saying if you f me this week. I will f you next week. Put us heads up. NT 0 4:16PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou James saying he would love to go against Matt heads up. This sucks cause I can't fight. NT 0 4:16PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou James saying I gave you guys a lot of me. He was a good time. F him. Let's get to know this person. Matt says he has some good points. NT 0 4:17PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou James saying I was the 1st one out last week. NT 1 4:18PM 11/03/2008
CruiseCritic Sheila tells Sharon noone has your back in this game, NOONE - just take the information 0 4:18PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou Matt saying it was Ryan who brought him up. Matt saying Chelsia would not have left. James says he doesn't believe that. James saying I have more 0 4:19PM 11/03/2008
CruiseCritic Sheila says ppl are going to try and break you down and remember what you said 0 4:19PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou James telling Matt that Adam promised to vote to keep him. James said I told him not to make a promise. James says I want it to come down to you. 0 4:21PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou Matt saying he respects James. James saying I have input. Matt says, yeah with 2 people. NT 0 4:21PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou Matt saying you are doing a great job. And now you are a bigger threat. Matt saying you could be of use. James says it all depends on what you do. NT 0 4:22PM 11/03/2008
Jtal Sheila just told Sharon to not trust her with an off handed comment NT 0 4:23PM 11/03/2008
CruiseCritic Sheila says you will know who has your back when it comes to eviction and that is 0 4:23PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou James saying how you play this week is how I will work with you later. NT 0 4:23PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou I will put you heads up. James says. Sharon is all positive she is staying. NT 0 4:24PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou James saying it doesn't make sense. Baller is playing it both ways. NT 0 4:24PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou James saying you and Nat work well together. Matt says I know. James says you work the guys. She works the girl. NT 0 4:25PM 11/03/2008
CruiseCritic Sheila talking about safety and both saying it is the luck of the draw and 0 4:25PM 11/03/2008
FrouFrou Matt saying were you in sales before. James says yeah. I owned my own mortgage company. NT 0 4:25PM 11/03/2008
Jtal Sheila is sneaky and flip flops...Sheila says I promis you after the eviction, (AT that Moment) how it all started. Don't talk anymore . NT 0 4:26PM 11/03/2008
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