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RubyGirl Matt and Ryan thank Nat for dinner. M & R are going to do clean up from dinner. NT 0 7:10PM 11/03/2008
RubyGirl Ryan says he's going to take a bubble bath. Invites Nat to join. NT 0 7:19PM 11/03/2008
RubyGirl Matt and Ryan singing/humming Three's Company theme and FLAMES. NT 0 7:20PM 11/03/2008
RubyGirl James gives chelsia one of his tears. Josh talking about what he's going to wear tom. 0 7:26PM 11/03/2008
RubyGirl Josh asks James if you lose and gain weight in your pecker. He is serious when he asks this. NT 0 7:27PM 11/03/2008
RubyGirl James and Chelcia have short makeout session. Josh yelled at for faintly singing. 0 7:32PM 11/03/2008
RubyGirl Nat changing into her blu suit. Balla reading bible, Matt laying down on bed. NT 0 7:34PM 11/03/2008
RubyGirl Nat in WC putting on lip gloss and whinning. Balla and Matt reading bible 0 7:41PM 11/03/2008
RubyGirl Josh reading his letter from home again. James stratling Chelsia and making her smell his armpits. NT 0 7:44PM 11/03/2008
RubyGirl Josh, Natalie, and James in sauna. Talking about voting out Allison last week. 0 7:59PM 11/03/2008
Timot Nat praying in the sauna 0 8:20PM 11/03/2008
lalali james and natalie were in the sauna, she was acting like she wanted to vote for him to stay, but needed to see what sheila was doing 0 8:22PM 11/03/2008
RockinThePink Natalie in the Sauna praying that God help her to help James believe in him NT 0 8:22PM 11/03/2008
streetsense sheila telling sharon about nat /matt argument about sharon kiss--saying nat is jealous of sharon 1 8:23PM 11/03/2008
BamaDaisy Shiela & Sharon still whispering in the BR NT 1 8:26PM 11/03/2008
RockinThePink Ryan and Matt playing chess, Adam watching NT 0 8:29PM 11/03/2008
RockinThePink James goes in to snuggle with Chelsia after his shower NT 0 8:30PM 11/03/2008
RockinThePink James tells Chelsia to try to be happy no matter what happens, she says she doesn't think she can NT 0 8:33PM 11/03/2008
RockinThePink Chel tell James " I do not want you to leave" NT 0 8:34PM 11/03/2008
BamaDaisy Ryan & Matt still playing chess as Adam watches. 0 8:36PM 11/03/2008
BamaDaisy Sheila says to Sharon - Ryan was going to backdoor someone all along. NT 0 8:38PM 11/03/2008
streetsense sheila : remember we tell each other everything--but remember i have to play both sides 0 8:40PM 11/03/2008
BamaDaisy More Sheila and Sharon 0 8:41PM 11/03/2008
BamaDaisy Sheila to Sharon - after it's all said and done, you'll be here tomorrow and you have to come talk to me as soon as HOH is over. NT 0 8:42PM 11/03/2008
BamaDaisy Sheila quoting Dr Phil again "You teach people how to treat you". 0 8:45PM 11/03/2008
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