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DanaRose James and Chelsia in KT now hugging. Chels says this is harder 0 12:18PM 11/03/2008
TracyTurnblad James saying everyone in the house is pathetic 0 12:18PM 11/03/2008
ariel1981 james/chelsia in KT adam walks through and they ask if he is okay 0 12:19PM 11/03/2008
ariel1981 josh joined J/C wondering if ryan would keep james NT 0 12:20PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose James just asked someone out of view if they wanted chicken nuggets, (i guess thats what he's making now) NT 0 12:20PM 11/03/2008
WVpdles James/Nat in massage room. Nat said she's not sure she can trust Sharon, she's sneaky. Nat - if it goes split i'd rather you be here than her NT 0 12:22PM 11/03/2008
TracyTurnblad Natalie telling James that she wants to keep him over Sharon! NT 0 12:22PM 11/03/2008
ariel1981 james and natalie in SR 0 12:22PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose James and Nat whispering in sauna room. Nat saying she doesnt know if she can 0 12:25PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose Nat saying she has to talk to Josh, Chelsia and Adam, and if they're voting to keep James, she will too. James says 0 12:30PM 11/03/2008
TheMike Lockdown - All houseguests must stay inside NT 0 12:33PM 11/03/2008
kandio N/J..Nat says the boys club want to keep her because she is the strongest women 0 12:35PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose Nat really seeming like she will vote for James to stay...said she has to make sure 0 12:36PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose Nat and Josh in bathroom....(MORE!) 0 12:39PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose Josh said something like this will be the best backstab in bb history! NT 0 12:41PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose James tells Chelsia everything, Chelsia says Ok yes, tell her im in. NT 0 12:42PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose Nat and Josh in sauna room now.....(more) 0 12:50PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose James/Chelsia in SR, Chelsia says I wont put her up, james says 0 12:52PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose Josh to can i trust you, you...(ADULT) 1 12:56PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose Josh and james in bathrm 'quick chatting', Josh goes back to Nat and says James is scared you're 0 1:02PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose nat says BBs gonna show Matt making out with me and saying stuff to me, and then making out with all the other girls NT 0 1:04PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose Nat campaigning hard to get rid of Sharon NT 0 1:05PM 11/03/2008
kandio N/J..Nat i dont trust Sharon 0 1:06PM 11/03/2008
DanaRose Nat's talking on and on about the Sharon/Matt kiss, that they always hang out together now, he'll go cuddle with her in the bed and i get 0 1:08PM 11/03/2008
kandio N/Josh SR 0 1:11PM 11/03/2008
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