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FrouFrou Matt asks if they have to pee. (I was just thinking that who will pee while up there?) NT 0 8:45PM 12/03/2008
FrouFrou Talking about the movement of the crane are boring. Nat saying she wants champagne splashed on her again. NT 0 8:46PM 12/03/2008
LilKsweezy matt wonders who's controlling the machine. nat and chel getting bored and want them to swing the machine more NT 0 8:46PM 12/03/2008
lakeview Shelia/Sharon both think Jen was definitely the person in the mystery box NT 0 8:49PM 12/03/2008
Taffy Sheila tells Sharon that she wanted Alex to come back and be able to play as a single NT 0 8:49PM 12/03/2008
FrouFrou matt saysJames Nat isn't going to put you up if that is why you are still up there. James says she won't put up who I want. Nat says I think I know NT 0 8:49PM 12/03/2008
FrouFrou James calls Matt on trying to say he wasn't the strongest. James says yeah and that was why I was evicted. NT 0 8:50PM 12/03/2008
lakeview Shelia thinks Josh would've put up Shelia/Nat if he had HOH. "he can't go toe to toe with a guy" NT 0 8:50PM 12/03/2008
FrouFrou Matt I am too upper body. My back is killing me. I went up and boom. NT 0 8:51PM 12/03/2008
FrouFrou Trivia NT 0 8:51PM 12/03/2008
LilKsweezy foth NT 0 8:52PM 12/03/2008
lakeview Trivia but we hear Ryan (?) say "from this point on now squatting" NT 0 8:53PM 12/03/2008
Sue Ryan just announced that they can't squat anymore, just stand (heard over BB music) NT 0 8:54PM 12/03/2008
Taffy I hear nat say "I just relaxed my muscles there for a second" and we get trivia and music, but can still hear 0 8:54PM 12/03/2008
BamaDaisy No more squatting...only standing per BB comp guy (audio leak) NT 0 8:54PM 12/03/2008
Jolt10 Ryan instructed by BB to read: there will be no more squatting. NT 0 8:55PM 12/03/2008
LilKsweezy no more squatting now. chelsia struggling. nat chatting away NT 0 8:55PM 12/03/2008
lakeview Nat saying it's easy for her. Doesn't give herself props bc of her pole dancing experience NT 0 9:00PM 12/03/2008
WVpdles Josh is worrying, but Sharon doesn't think Nat will put them up. (Nat and Matt said they would to J/C while J/S were inside) NT 0 9:00PM 12/03/2008
TracyTurnblad James totally copying Natalie's pose! NT 0 9:01PM 12/03/2008
rg1 Sharon and Josh whispering 0 9:01PM 12/03/2008
LilKsweezy chelsia fell NT 0 9:02PM 12/03/2008
FrouFrou Chelsia falls and is so tired and pissed. NT 0 9:03PM 12/03/2008
ktan Chelsia is out of the HOH comp at 3 hours, 12 minutes. NT 0 9:03PM 12/03/2008
Taffy Sharon (rubbing her blankie) watches with Josh...Josh asks Chelsia how she's holding on 0 9:03PM 12/03/2008
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