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stewart Nat walking gingerly taking a shower, hugged James as he came out of shower... 0 10:53PM 12/03/2008
DrWillfan James trying to into DR to request pics for Nat..they tell him diary room unavailable NT 0 10:53PM 12/03/2008
my0wn James in Kt w/everyone but Matt & Nat, says he will ask DR if Nat can have a picture from home because she was so strong NT 0 10:55PM 12/03/2008
my0wn Chel saying she will kick Matts butt if he talks crap about Nat, what she did was amazing & she would have got off if James gave Matt saftey only NT 0 10:57PM 12/03/2008
stewart James says he doesnt know how Natalie stood so much, he had to squat and bend more. NT 0 10:57PM 12/03/2008
my0wn James says he doesn't want Chelsia in the HOH with him NT 2 11:01PM 12/03/2008
streetsense sharon talking about re-aranging sleeping arrangements--james says im not gonna lie i dont want her(chelsia) up there NT 1 11:02PM 12/03/2008
helena Ryan talking to Natalie in the bathroom. He says he knows he is going up. NT 0 11:12PM 12/03/2008
helena Matt in the DR. James, Chels, Josh and Sharon in red room. They think Matt and Natalie are together, as a couple. NT 0 11:16PM 12/03/2008
helena James tells Josh he should get to know Natalie and start talking to other people in the house. Josh agrees. 0 11:20PM 12/03/2008
JanJan Matty's out of the DR. He said he will give Nat her massage! NT 0 11:23PM 12/03/2008
helena James asks Matt if he and Natalie had something prior to coming into the house. 1 11:25PM 12/03/2008
stewart Sharon says she thinks that Nat would be f"d if he left this week, but that she doesnt think they knew each other before. 0 11:30PM 12/03/2008
helena Matt, Sharon and Adam in red room. Rest except James in kitchen. 0 11:37PM 12/03/2008
Gorf Josh and Sharon tell matt they are trying to figure out who the third person not to vote james back in is (they know) 0 11:37PM 12/03/2008
JanJan Adam, Matt & Sharon talking about Nat's endurance on disco ball 0 11:39PM 12/03/2008
helena Josh hugs Natalie in massage room. He tells her what he said about her mom will never make it to tv. It is apology/love fest night in the house. NT 0 11:41PM 12/03/2008
JanJan Ryan thinking about sleeping arrangements. He may pull out a sleeping bag and sleep on the floor. 0 11:42PM 12/03/2008
stewart James said "we are very grateful for that" meaning the votes to bring James back in.. 0 11:43PM 12/03/2008
streetsense ryan sheila : why did adam nat vote james back in? it doesnt make any sense NT 0 11:46PM 12/03/2008
JanJan Nat & Josh in Spa room 0 11:46PM 12/03/2008
helena Josh tells Natalie that if it between he and her next week at HOH, he will hand it to her. NT 0 11:46PM 12/03/2008
streetsense sheila ryan---mad table are turned--james back--they going up--talking having to win pov NT 0 11:48PM 12/03/2008
stewart Nat is crying again. Josh has apologized again for saying the nasty things he did to her and about her mother... 0 11:49PM 12/03/2008
helena Natalie teary in massage room talking to Josh. They are both talking about how Sheila was the one that switched tha votes back to get James out. 0 11:49PM 12/03/2008
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