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ktan It's now been 4 hours since the endurance HOH comp started. James and Natalie continue to battle it out. NT 0 9:51PM 12/03/2008
shaynabug James tells Nat that he wants Ryan on the block for what he did to him, and Nat says Ryan and whomever I want? NT 0 9:52PM 12/03/2008
LadyFeetus The disco balls are continuosly being moved back and forth. 0 9:52PM 12/03/2008
stewart Ryan and Matt are sitting together watching, occasionally asking Nat how she is, telling her she looks good... 0 9:53PM 12/03/2008
streetsense josh says it looks so hard... NT 0 9:53PM 12/03/2008
Patti Matt told Ryan she should take the deal. Ryan and James up NT 0 9:54PM 12/03/2008
LadyFeetus "People you love will turn their backs on you," James sings. NT 0 9:54PM 12/03/2008
Taffy Adam, Matt, and Ryan ringside...Chelsia standing up wrapped in a towel, 0 9:55PM 12/03/2008
stewart James twisting around the chain, leaning over on his hip and knee... 0 9:56PM 12/03/2008
Taffy Matt asks Nat if she's alright, she says she is but she needs water...BB tells James to stop singing 0 9:58PM 12/03/2008
Taffy Nat tells James "you're a warrior",,,Josh tells James: "just let her put me up, if she wants to put me up, just let 0 10:04PM 12/03/2008
LadyFeetus BB is still swinging them. Josh and Sharon laying in the grass watching, Chelsia standing and cheering them on. NT 0 10:05PM 12/03/2008
stewart James says he "has a bitter taste in his mouth...wants to see where his body can go...its not about who can go up".. 0 10:06PM 12/03/2008
stewart James is telling Nat that HE wants to ensure that someone HE doesnt like goes home... 0 10:08PM 12/03/2008
jamoke James says he was looking forward to "going to sequest and just getting drunk, now he's hanging from a disco ball" Nat is praying NT 0 10:08PM 12/03/2008
LadyFeetus Nat and James talking deal. James wants to ensure someone he doesn't like goes home. 0 10:08PM 12/03/2008
Superfun Natalie looking a bit tired...James still changing positions constantly...discussing that a deal would only mean someone she likes goes home NT 1 10:08PM 12/03/2008
milkmoney they are both going back and fourth arguing their cases why they dont want to drop.....both still moving around trying to hang on NT 0 10:09PM 12/03/2008
streetsense sharon telling josh nats getting ready to drop, shes desperate thats why shes offering james a deal NT 1 10:09PM 12/03/2008
Taffy Josh is laying on the astroturf with Sharon. James and Nat still hanging on 0 10:09PM 12/03/2008
streetsense natty not so chatty NT 1 10:10PM 12/03/2008
streetsense nat saying shes gonna drop to james pretty much--says shes getting sick NT 0 10:11PM 12/03/2008
Taffy Nat is about to drop! says she's getting sick NT 0 10:12PM 12/03/2008
LadyFeetus Nat asks James if he wants to put up Matty. He says yes. She says she feels sick. He says "Trust me." NT 0 10:12PM 12/03/2008
stewart James is SWEARING that he wont put up Nat or Matt...Matt yells to stay strong.. 0 10:13PM 12/03/2008
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