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Topic #8273054
JanJan - Ryan in bed reading bible. Matt & Nat come in, Matt lies down by Ry. 0 Replies #8273054 10:01PM 15/03/2008
Nat picking clothes out. Matt jokes that Ry is really a girl & he and Jen are lesbian lovers. Ry laughs and says "I'd be one hot bitch".
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Topic #8273098
JanJan - C/J & Josh in kitchen...a little stategy talk, (whispering/hard to hear). Joke about locking Sheila in room, locking everyone in bedrooms. 0 Replies #8273098 10:05PM 15/03/2008
They are quite tickled with themselves.
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Topic #8273125
JanJan - James called to DR again. NT 0 Replies #8273125 10:07PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8273144
JanJan - Josh in Kitchen, dancing, looking at his reflection, making "mm, mm" noises. (WTH?) NT 0 Replies #8273144 10:08PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8273173
JanJan - Chelsea now trying a few ballet poses for Josh. Josh says he wanted Chel to win POV. NT 0 Replies #8273173 10:09PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8273208
JanJan - Chelsea belches loudly (unexpectedly?) and Josh jokes "was that the siren?" NT 1 Replies #8273208 10:11PM 15/03/2008
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somehearts - It was Chelesia, not Josh NT #8273256 10:15PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8273298
JanJan - Josh & Chel still hanging out in kitchen, waiting for water to boil (to add to the bathtub in HOH later). 0 Replies #8273298 10:18PM 15/03/2008
Talking about the layout of the house. How things are same/different from last year. Talk about random facts BB tells them (440 laps, 116 windows) may be used for tie breaker questions in a comp.
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Topic #8273399
JanJan - James out of the kitchen talking game w/Josh. 0 Replies #8273399 10:27PM 15/03/2008
In bedroom M/N/Adam....Matt has bible (back of it must have an dictionary type section)- he is reading definitions and N/A are guessing the words.
Adam comes out to kitchen...talking game w/James...says Matt is cornering him in BR about game.
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Topic #8273468
JanJan - Adam brings treats from kitchen back to bedroom for all (Mr. Goodbars).... 0 Replies #8273468 10:31PM 15/03/2008
M/N, Adam & Ryan continue "trivia" (word definition) guessing game. They are on the letter D.
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Topic #8273504
JanJan - James & Chelsea head to HOH bedroom with giant pot of boiling hot water to add to bathtub for bubble bath... 0 Replies #8273504 10:35PM 15/03/2008
they leave Josh in kitchen. He says "good luck conceiving BB baby". Chelsea responds, "too late, that was on day three" (I'm paraphasing).
C/J in HOH preparing bath....a little smooching going on.
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Topic #8273632
JanJan - The trivia game continues in BR - pretty funny - they are laughing at each others bad guesses. 0 Replies #8273632 10:43PM 15/03/2008
Now, Ryan is the reader, Matt & Adam guesing. They are going thru the words alphabeticaly, yet they are guessing way random words (ie: They are on P. Definition for Plague, guess: Famine) LOL
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Topic #8273786
JanJan - Boys club moves to kitchen, joins Josh. Told him he missed out on the fun Trivia time they just had. 0 Replies #8273786 10:51PM 15/03/2008
J/C in HOH taking a bubble bath. In kitchen, boys snacking and talking about Josh's letter. He says there is no code in it, but he did plan on a code to let him know if he had gotten fired. Matt says he won't be fired and Josh will have even more business after people see him on TV.
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Topic #8273882
beccaluvswll - Nat, Matt, Adam playing hide and seek NT 0 Replies #8273882 10:56PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8273986
JanJan - Hide and Seek game continues....Nat hides, Ryan helps her out....Adam & Matt seek. 0 Replies #8273986 11:09PM 15/03/2008
Josh is walking thru house but not joining in.
BTW, Sharon & Sheila have been in seperate beds sleeping for hours now.
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Topic #8274030
beccaluvswll - Nat is hiding... but the boys aren't lookin anymore NT 0 Replies #8274030 11:14PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8274055
JanJan - Matt & Adam keep saying in sing-songy voices "Natalie, come out, come out wherever you are!" when looking for her. 0 Replies #8274055 11:16PM 15/03/2008
When she hides, they are counting off every other number (like Matt odd #, Adam even #) and keep messing up. So far Nat has hidden up on balcony by HOH, behind couch in WC, inside a she is in laundry pile and this time they are NOT looking for her just sitting on couch and calling her name (ed: Poor Nat! This has been kinda fun up until now.)
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Topic #8274150
JanJan - Boys are amused at themselves for not "seeking". Josh joins and says they are being heartless. 0 Replies #8274150 11:22PM 15/03/2008
Ryan and Josh go look...They all know she is in the laundry (because her knee has been sticking out the whole time). Josh gets her and they all laugh about her being pranked. She wants to hide one more time 'cause she has a good spot in mind. This time Josh joins in to seek. He finds her under sink in WC and is startled when he finds her. He jumps and squeals. LOL
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Topic #8274238
JanJan - Hide and seek game ends (for now)...they all are in storage room and find Sheila's unitard... 0 Replies #8274238 11:28PM 15/03/2008
They tell Nat to put it on with nothing underneath. She's a good sport and goes along with it. They joke that Josh should put it on & Nat goes to change back to her regular clothes.
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Topic #8274273
SouthernBelladonna - Ryan helps Nat find a new hiding place inside the couch-bed. NT 0 Replies #8274273 11:32PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8274283
JanJan - "Hide and Seek part duece" Joshy wants to join in on the fun. Nat hides again and all four boys seeking. (counting to 50 continues to be a 0 Replies #8274283 11:33PM 15/03/2008
mess..LOL) Ry now helping her hide in the cushions of couch bed while J/A/M count in kitchen and nosh some more.
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Topic #8274307
JanJan - The boys look for Nat in storage room, A-balla looks in fridge (honestly! LOL). NT 0 Replies #8274307 11:34PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8274371
JanJan - J/C come down from HOH. Nat hides again. All boys in kitchen. 0 Replies #8274371 11:39PM 15/03/2008
Nat is under the bed that Sharon is sleeping in. The boys find her and let out a victory yell. LOL
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Topic #8274400
JanJan - Game is done. Boys gather around kitchen counter and engage in lighthearted banter. 0 Replies #8274400 11:42PM 15/03/2008
(ed: In a few minutes, I'm done updating for tonight.)
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Topic #8274413
ariel1981 - boys/c/n all in KT teasing ryan about jen NT 0 Replies #8274413 11:44PM 15/03/2008
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Topic #8274431
ariel1981 - all talking about engagement rings/insurance scams 0 Replies #8274431 11:46PM 15/03/2008
nat says she doesn't care what her ring looks like
chelsia wants something plain
james likes ring tattoos
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