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Matt doing some warmups in the KT -stretching. Josh at sink now and washing some - CruiseCritic
4:47PM 16/03/2008

Josh saying people really do cry and Sheila says YA think? James says he just wants to - CruiseCritic
4:49PM 16/03/2008

BB just announced lockdown NT - Pierzina4ever
4:49PM 16/03/2008

Adam says something is busted outside, the screen? Sheila doesnt know how they can - CruiseCritic
4:51PM 16/03/2008

In door lockdown. Lockdown is over. NT - FrouFrou
4:52PM 16/03/2008

James is getting nervous and Sheila and Josh trying to get him to calm down... - CruiseCritic
4:52PM 16/03/2008

They head outside and Josh says everything is the same and Adam says they were - CruiseCritic
4:54PM 16/03/2008

Adam and James saying they will stick together, me and you. James says keep your ppl - CruiseCritic
4:55PM 16/03/2008

Adam/James make a deal..stay on their sides but keep their names off the block NT - kandio
4:55PM 16/03/2008

Adam says F them all. James just asking that Adam be straight. James saying Matt is gone. Set in stone. NT - FrouFrou
4:55PM 16/03/2008

Sheila saying he uses everyone. He lies. Of course Adam is going to go wtih what everyone else is doing. Sheila calls Adam in. NT - FrouFrou
4:57PM 16/03/2008

Sheila saying Adam you don't know what you are going to do. Sheila tells Matt tell him what you just said. Adam says we are in the middle. Adam say - FrouFrou
4:59PM 16/03/2008

Sharon in bed talking about America picking something and feed goes to Matt - CruiseCritic
5:00PM 16/03/2008

Adam pinkee promised Sheila she would have stayed. NT - FrouFrou
5:00PM 16/03/2008

BB- JAMES, stop that!! NT - CruiseCritic
5:01PM 16/03/2008
He, Josh, and Sharon were talking by mouthing words and using hand signals..couldn't hear them. BB didn't like it. NT - Ess
5:02PM 16/03/2008

Sheila tells Adam he never gives anyone a straight answer and Adam agrees and says - CruiseCritic
5:03PM 16/03/2008

Matt saying he would like his family to be able to see him on his birthday. and asks them for their - CruiseCritic
5:06PM 16/03/2008

Sheila talking about making promises to Jen and Parker but they didnt know that - CruiseCritic
5:08PM 16/03/2008

Sheila says she doesnt want to make promises Matty and he asks her if she - CruiseCritic
5:09PM 16/03/2008

Sheila thought that Adam was going up - not you (Matty) She says all she heard about the deal - CruiseCritic
5:11PM 16/03/2008

chelsia and james in their bed kissing...sheila and adam are still talking NT - weebles
5:25PM 16/03/2008

Matt left bathroom, Sheila and Adam confirming they have each other's back. - WVpdles
5:26PM 16/03/2008
Sheila to Adam - you can't vote for Matt, James wants him gone and Matt is more a threat to you than Ryan. NT - WVpdles
5:27PM 16/03/2008

Sheila telling Adam that people will start coming after him if he continues to promise votes. NT - FrouFrou
5:26PM 16/03/2008

Sheila told Adam, they both have to try for HoH. Both sides are coming for them, they're not in with anyone anymore., not Josh or Nat NT - WVpdles
5:28PM 16/03/2008

James trying to convince Chelsia to pop a pimple on his back. Chelsia saying to wait and teasing. NT - FrouFrou
5:28PM 16/03/2008

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